Video: Biden, If Prez Attacks a Country “I Would Move to Impeach Him”

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  1. Most modern day politicians are stricken with what I call, “Constitution Perpetration” a severe form of Mental Illness, for which there is only one cure. Some of the signs of “Constitution Perpetration” are, pathological lying, lust for power, greed, the belief that ordinary people cant think for themselves, the over use of hand gestures, the belief that they are above the laws ,hallucianations of a forest full of money trees,and the inability to listen to tens of millions of frustrated Americans who may soon rise-up against them.

  2. mimireco says:

    Then Impeach Obama you liar!

  3. what is wrong with joe biden's mouth? everything that comes out of it is disasterous! and these are not tiny faux paus…he goes on and on to brag of his knowledge of a subject before he puts his foot in his mouth and proves to us once again that he's an idiot ….. reiterating his ridiculous statements!
    Democrats should be embarrassed!
    I know I am…embarrassed for this nation to possess such an administration as this one!

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