Video: Beck Dips Obama Bobblehead In ‘Urine’ To Create New Work Of ‘Art’

Has Glenn Beck gone over the top with this? Sound off below!

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  1. Glenn should have added a pound of pig poop on his head.

  2. hanginjudge says:

    Obviously he did not go too far! I made the suggestion a day earlier on another blog site.
    After all, to the liberal idiots out there this “is” art. The precedent had been set by a so called "artist" several years ago. I think Glenn should apply for a federal grant for his work.
    If the left wants to depict Satan as Christ I see nothing wrong with Glenn pretending that Kool Aid is Urine. That is a far less despicable comparison.
    Although I sincerely doubt that Glenn used real urine it would be appropriate for someone that has been pissing on our constitution since he took office.

  3. LOVE IT!!! Brilliant!

  4. Should have gone in head first as his empty head seems to float lol

  5. Should use the real obama thats the only fault I see in this!

  6. Lori meyer says:

    The perfect reply to ridiculous lefts assumption, that all
    Deranged ideas are brilliant. Also illustrates how little was made
    Of the offense given Christians over the Christ in urine.
    What, no murderous protests, no apologies either. The intellectual
    Left is an oxymoron, moronic left closer to mark.
    I would buy it.

  7. I almost "peed my pants Tuesday at five, then this morning on the radio show. He is hysterical. Hey it is about time someone did this. If they can do "Piss C***st. Why not do "Dear Leader". Leave it to Glenn, He makes my day. I think he is one of the funnies yet dead serious people in a long time. He is trying to wake the stupid people up but sadly, I think they too dumb to give him a change. The guy he had on tonight's show was surprised at Glenn's fairness. However, I think this guy was not well informed, and he needs to do his homework and learn who this person is who just won a second term. He should have know before the first term.

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    If they can do that to Christ then why not Obutthole after all there are liberals like Chris Matthews who think he is the black jesus. Glenn is the next Da Vinci.

  9. V. Jamison says:

    YES! At last someone is making real jokes that are funny. Night after night of hearing Romney and the Republicans getting blasted with stupid jokes by Letterman, Kimel, and Saturday Night Live, it's about time someone on the Right can blast a joke on the left. Sad thing though is that the liberal media are going crazy with this. And of course, never did they complain about the crap the late night idiot hosts shoveled out.
    Maybe Beck is a bit extreme, but it takes extreme to bring some kind of balance back.

  10. He was just copying the leftist piece of art of someone peeing on Jesus.

  11. Randy Lummus says:

    Now that’s what i call art.

  12. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Notice how the Obama people raised a stink over Glenn Beck's joke and yet are quieter than mice when a conservative is the butt of the joke.

  13. Linda A. From NY says:

    Love it, he should have added some poop on obama face and head.

  14. Glen is great and miss him on cable. Wish he would start his own conservative network on cable.

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