Video: Benghazi WhistleBlower Attorney: State Department Violating The Law

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Victoria Toensing told FOX News this morning that the State Department is violating the law by interfering with a federal employee’s right to provide information to Congress…

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  1. It is OBVIOUS that Obama and EVERYONE in his administration ARE CRIMINALS!!! They ALL MUST be impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED for ALL of their crimes including TREASON!!!!

  2. wayne mann says:

    I wish we could sue every law breaker in the country That pertains to our government.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    They're not given the info because these are the people who will hang Obutthole,Holder and the wicked witch hillary by the short hairs.You also have to go after Oblameo General who said they couldn't get help to those victims in Benghazi

  4. jerriharper says:

    What is the 800 number to get on a petition to imbeach Obama? I copied down the number from a guest on FOX. When I called the number a recording said that I could not reach the number from my 901 area code. Please send me an active number. Thanks. My e-mail is jerriharper@

  5. wayne mann says:

    I wouldn’t mind having the 800 number for myself. Email…
    thank you very much. I do know if I sign a petition that has anything to do with a white house blog The Congress who needs to see the petition never gets to see it. So it needs to be a petition to Congress

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