Video: Beck To Expose Obama Boston Bombing Coverup

Godspeed, Glenn Beck!!

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  1. Beck is an extremely smart man and most of what he says is true. I hope people are listening to what he says

  2. I'd bet anything that Obama is still the dummy for the ventriloquist!!!! Also, has the earphone hooked up whenever he hawks his outstanding phoniness!! America has been held in a nightmare since this idiot was "elected"!!! To top it off, we are stuck with an endless list of trembling weak tremblechins in Congress and Senate. The strong one existed years and years ago.

  3. Kit Sterling says:

    Glenn- leave a long trail Glenn. Set up false covers for yourself. You do know you are dealing with supernatural evil, right? Breitbart was murdered….for telling the truth. They will come for you.
    Godspeed— get in touch with some of your “brothers” particularly one who has recent behind the scenes knowledge, you know who he is. He will help you & provide protection. Shelter your family.
    Praying All Holy Father’s guidance & protection on you.

  4. wayne mann says:

    While Obama had us concentrating on the Boston bombings…. He got a bill passed through the Senate Which compromises our Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. It is called CISPA And he now has control over all information and everything said on the Internet. Never let a crisis go to waste….

  5. George_Ruiz says:

    Glenn Beck is very serious and knows something the rest of us don’t know, and it sounds as if the white house knows a lot more then what they are telling us. I look forward to Monday and finding out what Glenn has to say at least he is honest enough to tell us the truth.

    • wayne mann says:

      I agree and we need about 10 million more like him and like Joe Aripao.

      • George_Ruiz says:

        There is a lot of people in the millions that don't approve what obama and his regime are doing, so far these are the braves ones who are speaking out and your right we do need 10 more million like Glenn and Joe.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Glenn Beck better watch his back because Obutthole will send his drones to Beck house.The drones name is Eric Holder the hit man for Sambo.I'll be waiting to find out about this sand igger from Saudi Arabia.

    • wayne mann says:

      He might be a bomber but he is still an illegal alien… so they will give him amnesty and benefits and an Obama phone.

  7. wayne mann says:

    I know he’s not an illegal alien it was just a joke. Evidently he is an American now but is from Russia…. so I bet his papers are just like Obama’s birth certificate.

  8. wayne mann says:

    Please everyone educate yourself about “common core”. They are going to implement in schools across the nation. This is our children we are talking about start signing petitions contact your congressman and senators by email and phone and my State congressman said America should overwhelm Washington with paperwork and bury them. Common core is the educational system of dumbing down our children Even if they are high IQ. My congressman said any subject that is unconstitutional to the American people we should raise hell with Washington and bury them..

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