Video: Benghazi Transcripts: Terror Attack NOT A Protest

Documents have been revealed that indicate what Obama knew and when he knew it. And why the U.S. did not get help there in time. Col. George Bristol said, “No one from the military was ever advising that this was a demonstration gone out of control.”

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  1. Obama knew and did nothing period

    • kinda reminds me of the black on white crimes (knock out game) that holder feels kids will be kids as long as your not white.

  2. Obama knew, as did Hillary.

  3. Just not enough resources? So these lives were disposable? This is just sickening to hear this vomit spewing from these politicians' mouths. This is exemplary of the corruption that has built up over nearly a century. Courtmarshalled will not be enough punishment for dereliction of duty and purposefully rejecting help for our own citizens. These officials both military and political have sworn to do their duties to the people of this country.

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I can't say how mad this makes me. I just can't put it in words.
    What will be the end result is we will find out just how inept this 'administration' is and what they have done (are doing) to our Military. We will find out the major dereliction of duty. The treason and fraud from obama.
    We will learn all of this and as with the IRS, nothing will be done.
    This is what makes me the most mad.
    I'm ready to forcibly remove the traitor from our White House.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    When will the press grow some balls and go after Obutthole and Hitlary on Benghazi.This would end with Obutthole and the evil regime getting their just dues like they did to Bush on WMD.The teflon president is lucky to be half spade because every one fears being called a racist well she may be old and ugly but Hitlary was no angel in the Benhgazi debacle.If any democrap politicians kid was killed we'd have an answer already. To bad it wasn't Chelsea

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You seem to forget they were wrong with Bush and WMDs.
      You do remember there WERE WMDs found in Iraq, right? I can even attest to this personally.
      The LSM went after Bush mainly because they are brain dead liberals.
      Not saying Bush wasn't wrong in some of his actions, but he wasn't wrong on WMDs.

  6. Linda From NY says:

    This dirty corrupt administration is lying plain and simple, if they had wanted to send help it could have been done in time to save these poor 4 Americans who died needlessly. Obozo and this corrupt administration knew what was happening instead he goes off to bed, he has no conscious, he is evil

  7. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    I do not like the excuse of “we can not tell you anything, because of an ongoing FBI investigation.” It will be ongoing until he leaves office! This NGR has been proven to be a member of al Qaeda. Nobody knows what Obozo’s plan is. After he is out of office (the fastest way possible) we must torture him (preferably by water-boarding) to find out what this MFNGR wanted to do!!!

  8. Get that idiot out the White House already I don't trust him at all

  9. I’m so frustrated because there is nothing we can do to get rid of him.

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