Video: Ben Johnson, Explosive Documents Prove Elena Kagan’s Conflict-of-Interest

The American Family Radio Network‘s Crane Durham is one of the best friends truth has on the radio. Crane recently interviewed Ben Johnson on his program “Nothing But Truth,” which is heard on 148 radio stations nationwide. They discussed the reasons Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan must recuse herself from the upcoming lawsuit over ObamaCare — and how the White House is stonewalling requests for documents that prove her conflict of interest. Part two of the interview shifts to an expose of George Soros’ financial influence over the mainstream media. If you enjoy this interview, please thank “Nothing But Truth” host Crane Durham and all the folks at American Family Radio for having me on.

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  1. Charles says:

    If obama is proven not to be legally sitting in our White House and being the US President . Elena Kagan can not be a Supreme Court Justice Because she was illegally appointed to that office by a person that is not legally the US President.

  2. I do not understand how OBAMA and his wife can say they hate the USA is that the reason he wanted in the WHITE HOUSE to destroy our country I have been cussed out and I do not care because this was on National TV so it's not a lie,He will never be charged with anything just because of his race is he any diferent than BUSH or Clinton or anyone who was put out of OFFICE because of thier crimes. He might get away with it on earth but he has to stand before the LORD JESUS CHRIST.GOD BLESS THE USA & ISRAEL

    • I have a hard time believing that no one out there is charging this usurper with treason. He is dismantling our constitution which they all swore to uphold and no one seems to care. This man is muslim communist, and people this is the way we are headed. CONGRESS GET OFF YOUR LAZY A@@, GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. GeezLouize says:

    Elena Kagen is now a Supreme Court Justice who will vote any way that Obama tells her to.

    Obama in not eligible to be President of the USA.
    Obama studied our U.S. Constitution to dismantle it and norm it.
    Norming is to make the Constitution a "Living Constitution" so Supreme Court Justices like Elena Kagen can skirt the Constitution and apply her Own Interpetation.

    Rule #1 – Our U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land. Let me be clear…it is the basis of all law in the United States. A law or ACTION in violation of the Constitution, if challenged, will be declared unconstitutional and will NOT BE ENFORCED no matter what its source.

    Trying to have Our U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law is like trying to Mix Oil and Water.
    Elena Kagen is fine with adopting Sharia Law. Sharia Law only gives rights and protection to men; not women or children.

  4. Oscar Dar says:

    Obama came out obscurity, shadow of doubts and under questionable identity, brought about by the power politics under the umbrella of the " Democratic illegal protection". Under normal conditions; when we get rid of the problems, we usually find a way to get into the "ROOTS". As most Americans, if not all; the roots of these problems that we are enduring today, are and were being caused by OBAMA. We will get rid with ALL these problems if we get rid of OBAMA. If we really need to impeach Obama, we MUST PROVE, he had violated our laws. (Immigrations, elections laws, ethical and many more) If we (AMERICANS) we want to live peacefully, and prosperously We MUST start the IMPEACHMENT PROCESS NOW. What are we waiting for. This is not a two party system problems. It is the problem of ALL AMERICANS. WE MUST DO IT NOW OR NEVER……

    • Thanks to a splineless Boehner it will be never, after all who is Obummers golfing buddy now no other but Boehner.

  5. fordman says:

    The democrats,republicans,CIA and the FBI know Obama is not qualified to be president but nothing will be done about it. They knew it long before he was elected.

  6. w/r to Kagen, do a "google" on "Solicitor General." The S.G. is nicknamed, "The 10th supreme court justice." The S.J. can (and is the only one) whom presents a writ of cerciary (sp?), which a is a motion for the supreme court to immediately hear a case. Historically, about 9 out of 10 presentations by the S.G., is heard immediately by the U.S. supreme court.

    Well, Philip Berg filed a writ of cerciary, w/r to Obama and guess what? It was denied. By whom? Oh, yea, the S.G. whom is now a supreme court justice- Kagen. Just a a coincidence.

    In 1805 U.S. Supreme Court justice Samuel Chase was impeached (like indicted, (or charged with a crime)), by the U.S. house of representatives. Yes! The U.S. House of Representatives holds the power to impeach a supreme court justice. Chase was not convicted by the Senate.

  7. Ron Alford says:

    Weiner hasn't nailed anybody except himself. He says he wants a chance to redeem himself, and therein lies the problem. He has allowed Satan to convince him that he can redeem himself, when in reality, Jesus is the only one who can redeem him; or anyone else.

  8. I blame the congressional wimps for confirming kagan,who hates our military & helped write the health care bill & sotomayor, who sat on the la raza board. We have obama care & AZ. law going to their court.Will they do the right thing & withdraw? NO !! Why? They have an agenda to destroy our founding documents & fundamentally transform America.

  9. Ben, please continue to expose the filth that surrounds us. You are doing the work of God, and I appreciate your efforts. Thankyou (All Ceasars Fall)

  10. wow, we live in a strange world, where things happened really queek , and unexpected

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  13. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Elana and Sotomyer, neither one, should sit where they now sit, on the Supreme Court! Neither are going to uphold one thing regarding our Beloved Constitution, and for our Most Beloved Nation! They too, are destructive forces that must be taken off the seats that they both occupy. I do not trust anyone that this ENEMY of our nation appoints, or supports, and both of these women were by his order, seated on the Supreme Court, to do his bidding. The saying “honest as the day is long”, the opposite can be said of these two, nay, three…….”they are as dishonest as eternity is long!” Not a one of them could be trusted as far as we could pick them up and throw them across a room! No one in this “administration” can be trusted with a single thing pertaining to our rights and liberties, and our freedoms! We CANNOT trust them, people, thus, we have GOT to get them out of those powerful positions that they now occupy! This is urgent, the most urgent thing that we, the people of the United States has ever done! We cannot leave it to the likes of BONER and his ilk to do, we are going to have to do it, however we can, it is now up to us to tend to this matter of the extremest urgency ever known to this country of freedom loving people! I am going to say again, WOMEN! Wake up, before it’s too late, WOMEN will be the BIGGEST LOSERS IF THIS POWER HUNGRY MAD MAN IS ALLOWED TO STAY AND KEEP HIS “HAREM” OF LAWYERS IN THEIR OFFICES OF TOO MUCH POWER ALSO! And this is not to mention the fact, that there are a LOT OF WOMEN IN AMERICA WHOSE VOTES AND SAY SO IN THESE MATTERS WHO CAN CHANGE THE WAY TO HELL THAT OUR NATION IS GOING! WE WOMEN HAVE GREAT RESPONSIBILITY TO ONE ANOTHER, AND TO OUR DAUGHTERS AND THEIR DAUGHTERS! TO BE ABLE TO KEEP THE RIGHTS THAT OUR ANCESTORS OF FEMALE GENDER FOUGHT FOR SO HARD! We CANNOT ALLOW THIS MU SLIME AND HIS “HAREM/WOMEN” TO STEAL, ROB US OF THIS WONDERFUL THING THAT IS CALLED “EQUALITY” !!!!!
    This evil man intends to take us back centuries, to where the women of the middle east are right now, to where we have even less rights that we had just 200 short years ago! I think that both genders should stand together as one, but even more importanly, WOMEN OF AMERICA, DO NOT ALLOW A MU SLIME TO TAKE US BACK INTO THE STONE AGES WHERE WE CAN BE LITERALLY DRAGGED BY OUR HAIR INTO SOME LAIR AND BEATEN FOR WHAT IS CONSIDERED A “disrespect” of THEIR OWN BENT THINKING! The woman who had her nose cut off for “disrespecting” her husband, the women who have had acid thrown in their faces, the women who have been “castrated”……..THINK, LADIES, THINK OF WHAT THIS IDEOLOGY MEANS TO OUR FREEDOMS AS WOMEN!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THINK BEFORE CASTING YOUR VALUABLE AND TREASURED VOTES FOR THIS WICKED, EVIL, DISEASED MINDED MAN WHO WILL DESTROY ALL OF US WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT!!!!!!!

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  17. I think that new is fake. I agree with the charles that ,Elena Kagan can not be a Supreme Court Justice Because she was illegally appointed to that office by a person that is not legally the US President.

  18. I enjoyed reading this story. I will not say it was something surprising, anyway it was fine. Anyway, merci for your post. Move ahead doing well

  19. Thanks Ben Johnson for focusing on this issue

  20. obama is doing the right things

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