Video: Barack Obama: The Ghost Of Columbia University

Wayne Allyn Root  just returned from New York, where he attended his 30th Columbia University reunion. He celebrated with his esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama.

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  1. wayne mann says:

    That title should read” the liar of Columbia University,”

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    From listening to Allen Root, I believe that Obama never attended Columbia University since no one seems to remember seeing him there. It all sounds fishy just like Obama.

    • wayne mann says:

      Linda I think the only school he ever went to was the training school of jihad.!!! He was placed here as a terrorist in our White House to help take down this country. A few people are finally catching on….I have been saying for 4 years this man is a terrorist. He did let his fellow terrorist go home to Saudi Arabia did he not.?? We know what organization this man is affiliated with.

      • Linda A. From NY says:

        Hi Wayne,
        Yea I believe you are correct, when you say obama is affiliated with these terrorist groups, his name alone is Muslim. Most of what Obama says and does is in favor of Muslims, and it is suspicious how this administration let that young man from Saudi Arabia leave the Country right after the Boston bombing.

        • wayne mann says:

          When he let the terrorist go home it spoke volumes to me and reinforced how I feel. I was really hoping that a great deal of America would be outraged but they were not. I am so amazed with this country but not in a good way. I am trying to be thankful though for the time God gave me as an American citizen And the wonderful freedoms I got to enjoy.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    We know that this igger is a lying sack of shit and all these phoney credentials were made up just to get an igger in the presidency.Columbia is a left wing school and one day someone will talk.

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