Video: Bank Of America Stops Gun/Ammo Purchases With Their Bank Cards

Update: Bank Of America has responded to this viral video, saying that they are NOT banning gun purchases (at least not yet.)

Bank of America has decided that they are our lords telling us what we can and cannot purchase!

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  1. livinginhellanddyingaslowdeath says:

    i called BOA and they said it is false

  2. Do NOT use B o A

  3. It would be kinda hard to enforce this, as Wamlmart, Dick's & other places could just list the sale as " merch" or "Misc" or something like that.
    If it IS true or becomes true, then we just stop using BOA. They're a private business, so they can choose their customers, if they wish (unless, of course, it's by color, race, or sex!!!) and WE can choose out banks! We just all go out & pull all accounts from them!
    I've just recently found out how "involved" the owner of COSTCO is in liberal diatribe & have canceled my membership, even though I really like shopping there. But, I'm trying not to support liberl-owned businesses…

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Said by a man: "This is Peggy. How may I help you?"
    Sounded like she was calling overseas. How typical.
    I tore up any card or account I had with BofA back when they were HANDING mortgages to illegal aliens. They are clearly an antiamerican company.
    Don't forget they held up a firearm MANUFACTURERS funds because they didn't "like his business".
    If someone out there is denied a sale, sue their butts!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      We did the same Seeks and if the people who still have BofA cards go as soon as you can and cancel the.Seeks I quit them whe our church let the Mexican consulate come in and tell these illegals how to get benefits and B of A was there to aid these illegals.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My fired has a Platinum VISA fom B of A and asked me to check this…he gave me the number, but B of A wont even ANSWER the phone now, without an account #

    Something VERY wrong about this company!!! I have been on hold over 15 minutes, and my firend told me that when you put account# in the phone prompt, they answer RIGHT AWAY!!! I did not put account # in and they STILL will NOT ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like they want a PAPER TRAIL for any "inquiries" regarded to the veracity of this report!

    Unless you are a "preferred customer" they won't even answer the phones!!!!

    They need to be MORE AFRAID of STOLEN CREDIT CARDS by thieves…we also heard that B of A doesnt press charged against cc thieves…some "agreement" they have w/ DOJ???? That's just sick!

  6. When the recording asked for the account # press 0, it will ask again , press 0 again. U might have to repeat a few times.

    I agree with taking your money else where if u don’t. Agree with said company. The problem is that I have found few companies that you can trust. Even if you go to a small mom and pa shop their products are mostly made in china or Mexico . After watching the Hollywood idiots talk about how bad guns are but they make violent movies. It is hard to watch anything without seeing then. But all we can do it try our best.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Bank of america has no right to tell you what you can purchase or what you can't.The way to tell them is take the card into the bank ask for the head official and when he/she comes to talk tell them to bend over because you are going to shove the card up their ass sideways.

  8. Cut up your Bank of America credit card and refuse to pay the balance until they back off of their idiiotic ideoligy.

  9. I canceled my account with B of A after 67 years. I had been with them since 1946, but since they want to do business according to what the left wants them to, I found another bank.

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