Video: Biden Calls On “Legitimate News Media” To Help Push Gun Control

Vice President Joe Biden urged the “legitimate news media” to help the White House spread the “truth” about gun control.

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  1. There is only ONE major news media that tells all of the truth all of the time and they are not the msm media

  2. Isn't that one of the rules of socialist dictatorships: Control the information? If you have trouble convincing people to support your plan, simply eliminate/silence the opposition. Only it looks to me like Biden is admitting that out loud. Used to be that the mainstream media voluntarily censored themselves on reports about the illegal things the Obama administration was doing and kept it discrete. Now it looks like Biden is blowing that discretion. He and the "present" are now urging the mainstream media to cover things their way. Though, the request is kinda' vague. Heh, it would be ironic if this all backfired and they really did report on the actual truth. The "Present" would have to institute a full media blackout and implement his own private news broadcast, then.

  3. Wheres a Predator drone and a Hellfire Missile strike for THIS terrorist?

  4. The legitimate news media is any and all that isn't liberally biased and would tell the truth that gun control WON'T WORK!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Here is what I'd like to see.Joe Bite Me Biden take a gun put the barrel in his mouth and pull the trigger showing the public how guns are a help to get rid of stupid people.I'll bet old Joe was happy when his son the lawyer was sitting in the Green Zone in Baghdad while real soldiers protected his dead ass with the same guns he doesn't want us to have to protect our families.Your a gem Gaffer

  6. I wonder if the Dip-Sticks Libs that are running the country Now have forgot about RWANDA? Rwanda is where 1,ooo,ooo people included women and children were Slaughtered with 'Clubs and Machetes'. Chopped up, maimed and left to bleed to death. Frankly Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, and you other stupid dip-sticks; I'D RATHER BE SHOT WITH THE 29 OR 30TH BULLET FROM A 30 ROUND CLIP, THAN HACKED TO DEATH.

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