Video: Benghazi Victim’s Mother: Hillary Doesn’t Give A Damn About You!

We are still seeking answers nearly one year after the Benghazi attack…

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  1. Wow. More and more is coming out about this scandal that the administration can't cover up fast enough. I guess Obama doesn't know how to "lay low until the heat blows over" or he's convinced himself that the heat has blown over and nobody's looking. "Nah, it's okay. You guys can come back to work. We've given them the slip. Oh, sorry about throwing you under the bus, earlier. We had to make it look good. Oh, don't get comfortable. We might have to fire you again in case things get heated again."
    Sucks to be used by the Obama administration, doesn't it? You're only useful to them until things get hairy. I hope Biden is reading this so he can realize that even Obama's closest allies are his enemies. If he'll shift blame to people that are his political enemies, he'll just as easily shift it to people that aren't. Just so long as he can cover his own hide, everyone around him is a liability/loose end.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Ok, who were the 4 employees that were disciplined?
    You see, to me, discipline is a punishment. Something you don't want to happen.
    All that happened to these 4 employees they are speaking of were given a YEAR of PAID VACATION. So how exactly is that a punishment? What were they disciplined with?
    They'll probably end up with a promotion even.
    So no one has yet to have some type of adverse action be taken against them for these murders.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    How low can you be as a human being to lie to the face of a mother of a hero trying to defend an American ambassador. I would not trust her as far as I wish I could throw her!

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