Video: Bill Maher Told He Is Controlled By Democratic Party

This is beyond delicious. On the CBS Late Late Show Tuesday, host Craig Ferguson accused Bill Maher – to his face! – of being controlled by the Democratic Party.

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  1. Ariviste says:

    If I had a son and he acted like Trayvon Martin OR Bill Maher I would disown him.

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    since when did seemingly inaccurate jokes only apply to conservatives, Billy-boy, scum frothing mouthpiece!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Bill Maher thinks of himself as someone who should be listened too and all he is is an asshole.But an asshole has a functionin life where Maher iswghat comes out of an asshole.He is a foul mouthed baboon for the democraps and the President Obobo

  4. oBAMA = SHITSTAIN says:

    LOL Did you all see how he acted when he was told he was controlled by the demoncrap party? You could tell its the truth and he imediatly tryed to discredit it LOL Fuk you you little twit I could crush your pea brain with my pinky You SHOUDL DIE LIKE oBAMA you communist little bastard!!!

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