Video: Biden To Newly Sworn In Female Senator: ‘Spread Your Legs, You’re Going To Be Frisked’

Geez, borderline sexual harassment from someone in the White House?

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  1. DISGUSTING …….. but, so is Biden!!!

    • This is what we are accepting as our Vice-President? NO CLASS WHATSOEVER…….. Shame on you America for voting these 2 disgusting, unpatriotic, arrogant, socialists pigs into office….. They are undoubtedly the worst of the worst….. The United States is being drug to the ground by this democratic party and alot of the people don't even see it coming.

  2. Ahh, he is just a good ole' boy. If he had said that to me, We would be in court right now. He keeps getting away with all kind of things just because he is Joe. NO, enough is enough. It is time he grew up.

  3. It was obviously known that this video link between this right sided news margin on Imeach Obama Campaign existed for those strange bedfellows running their daily market research format. Congress, Joe Biden and even Axelrod knows about this site. Do you recognize incitement when you see it to identify a pattern of news video

    On july 4th, 2011, Fox News had 6 internet news reports that Obama ha been shot in the abomen in Iowa during a barbecue. Now that’s incitement distress in news systems. On July 4th, 2009, federal websites from Federal Trade Commission, Dept. Of Transportation, Dept. Of Treasury and Secret Service had their websites crash for nearly 24 hours. It was also reported that on the same day, South Korea’s government and banks had their websites crash. Now THAT is incitement!

  4. That was sexist, disgusting, crude, rude and unacceptable. But then again so is joe.

  5. Incitement refers to a tactic used when large systems with known, unknown and known unknown risks exist. A response usually takes place because distress is made known, and if it apears bizarre in nature, grown UPS on superpower structures recognized the need to respond in an urgent manner. Afterall, this site accuses this Obama guy of war crimes against the world order of civilized nations.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Joe Bite Me Biden volunteered to frisk the democrat women but most of them are so ugly no real man wanted the job.However all these guys wanted to frisk the republican women.Lets face it democrat men abused women and the boggest abuser was Clinton and yet the HAGS,BAGS and NAGS and other women organization stuck up for Slick.

  7. Now that was a big f*kin deal!

  8. Biden is a PIG

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