Video: Beck, Levin Team Up To Support Article V Convention Of States

Mark Levin and Glenn Beck have buried old hatchets from past feuds and united around Article V initiatives like Compact for America (CFA) and Convention of States (COS).

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  1. Beck & Levin, is it?
    I listen sometimes, but these guys are entertainers, not serious political authorities. Neither has ever been elected to or served the public in any official capacity anywhere at any time. They represent an audience.
    I have to ask: Are they nuts?
    A convention of States could rewrite the entire Constitution. In fact, that is exactly what happened when the last Convention of States was convened. They didn't fix the Articles of Confederation, they scrapped it and started over.
    The one-worlders have been hoping for this for the past 65 years or longer. We have a perfectly safe system for ratifying amendments without a Con Con.
    No one in the US today is the equal of Adams, Jefferson, Washington, or Madison. No one.
    Just Say No to any Con Con.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Mean Gene these 2 guys forgot more then you'll ever know.You say they represent an audience well doesn't all talk show hosts represent an audience. Even that fat ass Oprah or doctor Phil represent an audience.Even those 2 clowns Stewart & Colbert represent an audience that hang on to theor words as gospel.Obutthole doesn't believe in the constitution he would rewrite it in a minute.

      • Edward,
        I love to listen to their shows. I appreciate what they do. I disagree passionately with the idea of a Con. Con.
        Long before Beck or Rush or Mark, there was the John Birch Society. It was made up primarily of small business owners. I consider them to be the true heart, muscle and brains of the USA.. Our greatest blessing is free enterprise.
        The JBS saw this coming 50 years ago. Their periodical, The New American, is still the voice of liberty in my humble opinion. They have long stood against big Government, the UN, and the Federal Reserve. The JBS has been warning against a Convention of States because it would put the entire Constitution in jeopardy.
        People must get involved in local and state politics. It begins at the community level. We the People can take the reins of the GOP away from the butt heads at the national level.

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