Video: Bill Ayers’ Plans For “Re-Education Camps” And “Elimination”

Conservative bloggers in 2008 discovered Obama’s long-time connection to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Of course, we all remember Obama’s “Bill Ayers is just some guy in my neighborhood” line. That he bumped into Ayers occasionally at the market. I remember picturing their shopping carts colliding, perhaps an orange falling out of Ayers’ basket, the long-time community organizer being the humanitarian that he is, offering to pick it up.

What we didn’t learn until it was too late, however, was that this “just a guy in my neighborhood” line was a downright lie. That Ayers and his domestic terrorist partner in crime Bernardine Dohrn had hosted Obama’s Illinois State Senate campaign in their home in 1995. And that Ayers and Obama had served on two Leftist foundations, the Woods Fund and Chicago Annenberg Project, where they funneled millions of dollars to “social justice” (that is, socialist) groups.

We also learned that when Ayers’ memoir Fugitive Days came out in 2001,  he bragged about setting bombs in the 1970s. That he had wished that he had detonated more bombs. That he had desecrated a flag by standing on it as a publicity photo for the book.

The Radical Left have romanticized the 1970s Weather Underground period, with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn being viewed as a type of Bonnie and Clyde, fighting against the slaughter of innocents in Vietnam.

But Vietnam was merely a side issue. The imminent Communist Revolution was the main purpose of the bombings. That is, to facilitate what they believed most Americans wanted: a dictatorial communist utopia via a revolution.

Ayers and Dohrn, being part of the movement that brought forth this supposed revolution, felt of course that they should be part of the communist bureaucracy that would administrate this new way of life.

Of course, the question was asked within our Bonnie and Clyde clique; what to do with those former Americans that rejected communism? The answer had been used before: “re-education camps” (brainwashing to use a more accurate term.) And for those who withstood the brainwashing? Again, using what had been done under other communist revolutions: elimination. Murder, to use a term Bonnie and Clyde loathed to admit.


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  1. sean murry says:

    The SOB needs to be in prison.

  2. Naw, someone just needs to see Bill Ayers walking by the wrong alley in Chicago, drag he down it and eliminate him. 1 down, 24 to go.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Trust me when I say he is hard to track when he will leave, and when he does head out, he usually has adequate coverage.
      More need to join in the 'production'.

      • Heywood Jablomi says:

        A well place rifle shot will settle all scores. Is there a "White Feather" out there?

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Yes, but you only get once and it better be perfect.

          I'm good,
          but not great,
          so I must wait.

          I may wait for great,
          I may hold for mine,
          but both get only one.

          I hope you can understand.

          • David F. says:

            I am thinking I know what you are referring to, and I would agree with the plan : )

  3. ProundPatriotToo says:

    OK, you creep B@ll Sh@t Ayers. Just remember sucker, the door swings both ways. Lets put you commies in a FEMA camp and re-educate all of BO bots and if you don't see the light than we will send you to elimination camps and you will be the first one in line of honor of lights out, you animal pig. Remember what happened to Mussolini and his mistress. Both were hung in a public square for the whole world to see and afterwards the towns people chopped them up in little pieces. You keep talking, you soul less monster.

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I've been talking about this connection since he first ran for Senate. I was so outspoken when Oblameo ran for President that as a union board member, I was threatened about my actions.

    If we do survive the next 4 years, we need to learn from this and vet ANYONE who runs for ANY office. Know who you're handing the 'keys' to.

    • David F. says:

      OMG your a Union guy?? Who the heck let you in here? Just kidding Seeks, glad that you are here actually!!! : )

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I WAS a union (shhh) girl. Back when a union was something to be proud of. =(
        My granddad would be rolling in his grave. He was part of the original Bloody Harlan group.

        Thanks! I appreciate that! =D

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Couldn't agree with you more,I was a Teamster for over 30 years back when they meant something.Now the only thing they're good for is greed and bundling for the Annoited One Pres.Bojangles.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            You do realize that Bojangles is associated with Bocephus
            and Bocephus is a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT!

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            No I didn't realize that, is Bocephus suppose to be Hank Williams Jr.When I call Obuma Bojangles I'm refering to the colored guy who sang and danced with Sherily Temple because Obuma is a dancer.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            lol Yea, Bocephus is Hank Jr.
            I figured that's what you meant, but Bojangles has become more associated with ole Hankie. (he does the bojangle)
            Continue on, I'm sure old Hank wouldn't mind the way your using it =D

  5. This is Obama's New Campaign Theme Song…

  6. Listen to this Barack Hussein Obama supporter.

  7. Teacher yells at student because of a question he asked about Obama!

  8. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    I certianly hope that Americans have something “PLANNED” for old Billy, and his buddy, flap ears oblatblat, I sure do. From what I read, and all that I see, Americans have had just about all of the crap they are going to stand for, and allow. I hope that when it comes, Americans will show their True Colors, and collect the debt owed them by this “administration” of liars, thieves, reprobates, pussies, and everything else evil under the sun. They all, congress, the senate, the house, and on upwards deserve no less than Full Payment for what they have done to this country, and her people. I cannot, for the very life of me, understand why this criminal, this traitor, this murdering bastard is still running free, and allowed to continue in the fashion he is. Why was he not arrested, tried, and put away so far that his name would have been forgotten, or taught in our schools as to what a traitor is and what they get for their actions! He is a self admitted bomber, a TERRORIST! How did this injustice happen, that he was not PUNISHED so long ago??? Why are CRIMINALS ALLOWED SO MUCH FREEDOM WHILE THOSE OF US WHO OBEY THE LAWS ARE LABELED AS “domestic terrorists” for doing nothing except behaving as Americans should and always have behaved?? It sounds as if our “justice system” was on the wrong track back in the 70’s, and not as recent as in the last few years. This, I just do not understand! How can this murdering BASTARD be ALLOWED TO CONTINUE AS HE IS?!

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    I can't imagine what would have happened if ayres was Bushs best bud.Obuma can claim he isn't in Ayres pants but we the thinking public know the truth.These 2 are like twins joined at the hip both willing to bring America down.Ayres the rat bastard think that he'd be allowed to spew his hatred in any other commie country or muslim country.

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