Video: Benghazi – The Real Reason Why It Happened

People need to know this…

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  1. Puddentain says:

    I like this guy. He's kind of "Alex Jones'ish" and he provides bare bones facts. Plus he's short and to the point instead of a bunch of fluff……..I believe this video is deadly accurate but I'm worried about the Republican chances this time around. Romney didn't use hardly any of the ammunition available to him in the debate last night. His comments regarding Libya and "terrorism" were lackluster. He should have hammered that home. Also, when Obama was saying "I did this and that" he should have responded with "You didn't build that!!"…..And he should have hammered Obama with the name "Brian Terry" and brought up Executive Privilege concerning Fast and Furious…….Romney better up his game or this next 4 years will change the face of our nation forever.

  2. Well said! Thanks for posting your video.

  3. Mark Grebler says:

    Hussein MUST BE IMPEACHED and/OR charged with Treason to overthrow the Government of the United States of America! Hussein should NOT be Running for Re-Election, he is a Traitor, and has been helping, and giving away National Security Information to OUR ENEMIES!!!

    REMOVE this USURPER NOW!!!!!!

    • Sign the Petition to Impeach, click on top of this page.

    • How do you" Impeach" a usurper. He is occuping the office illegaly as an unregistered alien spy. He must be arrested and tried as an unregistered alien spy. Our military and administrative leaders have failed their oath of office and should be tried with that criminal. Besides all that he has recently declared himself to be dictator of the US and he has been nominated to be Pres. of the abominable U N. Seems to me that senario would set him in place as the anti Christ, the One World Ruler with all power

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You have hit the nail right on the head and I like you can't see why we don't have Obutthole arrested and tried for treason.Like everything else we don't want to antagonize the blacks,white people won't burn down buildings and loot store but blacks in the ghetto would just like the ragheads do.

  4. Even Louis Farrakhan scorched Barry for mistreating his old friend Qaddafi, who had given the Nation of Islam millions. Qaddafi was also good his his people and had been ruler of Libya for 40 years. The only reason HillaryClinton, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and, lastly, Barry wanted to take him out was to help the Europeans re-colonize Libya and plunder its vast oil reserves.

    • e1313ruth says:

      Bobbi , I wish it was as simple as natural resources….This battle is about who will rule the world…Islam and satan or God and man…Obama is preparing the arab spring countries to take over the entire world… The battle is just beginning… The reelection of Obama will escalate it…

      As for natural resources Obama has been hindering USA from producing oil, gass and coal….He plans to strip us of our money and our natural resources on which we greatly depend… When these are stoped so stops America, industery, hospitals ,all business, autos and much much more…

      • yes you are very correct I heard of one large hospital this week that said if Medicare goes down they will close the doors, it has some 500 rooms, and that's exactly what Obama is working toward. He has studied Socialism and communism all his life ,plus living it. Soros, is one of his funders,the musalims are another, where do you think he got his money, he would be like his half brother with nothing if he hadn't been groomed to destroy America by his socialist and communist friends. That's why all the czars he has appointed are communist or socialist everyone. Obama must be stopped.

  5. Stephen J. Koach says:

    Lybiain Soveriegn wealth fund lost 98% of it's value in one year. Former British PM tony blair lobbied Quadafi to invest with goldman sachs and societe generael from France. They then lost him 98% of the peoples oil money, in one year. Quadafi then issued death warrents for llyod blancfien, tony blair and a frenchman. Then our treasonous P.O.T.U.S., remember anti-war, Bush lied people died, started a war without congressional approval. They killed the tyrant because dead men tell no tales.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Most people know why it happened and so does president sambo.He just can't admit that those terrorist,his country men are just plain crazy people who like to kill.

    • why would you disgrace the good name of Sambo?

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Your right at best little black Sambo gave a good story for kids.would you object to president spearchucker

        • Who is spearchucker?

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Douog back many moons a go we use to call colored people spearchuckers where I lived.Back when I was a kid Tarzan use to be our hero because he fought the bad african or the whites who would harm the peaceful african tribes.Today Tarzan would be considered a racist by the ACLU,Southern Poverty,NAACP and the liberal socialist democrats.

  7. e1313ruth says:

    The terrorists and muslim brotherhood have invaded every single arab spring country including USA…This was always Obama's plan… If reelected everyone in America will learn who obama is the hard way..

  8. Why didn't Romney ask Obama about his 29 social security cards and why the one he has been using since his entrance into college would mak him a resident of Connecticut / Vermont and 130 years old ?

    Why didn;t he ask Obama why he has allowed 75,000 legal aliens to enter into the USA each month to take jobs from capable AMERICAN CITIZENS and again approx. 1,000,000 Illegal Aliens annually with whom he has decided – BY EXECUTIVE ORDER – to grant the right to remain here in the USA ILLEGALLY ?

    Why didn't Romney " clarify " Candy Crowley's OBVIOUS mistake and tell Obama that he will have a chance to speak when he has completed his statements ? For at least 7 days Obama's administration LIED about what went on trying to minimalized this incident that has taken 4 American lives.

    Romney should simply show America what a LIAR Obama is and always has been.

    • Angruman
      You are so correct Obama is a constant liar and doesn't know how to tell the truth. I have never in my near 70 years saw a person that lies in every breath like Obama, and a lot of the ideots that voted him still think he is great, he is a great big liar, and that's the only thing that I've seen from him that he is good at.

    • molly & me says:

      Just wanted to add that when Romney accused obama of not calling the embassy attack an act of terror obama said to candy crowley "read the transcript" what transcript did crowley have that he told her to read? I suspect it was a transcript he had given her before the debates that if that question came up he had instructed her to read his W H Garden reply to the attack.

  9. A Patriot says:

    What he said, say's it all !! Unfortunately I don't think that enough of the DUMB DOWNED Americans will ever see the video, let alone change their mind.

  10. Very true, sir! We were formed as a Republic – not a Democracy – where the government is the Servant of the people. Unfortunately, it has taken an about-face. If conservatism doesn't return to government, we have no hope. Remove the Fed, whose charter expired in 1933, who has devalued our dollar 95%, and throw out the international bankers, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, et al. Then, we will have a chance. BTW – I thought the House was in an uproar. But, of course, the Senate won't do anything against their Fuhrer. It may have to come down to the people taking back our country with force. But, they have thought of that, too, via executive orders. What would those of the American Revolution do now?

    • Schnitzelschitzen says:

      Well said Laurie, we have used the term "The Government this, or The Government That" so long that we unintentionally seperated ourselves from The government and have elevated them into powers that they do not constitutionally have and it is time for us to become "the government" once more and appoint by election, only those who feel they can work for us, the American People. Over time, it is possible to form a more constitutionally perfect government if the tides of patriotism begin to shift back here to America and if we possess the fortitude to stand up always for freedom.

  11. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    What we need in our White House is someone who was born here and has an allegence to Our flag, not a muslim who has everything to gain by his fellow muslims gaining ground in the world. We need to get back to our American way of life and honor our Constitution, not try to enhance relations with nations who have every intention to destroy us, Israel and the Western World..

  12. Haji al Kidya says:

    The latest word is that the Obama White House planned this atttack originally as a kidnapping in order to facilitate a trade for the Blind Sheik.

  13. I kinda' thought the Bengazi attack was orchestrated so that Obama would have a crisis to respond to and show his "leadership". I'm thinking it backfired, if that is the case. I do think it was orchestrated because of the fact that it has been 37 years since a US ambassador has been murdered. Murdered, under the president's watch. Then there's some evidence to suggest it was an inside job with help from the Marines. If that's true, then that's more reason to believe it was an orchestrated event. For what? So this impostor can apologize for America again?

  14. Change the Change says:

    Watch this video, "Benghazi: Fatal Failure and The Obama Cover-up"

  15. As horrible a President Jimmy Carter.was, I would vote for him before I would vote for Obama. If Obama wins re-election, our country And the American people will lose everything And we will become a Socialist country.

  16. I don't think I have ever heard anyone put things so plain that even a grade-schooler could understand. I do appreciate the way this Man put things. There are people that willm vote for the PARTY LINE No matter what, that, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, If someone is so against everything I believe in, or my Religion, even in my heart I just could NOT VOTE for that person. GOD bless all of us in America and around the world, I truely hope something and GOD will give us all the strength to stand tall and save what is left or OUR Great Nation.

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