Video: Bill Ayers Roots For The Decline Of America

I can’t believe that this guy is still teaching college students in America today. He really should move to Europe or the Middle East; he would probably be more welcome there.

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  1. robert says:

    bill ayers kiss my legal tax paying american citizen ass,dick head,hug my american balls,scumbag god bless america

  2. The Decline Of America is just one of Bill Ayres PSYCHOTIC DELUSIONS. It IS what Bill Ayres HOPES will happen. It shows just how psychotic he is and those that have hired him in the educational system. If war breaks out those of ‘Higher Education” are some that need to GO!

  3. Irosin says:

    Bill Ayres is ONE of MANY that has brought the decline of America. It would be great again if these threats to peace and freedom were to go away!

  4. sean murry says:

    He should be in prison and he is a POS.

  5. Tell me Why such an Idiot is even allowed in the US. Send him and the half breed in the white House all to Kenya where the illegal came from…

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