Video: Barack Obama’s Rudest Moments

So many rude moments; so little time.

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    I think he needs a nice jail cell to prop his feet up on the bars.

  2. edcrandall says:

    I'm not a Romney fan, but, I think the Romneys have more class even in their privacy than the obama-ben-lyin's vacation king and queen wannabes have even dreamed about. Character is "caught" not "taught" and they(obama-ben-lyin's) do not even try to show any character.

  3. He needs to quit putting his feet up on my furniture, Didn't your Mother teach you not to do that? One term at the helm. Vote them out in November.

    • He is mocking Americans with his arrogance. He does need to respect his office. He is doing that on purpose as his "in your face America" moments. I despise any and all that he stands for.

  4. Arrogant SOB 'wanna-be dictator' with no respect for anyone or anything, especially our Constitution.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    If you don't agree with him or kiss his half black ass he is against you.He really thinks he's a muslim god.Here is a man who never talks about his white mother the slut.It's his way or the highway this year we can show him the highway and say goodbye to a dictator.

  6. And the liberals wonder why hes despised so much! I can see how you got the name of a JACKASS! You liberals are blind and stupid!

  7. Okay, this is waaaaay too kind – it DEFINITELY should have included his petulant "I won" line, for starters!!! And how about the many times he has flipped the bird at people? He is truly a despicable excuse for a human being – a sociopath extraordinaire. Lucky us. ANYONE BUT OBAMA 2012!!!

  8. VirgoVince says:

    FORGET VOTING OBAMA OUT!!!! We Better Get Him Out Before The Election!!!!
    Michael Savage: How Obama fixed 2012 election !
    Supporting Info:

  9. berneemc says:

    You expected any thing more from a chicago slum boon

  10. Obama, the UnAmerican in the Presidents Office, has no class at all, & he thinks he is above everyone, & untouchable. It amazes me, as to how many people can't see, that he is out to distroy this country. Our members of congress know he is not a Legal President, & they know what he is up to, but do nothing about it. Our only hope, is God will wake up enough of the idiot voters, so Obama, & many of the corrupt members of Congress will be voted out.

  11. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    This voting crap is like what is called our “justice” system. Everyone know that it doesn’t work, there is no real “justice” out there anymore. Justice is the kind that we have to deal out ourselves, and usually when we do, we are the ones to receive their brand of “justice”. Take an abused woman, her husband or boyfriend beats her senseless often, and each time she goes to the cops, they tell her to take out a restraining order………which does no good, as we all know very well, for a determined abuser will ignore the order and eventually kill the woman. And then, and only then, do they get an arrest warrent for this abuser, and if lucky, catch him. But, then we have these “judges” that set bond for this abusive bastard, and off he walks into the sunset, not to be seen again for months, if at all. So again, Justice is averted. And if he does go to jail, it is for a short period of time, where upon he gets out to commit the same abuse upon another female. But then, if the woman he is abusing, turns around and kills this monster, it is SHE who goes to jail for MURDER, when it is a simple case most of the time, a simple case of SELF DEFENSE! Justice? I really don’t think so. And now, we have an ABUSER OF THE US CONSTITUTION AND AN ABUSER OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! A RUDE ABUSER ON TOP OF THAT! He abuses every law ever written, (unless it is written by him) and literally stomps on our Constitution, abusing our RIGHTS AS CITIZENS, and ABUSING HIS OFFICE AND FAR MORE! He has RUDELY INVADED OUR NATION’S CAPITOL AND JUST AS RUDELY INVADED OUR LIVES! AND HE EVEN SPEAKS RUDELY! HIS PICTURE AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE IS RUDE BEYOND RUDE! He is GIVING US ALL THE FINGER! As if to say to us F#@! YOU ALL! And, his actions scream this same line, “F^#@ THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND F*#& THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! And then, we are supposed to be SURPRISED that he is one very, infected, disease ridden RUDE MOTHER …….@*&^! I am not at all surprised, because I knew what this thing, THING was before he even got into the race for the THEN White House……….since then, he has shat upon those halls and rooms to the point of turning them blacker than his face, and as BLACK has his evil, wicked, mu SLIME decayed, and diseased, bloated corpse of a face! He is so disgustingly full of his own “excrement” that if his eyes were not already brown, they’d be TURNING BROWN WITH THIS OOOZE THAT OOOZES FROM HIS FILTHY DECOMPOSING THING THAT PASSES FOR A BRAIN! His so called “brain” is so much mush, smelly and despicably rotten mush that it would be toxic for the next million years to any part of this planet that it touched. Now there, did this help anyone find the words to help describe how much they hate, loathe and despise, this nasty, pus filled disease that sits and infects our nation, which goes by the mu SLIMY SLIME NAME “barack HUSSAIN obama”?! Hussain? How on earth did any AMERICAN BY BIRTH VOTE ONE VOTE FOR THIS EVIL SATANIC PEICE OF DEMON DUNG IN THE FIRST PLACE?????!!!!!!!!! I bet they are also so ANTI American that they literally oooze hatred for this nation and her gift of freedom for all!!!!

  12. I can not watch this man, Obama in his utter disrespect for anything that is right ! Obama his never stopped campaigning from the moment he moved into the White House and The Oval Office . As we all know he should have pointed to himself ….but of course he will never do this !
    He has no honor ! He lacks this attribute ! If one simply reads the books he has wrote ,you would know the mine set of this guy .
    I really pitty him in all of his arrogance . All you have to do is watch his ACTIONS . He does not take responsibility for his own behavior . Thus the "Blame Game " is a part of everything he does .
    He is who he is ……………..a guy who was " choosen " by the powers unseen to most Americans . He was hand picked to do the job of those who have the will to "bring America down " .
    I feel deeply for the REAL MEN in that room who have HONOR but have to listen to this puppet speak to them like this .
    I'd have to take a BATH after to wash away the stench ! He is raping the American people and the Constitution of the United States .
    I pitty Obama and pray that the Lord brings him to his knees .

  13. Obama should be jailed along with his treasonous friends.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Absolutely, nothing less that jail should be his punishment. but he is getting with his dire and I am afraid that is going to continue.

  14. Obama is not eligibale to be sitting where he is. Who is going to initiate his arrest? People should see why he is trying to blur the three banches of government and place people in there who support his agenda instead of our Constitution. If he gets in again there will be 3 or four more seats up for grabs on the U.S. Supreme Court, from what I have read where he will fill with left leaning Justices.. These Justices are all we have to stand between the People and tyranny at this point. When that is gone, there will be nothing. God will have to intervene. America has not done her job there either, failing to teach her youth and not allowing for the advice of our founding fathers.

  15. I would not insult the many decent American Blacks by saying this man is black or the whites by saying he is white. This man is decended from Marxist Muslims who do not have our country's interest at heart. He should be arrested for fraud, and as a foreign spy. He is not eligible to be impeached, nor is he eligible to be treated as a citizen of this country with our rights as American. Those who enabled him to be where he is should be arrested for treason, sedition, and jailed for life.Eric Holder has caused the death of a border patrol agent, a U.S. citizen and several hundres of deaths in Mexico. Eric Holder and Obama are guilty of mass murder and should be hanged by a court of law.

  16. Michelle Obama should be jailed right along with Obama for she knows the whole story along with all of those who know who he is should be jailed. I am sorry for their children, but I am even sorrier for our American youth who have been duped, deceived, and left hanging in a bad wind. This country will have nothing for our children, except more of what we have in the last 3 years. It will get no better and anyone who cannot bring themselves to accept what is really going on are standing in the way of those who are trying to warn them and help this country. It is happening, though does not seem real or possible, it is. The question is Who is going to arrest this guy? He has holder in his pocket. One answer is for congress to get Holder out and assign someone who is not influenced by these Marxists to be our Attorney General.

  17. . He has farmed the ballots of our upcoming election out to Spain to count and verify.Spain is known to have more Marxists than otherwise in that country. He is going to steal this election unless Congress acts some way to prevent it. Otherwise why would they not want voter ID? It is obvious. They want to cheat. This sending our ballots to a country who is not a friend of America is another set up. These people are not objective and could likely cheat to keep him in office.

  18. Obama knows how stupid Joe Biden is and this is likely why they put Joe as VP. Both need to be jailed by a court of law. This is a civilized country and they are banking on the laws protecting them. He has not one black person surrounding him. Get Holder out on charges and clean that Justice Department and State Department out. It is past time. What have we got elected states officials working up there for? They are supposed to be protecting this Republic. That U.S. Department of Education is one of the main Departments as well, that they have used to advance their agendas.

  19. This spoiled freak of nature and validity we have in the Oval Office, is a nut case who thinks he can manipulate the nation with the Excec office and in his delusional way thinks he has the qualities of FDR who also made those same threats agains the SCOTUS and wanted to have them rubber stamp his edicts as well…..This guy is like watching a circus act that puts the audience in peril..

  20. Doesn't that arrogant B*st*rd terrorist know, when he points his finger at people, he has 3 pointing back at him? And when he puts his feet up on that antique White House furniture that has been used by so many Presidents before, and sits his ugly *** on top of the desk of the Oval Office, he is ABSOLUTELY showing his utter disrespect to America! No 2 ways about that! He is rude, crude, dishonorable, disrespectable, demeaning, and an SOB! That is what TERRORIST barak HUSSEIN obama bin laden IS! Time to clean The White House!

  21. God I hate that fraudulent president.

  22. Pride cometh before a fall, and an haughty spirit before destruction!! That's OBAMA!!! Watch it! he thinks he is untouchable!!

  23. This man and all who is connected to him is absolutely sickening. He is rude and even worse a constant embarrassment to our country. You can’t drag someone in off the streets and expect them to know how to do a good job. I don’t understand why people can’t see the evil in him. Just his views on abortion should have kept Christians from voting for him. I don’t know very many Democrats but the few I do know doesn’t seem to be too happy with him.

  24. The Gonk might have been more suitable music for this video, but that's just me. Now, let's count how many times he uses that look of contempt for everyone and how many speeches he looks down his nose at everyone. Gotta' love that 1st grader fallacy he used to defend his healthcare bill to McCain, "You're wrong because I won the election and you lost. You don't have a say because I won and you lost. Did I mention that I won and you lost?" or "You can't criticize my bill because I'm the Pwesident and I'm black. You're automatically wrong and a wacist." All he was missing was sticking his tongue out at them. What's next? Is he going to threaten to take people's toys away if he doesn't get his way? Oh…wait.
    "Teacher, Barry is being a meanie again. Why aren't you sending him to the Principal's office? Make him stop."

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