Video: Biden: ‘I’m Proud To Be President’

Joe Biden the gaffe machine was at it again Saturday.

Speaking at the Iowa State Society inauguration ball, the Vice President said, “I’m proud to be President of the United States” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Read More at . By Noel Sheppard.

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  1. Joe, Joe the court JESTER. Heaven help us if he gets to be president !!!!!

  2. What a disgrace— the crowd thought it was funny — stupid is second in command– pathetic— keep the fools laughing– the rest of us are saddened– Ecclesiates 10:2

  3. What a moronic boob!

    All of those people who were laughing at him probably voted for him and his sidekick Barry, Harrison, Jean Paul.

    I guess they haven't seen their paychecks yet this month.

    • jon graham says:

      that's why thier called dumbocrats. they have morons leading them. if they had an IQ ,we wouldn't be in this mess

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Give Joe a break it's those hairplugs that are causing him to committ those gaffs.

  5. It sounds like these people were laughing at Biden, not laughing with him, he is dumb and he is a joke. Biden is only a heart beat away from being president should the other clown gets sick and not be able to go play golf and used his auto pen to sign more executives orders, and goes wild on America's credit card, is what he does best.

  6. David1942 says:

    How did this nation ever reach this pathetic point? I watched the innaugural sham today not with pride and happiness, but with incredulity and trepidation. Four more years of high anxiety. Can we survive these foolish leaders?

    • Hi David,

      I could not watch this pathetic innaugural, just seeing bits on the news makes me sad for our Country and angry at all those fools who supports this illegal dictator whose intentions is to bring down America. What a big waste of taxpayer's money. This man is dangerous as hitler and we all know that he is out to fundamently transform America into another 3rd world nation. He is a liar when he put his hand on the Holy Bible and promises to protect our Constitution, so why have this sham in the first place.

      • David1942 says:

        Yes, Linda, if our country was being beaten down by a bona-fide citizen who was duly elected by a not-so-smart electorate, then it would be one thing. But to have this arrogant one with all the questions surrouding him doing the damage- it is almost too much to bear. Reluctantly patriots must conclude that the Obama accusers are correct and that we have a monumental crisis at hand. Why the authorities are not exercising their Constitutional duty is the crucial question. Fear apparently- but fear of rioting hoi poloi or fear of unseen power wielded by controlling puppeteers.

  7. A total JERK

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