Video: Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Barack Obama Not Eligible

In this audio clip from Red, Right and Blue Radio, Hollywood Producer Bettina Sofia Viviano tells us that Bill Clinton told her directly that Barack Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States. This is just more confirmation of what we have know for months. Obama is an illegal president.

The point in the interview where she talk about her conversation with Bill Clinton is at 14:00, but I encourage you to listen to the entire interview to understand a little bit more about how the election was stolen and how the democrat party works.

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  1. Grow a pair america!! these pricks that are F/n up our country have to go home at night!! not to condone beating the sh!t out of them etc. though

  2. factnotrhetoric says:


    The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" is the group responsible for Obama. The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" writes, and rewrites, Sharia Law almost daily to overthrow countries, and turn them into "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicates".

    If "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" written "Sharia Law" gets entered into any country's constitution, it turns the country into a "Saudi Organized Crime Dictatorship. Under Saudi Crime Syndicate Sharia Law, all natural resources and any industries they claim are owned by the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate."

    Saudi Puppet Obama left "Saudi Crime Syndicate written Sharia Law" in the constitutions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Kenya and Yemen. These were all presents of Opium Rich, Oil Rich and Uranium Rich Countries, from Saudi Puppet Obama, to the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate." These Obama endless wars cause Americans to Borrow over a $Trillions Dollars each year to overthrow these countries and hand the resources over to the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate." Next on the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" list of countries to overthrow are Syria, Iran and then Israel.

    Overthrowing these countries, and turning each one into a "Saudi Organized Crime Dictatorship" has cost over 5,000 American Soldier's Lives, cost over one $Trillion Dollars every year, and has killed over one-million innocent Middle Eastern Civilians.

    There are two things you can count on from the Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate.
    1) The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" will lie about everything to anyone who is not a member of the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate". The lying is required by their constitution's Sharia Law.
    2) The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" are pitiful cowards. They deal in False Flags. False Flags are Flying another country's flag while killing innocent civilians, then blaming it on the victim Country.

    Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate False Flags are everywhere. For Example:
    1) The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" flew jets into the twin towers to False Flag Afghanistan.
    2) The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" falsified the Iraq Nuclear Weapons reports to False Flag Iraq.
    3) Today the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" falsified the Iran Nuclear Weapons reports to False Flag Iran.
    4) Today the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" hired a bomber to kill an Iranian Scientist to False Flag Israel. Then the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" hired the exact same bomber, using the forensically same bomb material, to kill an Israeli Citizen to False Flag Iran.
    5) Today the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" falsified Human Rights Violations reports on Syria, Israel and the United States. But the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" has the worst Human Rights Record since Hitler.
    6) Last week the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" False Flagged an American Soldier by tying up and burning alive whole families. They killed 16 Afghanistan civilians, to get American Troops out of Afghanistan. The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate Dictator" in Afghanistan wouldn't even allow Americans to forensically investigate the crime scene or even see if there were any bodies. LIES and FALSE FLAGS. The killing was obviously done by either the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" or the "Taliban Organized Crime Syndicate." Both Crime Syndicates deal in cowardly False Flags.

  3. bill and hillary clinton were the first to tell that barry was not eligible to be president. bill is setting barry up . barry offered him another job to drop out of the senate. sestak refused. barry is bringing bill into it saying bill bribed him. this is an act that he cab be impeached for. this man has committed so many crimes that make capone look like an angel. my vote if one was taken is impeach and deport.I hope you all heard this video given by a woman that bill clinton talked to.

  4. I say nukem

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I just wish the media would take things serious and believe their ex-idol William Slick Clinton and his faithful companion Hitlary Bags Clinton when he says Obuma is an illegal president.

  6. Jo Walczak says:

    This man is God's judgement against America. Ancient history is repeating.We as a nation/people have become like Israel of biblical times.Fore warned is fore told.

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