Video: Beck: Dictator Obama Intentionally Inflicting Pain With Government Shutdown

Glenn Beck asserts that by “intentionally inflicting pain on the American people,” Obama’s handling of the government shutdown has been that of a “dictator.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm glad Glenn is telling it like it is but the park rangers are telling people that they have been told to inflict as much pain on the public as possible.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Before shutdown these items had few guards overseeing them.
    After shutdown Obutthole is spending about 100 times the cost to oversee these items with armed guards?
    Go figure Oshithead’s logic!!!
    Park Rangers told to make life as difficult as possible, Families of soldiers killed overseas will not receive death benefits or money to pay for their funerals, Military Chaplains can not preach, VA stops pensions and benefits for 3.8 million vets, 7000 workers laid off, 14000 furloughed, Attempted Mt. Vernon, private land ahole, D-Day Normandy Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Military Commissary, National Institute(s) of Health (NIH), National Mall, St. Louis Gateway Arch, Statue of Liberty, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, Yorktown and Jamestown parks, D.C. Thompson Boat Center and Rowers, NC privately owned hotel, Philly Iconic restaurant, Dept of Agriculture website,, The troops Overseas Armed Forces Network, People are kicked out of their private homes on Fed land, hundreds of guards needed, Border Patrol has been cancelled, hundreds of guards needed, Maine Acadia park, hundreds of guards needed, The entire Mt. Rushmore park, hundreds of guards needed, The entire FL Keys, thousands of guards needed, The entire Grand Canyon, thousands of guards needed, The entire Hatteras Beaches, thousands of guards needed, The entire Potomac River, thousands of guards needed, Wisconsin state run parks, thousands of guards needed, 100+ privately managed parks, thousands of guards needed, Where is Obastard getting the money for this???
    But the Dicktator’s golf course is open! AND the WH (the people's house) is open even though it is on Fed land!

  3. Hey Glenn…we've been telling you a dictatorship was Obama's end-game for a couple years now but you've ridiculed us as crazy right-wingers.


    October 13, 2013 09:00am
    National World War II Memorial


  5. Impeach Obama A president should be doing what is best for country not dividing it and inflicting pain on the people. I am an Independent and this man is destroying our country. He needs to be Impeached immediately before he does damage that cannot be undone.

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