Video: Big Brother Is Watching: Govt. Email Database Is Staggering

Think the email that you sent to your Uncle two years ago detailing how unhappy you were with the course of the country is long and forgotten? Not so. Our own government—legally—is keeping a list of who’s been naughty or nice, and if Obama, Inc. decides that you need to be taken out—like American hero David Petraeus was after he refused to play “pin the tail on the Anti-Islam YouTube video,” watch out! With our tax dollars, the U.S. government is building a virtual city in Bluffdale, Utah that will house the billions of emails that they have amassed over the years. Gives new meaning to the phrase “Big Brother is watching you.”

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  1. Al Metcalf says:

    With the competence of the U.S. Federal Government we have nothing to fear from them except for the shear number of them on our payroll. This is the way they will destroy this Nation, by bankrupty of numbers.

  2. Ya, well I guess there is plenty of reading for the TRAITOROUS BASTARDS TO DO isn’t there? I wish them all ill will, all the ill that there is in the world, and beyond the world! I curse them, if there is any such thing. Drop dead, go to hell, and all the other ill wishes are sent their way. Traitors! Traitors against their own country men and women! And, all for an ILLEGAL sitting “president” who would just as soon see them all dead, as well as the rest of us. In this PEICE OF DISEASE, now INFECTING OUR NATION, there is no such thing as LOYALTY nor DECENCY! And he does not care who he harms, just as long as HE GETS HIS WAY ON ALL THINGS, BE IT LEGAL OR ILLEGAL, or ACCIDENTAL DEATH AS OPPOSED TO OUTRIGHT MURDERING THOSE WITH WHOM HE DISAGREES OR WHO MAY DISAGREE WITH HIM! He is a MURDERER, just as SURELY AS ANY FILTHY, LOW LIFE, PEICE OF TRASH MU SLIME IS A MURDERER! He is A MU SLIME HIMSELF, so MURDER IS NOT A PROBLEM FOR HIM! He needs to be taken out, taken care of, and that is a FACT! Fact, either he goes, or our nation will go, and it will not be a nice place where we go either! Because, KING OBLOWJOB WILL SEE TO IT THAT IT IS NOT NICE! “no more Mr.Nice Guy, as if he ever was “nice”! Nice is not in him, anymore than TRUTH is in him! Liar, SON OF SATAN AND WORSE! He is EVIL FROM THE INSIDE OUT! AND IT SHOWS IN HIS FACE AND EYES AND WITH EACH WORD HE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL IS THE ONLY PLACE FOR SUCH A THING AS THIS EVIL BEING IN WASHINGTON! HELL AND ALL IT”S IMPS AND DEMONS ARE THE ONLY APPROPRIATE COMPANIONS FOR SUCH! MAY HE ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For what he has done to our country, MAY HE AND HIS SOUL BE ETERNALLY DAMNED!!!!!! and yes, I mean that with all my heart!

  3. KENNETH DUNN says:

    One day soon you be in HELL WITH ALLAH

  4. They need to leave us the f**k alone! What we do in our private lives is none of their damn, f**king business!!

  5. Although it's small consolation, we know that we will win in the end…IF we have done that which is good and pleasing in the sight of God. Does this mean that Christians (true believers, not those who just pay lip service to it) should be pacifists or just sit on our thumbs? NO, not by any means! True Christians need to realize that we are meant to be warriors for God! We have to be willing to stand up and, if it comes to that, even die for our beliefs! This doesn't mean that we just bow down before the executioner, quietly letting him cut our heads off, but rather go down actually fighting the enemies of God! The Old Testament is full of instances of God's people fighting for him. And I don't mean slaughtering their enemies like the muslims do/did. We have every right to defend our nation, our way of life, our Constitution, and even each other! We will not be counted among the guilty if we fight righteously. This is just simple fact! So many pastors, during the American Revolution, whipped up their congregations against King George that he called them another regiment of soldiers against him. That's where we get the "Black Robed Regiment" on account of the pastor's dress during Sunday services. We used to know the true history of our great nation before the dumbing down from our public "education" system took over! A large part of the Communist Manifesto depends upon the dumbing down of our students through a socialist education network. I give you the U.S. Dept. of Education! So many things have been done against the American population that it's sickening to actually do the research into all of it. But you really have to do the research, we won't know the truth of what's been done otherwise. The point is, it will be up to the people alone to put an end to the coming tyranny. We can't depend on but maybe a handful of ethical politicians (i.e. Rand Paul) to stand against the puppets of the NWO. If we're going to have any chance at all of succeeding in restoring this Republic, it will be up to us to know all we can of our enemy.

    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

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