Video: Attorney’s Explosive Claim, Obama Changed Name in 1982

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  1. He stood up on the podium during the election campaigns and said "we are going to fundamentally change the United Sates of America" and the crowd roared with approval. He said during an interview "under my plan, electricity rates would neccessarily skyrocket" and no one said anything. He gave his biggest campain speech was in Denver stadium with the white horse above the stadium, which a MUSLIM symble for the "anointed one coming back to earth from the east". Even his campaign logo is a MUSLIM symble. But still, millions of blind, gullible sheep cheered him on to victory. It is the American people who worshiped the false phrophet who are to blame. If we don't change that, he WILL BE re-elected. Nothing less than a miracle or military coup will save us now. I see most of the Obama '08 bumper stickers on cars driven not only by college brainwashed kids, but OLD WHITE PEOPLE! You have to change THAT!

    • I and my friends are old and we stand and voted against obama. It surprised me the people who voted for this mess. Even his name tells it all. Americans are really dumbed down. Let's keep telling peoplen the truth.

    • babygraycat says:

      Excuse me! My husband and I are Seniors and B.O. scared the Hell out of us. I was suprised to see inteligent middle aged people voting for him, but I saw plenty of blacks voting for him not because of what he stood for, or promised (them), but because he was part black and I understood that. And I don't know where you live, but I saw an awful lot of first time young voters voting for BO.

      BO promised a lot and people were fed up; he took them in, but there were those of us who knew that he was to good to be true, not to be trusted and we were RIGHT!!!! Many had the guts to admit that they made a mistake, while others never will no matter how bad it gets and it will!!!

    • ANTICRIME says:

      OH YEAH…This video must be a good one because Internet Explorer says they can't find it! ~ So much for free speech, these days!

    • Researching says:

      That one apparently does not work either! Is our government CENSORING the internet to keep us from learning about these heinous tricks of Obama's???

      • Researching says:

        I found it! If you don't click on the link which Cathy gives…and instead copy and paste it into another browser tab, then delete the first "t" at the beginning of her link (to make it "http" instead of "thttp"…then it will bring you to the correct site.

  2. Clint E Woodhams Jr says:

    I agree that we need to take a stand and take back America! I agree that Obama and his cronies have absolutely NO constitutional right to be in office! But, if you look at the record, we didn't vote him. He was appointed by the Bilderberg group to be the front man, the face that we see when we say President. He will win the 2012 election because it has already been determined and our votes don't matter. What we need to do, is what our forefathers did on December 16, 1773. We need to send a clear message that we will not stand here anymore while they violate us and tax us into submission, spending our savings, and giving aid to the enemy (which is an act of treason). We are not cattle, we will have our voices heard, and this is our America, if you don't like it, leave it! We need to all rise up and let our voices be heard, not just 1 or 2 people that are bringing us the information. You have the information now, so the time is to make a choice…will you let them violate our constitution and everything that we hold dear or will you stand up together as Americans (like the colonists did) so our collective voices can be heard?

    • Cfncbeta says:

      Clint, your a man of men. Be patient my friend. They have no idea about the sleeping giant. Almost awake now and when it happens it shall be both ugly and beautiful. The day the people have had enough. It will be the same as it was when the people of Russia slaughtered their Czars!

      • Larry Meredith says:

        Speaking of the “Sleeping Giant” as the Japanese found out when they pissed off the big dog in WWII, Washington, the Bilderberg’s, the Rothchild’s, etc, etc, etc, are about to get an attitude adjustment, and yes, I believe it WILL be ugly, because the American people will take up arms, and bring these greedy, elitist, arrogant, self serving, (at the expense of the tax payers), MORON’S to their knees, and let them know what a taste of REALITY feels like. This is not a football game about winning and losing, the Republicans and Democrats need to come together and fix this insane situation, but, because they are serving themselves, that will never happen. WE HAVE TO DO IT FOR THEM! Wake up America, the time has come to take out country back.

        • How would we find these people in the “shadow government”? No one knows who all the players are how do you get rid of a shadow?

    • 2write4 says:

      I agree with you 100%–most of us are here asking WHAT DO WE DO NOW? We want to take action, but what can we actually do? I have looked for the legality as have others, and we know the Congress will not do anything to remove him, even tho he should be in jail. The media is bought, so who can defend us? The Church isn't doing their job either. What is your plan and how do we get involved in it? I do not think any more people will wake up then are awake now…

      • Beverly V says:

        I agree with you 100% and I also agree what can WE THE PEOPLE DO? I wrote to my Governor last night, but I doubt he will ever see my letter. They are talking Idenity fraud on this tape, what about treason. Obama should go to prison for treason. They are having a big to do in Kenya for the birth of Obama in Kenya. One person was there when Obama was born said he was such an ugly new born baby they called him Barack which means ugly in their language. They said he had blue lips and ears of a donkey. Rather it’s proved he doesn’t belong in the White House or not, he is a rotten person and has no right to be President.

      • Clint E Woodhams Jr says:

        The way to get rid of a shadow is to shine a light into every corner, so there is nowhere for them to hide. Expose them for what they have done, factually. Don't trust the media, because it has been bought and paid for. When one person speaks in a crowded room, nobody hears or listens. When the whole room speaks, then the walls and foundation alike shall tremble. We all need to have our voices heard. We all need to confront the perpetrators of their crimes. We all need to sound off as one. For only when the many come together as one (and stop letting the powers that be, separate and divide us) and our voices sound in unison, will they hear our hearts! We are free! We refuse to continue to pay through our taxes to support their lively-hoods and their continuing support of the enemies of America! We refuse to fund and arm those enemies through our hard work! The justice department has been bought and Lady Justice is blind to the needs of the American people. We must stand together at the very steps of the White House (peaceably assembled) and let our voices be heard! The powers that be have been known to inject insurgents into such assemblies to start a riot and if they do, we shall riot! We shall fight for OUR country, OUR liberty, OUR children and most of all we shall fight so that THEY will know, that this is OUR country, bought with the blood and sacrifices of those before us and now if needed, I would gladly give my life so that my children and my children's children won't have to!

  3. Bippy Bellito says:

    Nothing about Obama surprises me any more. To say he is the most corrupt, under-vetted person ever to serve elected office would be a gross understatement. This is an EVIL individual. Instead of "compromising" with this Devil, our Congress should take action to remove his sorry Butt from office..

  4. american12345 says:



  5. Robert TwinEagle says:

    Where the heck is the video ?

  6. John H. Sullivan says:

    Who is the Author of "Comment Policy" in the Yellow Box where the Video interview with Attorney Stephen Pidgeon should be, This "Politically Correct Policy" does not at all sound like Floyd Brown or anyone who is involved with Impeach Obama Who are the people formulating "the official views or opinions of this website or its editors" And who are this website's "editors." And WHERE IS THE VIDEO BY ATTORNEY STEPHEN PIDGEON I WAS INVITED TO WATCH AND LISTEN TO.

    • Roemary Gregory says:

      Sorry you didn't see Stephen Pidgeon's one hour video. It is a worthwhile interview. Try to find it on You Tube. He has also written a book about Obama. He has revealed many new facts about Obama. He also says that anyone who can stop him and his agenda, has been paid off to not charge him with any violations o federal laws. As a Patriot with a fixed income, I cannot help but feel helpless to the horrible fate that awaits this country. Thank God for Congressman Paul. He is a courageus, amazing Patriot. I do trust in the power of prayer. May God bless America!

  7. LTC Ray Burke says:

    "We have seen the enemy and they is us".

  8. Where is the video from Stephen Pidgeon?

  9. Pat Hatfield says:

    Where is this so called picture and comment about Obamas name change?

  10. PTCRUISERMAN says:

    I would just about venture to say that the present Socialistic regieme found the video's and had them disposed of! Censorship at it's finest by the Obama regieme! Would there be anything else new!

  11. Researching says:

    Our government may, very well, have attempted to censor this "video"…it is actually a radio interview with Attorney Stephen Pidgeon…but, it is actually at the following link in its entirety:

    • I don't believe these documents from Canada have been proven to be authentic yet according to Jerome Corsi. I had nightmares after watching this video. Much of what he is saying is also what Glenn Beck has been teaching us on his show about the Caliphate and we do need to prepare for what is coming down the road. I do feel however that Obama is related somehow to Malcom X. The family traits in Obama and his children are amazing. Here is video which shows the family traits of Malcom X to Obama's family.

  12. Richard C. Wagener says:

    Where is the name change video?

  13. jon roberts says:

    why is it when it is bad news against odumbo, it is taken out of text?i thought this was a free press country !!!

  14. ANTICRIME says:

    Just Google: "OBAMA CHANGED NAME IN 1982" and go through the many links available.

  15. EL ZORRO says:

    When the STATE SENSOR SHIP BRIGADE removed the video, is a signal that the information on it is very DAMAGING TO THE RULIG CLASS, it is unbelievable that AMERICANS participate in this COVER-UP. WAKE UP AMERICA, TYRANY IS HERE.

  16. EL ZORRO says:

    Even my post has been SENSOR, they sensor the word class, for RULING CLASS.

  17. Carol Sodestrom says:

    This guy is laughing in our face. The first thing he says about only people that don't want to disclose the truth are people that have something to hide. Well duh! and he knows he cannot disclose the truth because he has more than something to hide. He has been red flagged since the sealed all of his records.

  18. Where is the woman that claimed she made up the 2nd birth certificate ?

    If she is not a fraud, she should be SHOUTING LOUDLY that she forged that LOSER'S birth certificate !!!

    That is the main reason why that EVIL barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED osama, oops obama) is still in office is that NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE !!! Americans just might actually be as STUPID as I believe they are.

    barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama was NOT born in the state of Washington !!! This guy claiming that he was is a NUT !!!

    The DOPEY DEMONCRATS can just sweep guys like him off to the side !!!

    I hate obama, but guys like this are making the situation worse !!! There needs to be SOMEONE to speak out who has PROOF POSITIVE that barry soetoro is a TOTAL PHONY !!! hillary "rodman" clinton is also a PHONY !!



    • Robert Poliblog says:

      She probably has been threatened by some of Obamas Goons just to stay passive or else. Think about it.

    • Doug 77, I have said from the beginning as soon as I read about Obama’s Mother, Stanley Ann, that I had no doubts that Obama was born in the U.S. However, I never believed that he was born in Hawaii, since he was born in August and she was in Washington State to register for the Sept quarter with him as a new born. Since I gave birth to my son back then, I know for a fact that women giving birth at that time, routinely had hospital stays of a week to 10 days before being released. It is hard for me to believe that Stanley Ann would fly all the way from Hawaii to the Mainland after recently being released from a Hospital with a first newborn so soon. Madelyn (her mother) made arrangements for Stanley Ann to stay with her girlfriend in Washington when she arrived there. I believe she found when she was pregnant that Obama Sr was already married and had a toddler and pregnant wife in Africa, so as soon as she finished that quarter of courses in Hawaii, she flew to Seattle and waited out her pregnancy to give birth to “Barry” in Aug while staying with her Mother’s friend. She was then able to register for the Sept quarter and attend school in Washington and find her own place. I doubt she ever married, which is irrelevant, since she never lived with Obama Sr, and why would she take their newborn baby to Washington to attend school there, especially if he had already been born in Hawaii, and when she could have continued the Sept quarter in Hawaii with his father, (if they were married) where she had already been a student? When Obama Sr left Hawaii, she then returned from school in Washington, with “Barry” and enrolled in classes in Hawaii again where she met her Indonesian husband. It has always made more sense to me that Barry was born in Seattle and I have said it all along, but this is the first person I ever heard mention it, which surprised me. As far as getting divorced in Hawaii, anyone can pay to get a divorce. The Courts don’t ask to see a marriage certificate when applying for a divorce. A single girl claiming to be married with a toddler, deceiving everyone to save face back then, would almost have to get a divorce document before marrying someone else she met so soon, in order to protect her child and to prove her deception. Has anyone produced a marriage license? Obama could still be President but that could be another reason he has gone to such great lengths to hide his Birth Certificate. Since Donald Trump made it an issue again, he quickly produced something, bogus or not, to shut everyone up. I believe if Donald Trump dove into it more, he would unveil something more important than Obama’s Birth Certificate that he is hiding as well. Possibly the fact Obama attended College under a foreign scholarship and has committed other fraudulent things??

  19. Bob Ireland says:

    Stephen Pidgeon must convince Sean Hannity to spend an hour on Fox News with Hannity to get this news out to the American people. Hannity must allow it and must give Stephen Pidgeon full time without interuptions, jokes, etc. This is extremely serious stuff. If Hannity won't do it, Pidgeon must expose Hannity for being just another biased news and talk show host. I can't support anyone else, like O'Reilly, as they have proved to not take anything serious about Obama even when there is a mountain of proof. My faith in O'Reilly was lost years ago.

    • ANTICRIME says:

      O'Reilly is the ORIGINAL "Pin-Head"…and a CLOWN to boot! Only a FOOL would waste time listening to his BS!

    • azwayne says:

      You're recognizing some of the problem Hannity is part of it, maybe not by choice but because he operates on FOX. FOX is owned by Murdock and Prince of Saudi, the prince paid for ODUMBOS education, you think he will allow anyone on his network expose the usurper? Murdock is member of Bilderberg group not exactly a conservative. This allows FOX to appear somewhat conservative to get rankings but if you think any of their staff can expose ODUMBO you're hoping too much. Go ahead an try Hannity don't be surprised. O'reilly was slapped won couple years ago, now probably member of Bilderberg too. Why do you suspect Beck has to leave FOX? He's been under control till now, he's seen the cover up starting to unwrap and he's got to get clear or all his stature will be gone.

    • Robert Poliblog says:

      I do hear you brother but dont give up totally on O'rielly just yet. He may play a key role in this Obama thing.
      Lets all send Orielly emails about these facts on Obamas inelligibility. I will do this in the next 24 hours myself.

    • JannieW says:

      I agree. O'Reilly is naieve.

  20. IF this isn't enough to get this man OUT of office then what will be enough!!! The man is a traitor and a Muslim and a forgery! The man is a fake and he is from Kenya and he is and can never be true!! FIND this man fraudulant!!!


    • The problem is that he is not just one person. If you cut off the head of this snake, it will simply grow another head. There are thousands of commies here in America, they all need to be ferreted out and imprisoned/ or other. Then all those in govt. voted out, new faces in with new rules so that they can't set themselves above us again,,, no career politicians, term limits, same healthcare / retirement/ SS paid by them – everything the same as we get,,, same laws,,, same prison terms, same pay raises. Do away with the majority of the agencies or at least cut the size – define their rules – yearly audits of all the agencies by outside source, secure the borders ( that moat was a good idea), ship out illegals,,,,I am sure there is more that would need to be done . We need more of a me first attitude around here, yes we should help our allies, but not at the expense of our people.
      If we can't do this, then where else can we go? There is no new continent out there waiting to be discovered.

  22. Very interesting, Obummer looks just like MalcomX, even in body height, bone frame etc., YES Obummer is a member of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, I have stated that now for the past 2 years. All the rebel action in the Muslim countries was triggered by Bill Ayers, the pink code, socialist nazis muslims, with Obummer behind it all, to stir up Egypt, etc. for the Muslim Brotherhood to "take over", wipe Israel off the map, change America into a Muslim Nazis nation with Obummer the JAHAD, the leader of all. Obummer is a MUSLIM NAZIS. He is continually giving Exective Orders to give monies to the Muslim countries, re: Hamas, he gave 20.3 Million dollars, he has forgiven the billions that Egypt owes America just a few weeks ago, etc. etc. etc. WHERE IS A HINKLEY WHEN YOU NEED HIM, that is the only way our country will be free of him, the 2012 elections will be BOUGHT & PAID FOR OBUMMER TO WIN, BIG TIME FRAUD & CORRUPTION.

  23. Larry B says:

    Hhhmmm. Everyone is asking where the vodeo is. Evidently the government censors haven't got to my net connections yet. I just watched the whole video from this page. It is very interesting.

  24. PTCRUISERMAN says:

    Why was my earlier post knocked down! Because I called them a bunch of Socialist idiots? Shame…shame! Censorship by King Obama and crew!

  25. ROBERT AUGERI says:


    • Shame on you. You don't know Mitt and have no idea really who he is. Shame on you.

    • James Burkhardt says:

      Vote independent. Both the Republicans and Democrats are puppets of the Khazars. Kennedy was killed for identifying and confronting this enemy of America. Listen to his speech on secret societies and understand he was going after the Federal Reserve and had already started taking steps to bring back the gold standard and return control of the currency to the Congress.

    • tritonesam says:

      Unfortunately, Mr. Auger, if you vote for Obama, you will be cutting your own throat. If you don't do it, then, by God, our dictator Obama will be happy to send in his thugs to do it for you. He is the epitome of the devil, but you, apparently, are unable to see that. As for Romney, I will withhold my judgment until a later time even though, I must admit, I am not particularly happy with his candidacy at this point. There are better candidates, and I hope one will come forward and win. Otherwise, you can say "farewell" to the United States. It will surely become part of the Muslim Brotherhood caliphate.

    • That would split the vote and assure Obama's win. That's NOT smart. I doubt if Romney wants to destroy the nation, although I would not vote for him except if he were running against Obama.

    • Carol Sodestrom says:

      There is no way Romney gets the nomination!

    • Dear Mr Auger, It is apparent that you know nothing about Mitt Romney. I have lived in MA. for the past 15 years. I am a Republican. Yes there are some of us here. When Mr. Romney was elected Gov. this state was in the RED. When He left office, he left a surplus. The healthcare plan in MA was brought up by the Democrates as the state legislature is controled by the Dems. If you have healthcare you keep your healthcare. MASS Health is for low or no income people. It is based on income. If you don't have a job, you don't pay. If you work but your employer doesn't offer healthcare (like some part time workers) you only pay a portion. If you work full time and your employer offers healthcare then you don't qualitify for MASS Health. So, next time do your homework before you put someone down or think they are like Obama.

      • Trenton says:

        Carol Thank you for presenting the truth about Mitt he has the background and experiance to be our next President. The Republican party made a mistake in 2008 in not supporting Mitt and I hope that they don't make the same mistake this time around. Sincerely, Trenton

    • Trenton says:

      Robert Sorry you are mistaken abour Romney he is no where near like Obama. You are just trying to justify your dislike for Mitt Romney with mistruths he has been a sucessful person in all he has done look up the facts. Vote for whom you like Obama and you have a lot in common you lie and make up statements to suit your agenda. Trenton


    • 32eagle says:

      hey there -you know herman cain is the best man for the job-no need to vote crazy

  26. After listening to this video for about 42 minutes I must say we are in grave danger by a BLACK HITLER. The friggen government of the US is doing nothing about it. This prick with Obamacare should show the true colors of what his agenda is. WE NEED TO RID OURSELVES OF THIS COMMUNIST ANTI-CHRIST AS HE HAS BIGGER AND MORE RUTHLESS ACTIONS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. He is a pure muslim to the core and has been affiliated with numerous terrorists. Clinton screwed around with Monica Lewinski and he was called on the carpet about that. Yet this monkey gets away with countless impeachable offenses and nothing is said or acted upon. American Government what the"F' is wrong with you? Wake up before there is no America left.
    WATCH AND LISTEN CLOSELY TO THE VIDEO. America needs to arm itself for the future since we have no government whi the exception of "ObamaGov"!

  27. Michael Jenkins says:

    At least one person knew Obama (a.k.a. B. Soetoro) was unqualified to be truly declared as vetted/qualified to be a candidate for the U.S. Presidency when he was offered to the electorate and subsequently was elected despite the electorate being ignorant of the fact of his ineligibility. The fact of his election has been referred to repeatedly and has been the basis for defeating efforts to remove Obama from office to this time. What more can be done to overcome the fact of his election? Reversing or overtuning a U.S. general election to the Presidency has no precedent that I am aware of. "We The People" will find a way or… we wont

  28. Esther Middleton says:

    All this being said, when does the case to get Obama impeached?????? When???? When?????

    • Go to the Orly Taitz site. She is going to Court in Indiana Oct 22, 2012 about this. You can see what she has accomplished. She is a dentist and a lawyer.

  29. Rosemary Gregory says:

    God bless Ron Paul. God bless America. Dr.Ron Paul is truly amazing. The last American hero.

    • Ron Paul voted to let homosexuals serve openly in the military! Yea, right with friends like that, we don't need enemies!

  30. I am sure barry will give amnesty to the illegals. I would not be surprised if he set up a cable channel so he can swear them in making them eligible to vote. Then rent busses to take them to the various polls and furnishing them with food and drink after they vote. I am sure the 2012 election season will be a blood bath. Remember barry has big money foreign investors who are willing to spend and do whatever it will take to get him re-elected!


  32. BikerBubbles says:

    How about we just deport him….just a thought.

  33. ok, according to Mr. Pidgeon, the supreme court, all of Congress, and the CIA are all corrupt, so other then Mr. Pidgeon telling us to buy his book, ( he gives us no direction on what we need, or can do ), he basically is telling us there is nothing we can do to stop Obama, since they are all corrupt, so where does that leave us? And i'm going to make a prediction here, we will not defeat Obama in 2012, due partly on everything Mr. Pidgeon has told us, and mark my words Obama WILL use his exectutive order powers to grant amnesty to 12 million ILLEGALS that are in this country, and then with there votes will be unbeatable come 2012, and Obama is saveing this amnesty ace in the hole until the time is right, and i predict it will be no later then early in 2012. The only hope as i see it, is that some deranged person like a Jared Loughner, or a Tim McVeigh comes along and can take out Obama, because if the legal minds of people like Jerome Corsi, and Mr. Pidgeon can win the battles in our court systems, we are sunk!

  34. Thank you Stephen,
    If you are not already please get in touch with Don Nicolloff at and Jerome Corsi at World Net Daily.

  35. Is this the Anti-Christ as in my opinion?

    • Martha Rice says:

      No he isn't the anti christ. The Bible says that Michael is holding satan in heaven until time to turn him loose. Satan's spirit roams the earth. He will rule the earth 5 months and if we worship him during this time ….that is the unforgivable sin. Obama is leading us down the path to the new world order, which will not last. The Bible will answer all your questions.

  36. Let's talk about what we can do to prosecute Obama, instead of talking about his criminal background and his crimes that he commited.

  37. The Blacks of this country feel that they have accomplished something by getting a black in the White House. Blacks….take a look at Africa, you have blacks that have black slaves. You can shuck and jive all you bro's want but when it comes down to it, you're vermin to Obama, you're just a pawn like Bin Laden was a pawn You have to give up a few people in order to instill in the people that he is for the US. He is the anti-Christ! It doesn't matter what the color of a man's skin is, what matters is the money in his bank account and you feel he will make your life better….I think not! Cosby for example is from a wealth class, and do you think he is for the working or non-working black man? You are dead wrong. Money talks! Old Jesse Jackson and Sharpton wouldn't give you black sheep a second look unless they feel they could either use you or profit off of you! Whether the race is white or black, money rules and those that have the money rule, simple as that!

    • freeeeeeee says:

      well said and so true, people are so blind they can't see what Obummer is doing, what gets me who cares what color he is and why should it make a different to even a black person, he's not for anyone but himself like you said the money, he could care less himself about color unless its green or gold, I don't under stand why anyone would vote because of color, thats the saddest thing there is. It doesn't help black people and in fact it makes no difference what so ever. Obummer is being used by the NWO, he's been there puppet from the start and just going for the ride, why do you think he go's on vacation all the time, he don't care about nothing..

  38. Alexander Kaminski says:

    There is overwhelming evidence to impeach Obama

  39. Larry Scott says:

    Who is Barack Munir Ubayd ? Change of name form # 200415889 in British Columbia. Watch this video starting at the 15:45 point.

  40. Blacks, liberals and guilt-ridden Whites will vote for him no matter what. It is the stupid, brainwashed middle class White that has to be reasoned with. The majority of them are so jaded, more concerned with sports, "American Idol", booze and the next move Oprah will make. Considering how Americans have been blindsided and dumbed down, is it any wonder we have lost this country?

  41. WTF?!?! Traitor Obama is not Obama? How did THIS go w/o the light of day for so long???

  42. Charles says:

    What i would realy like to know is if Obama's grandmother and adopted sister suddenly died then how could Mr. Pidgeon get away with expossing these so called truth's and still be alive. Secondly if these are true facts then how come no one has the brass to make really public. I beleave there are alot of people who still care about this country and there freedom to take a stand against our goverment. If you open peoples eyes i beleave thay will see.

    • Ehenratgeber says:

      Looking for some one with Brass? I think Mr. Pidgeon is trying to open peoples eyes, but like you said most are afraid to or they will wind up missing. Pidgeon is alive because he got his book into print before making a lot of statements so was flying under the radar. Now he has to be labeled as a kook by those he is exposing so people don't believe him. The sister and grandmother, on the other hand, would have been seen as believable.

  43. Friends ,please PLEASE , listen to this !! If you can, read this book.

  44. WHAT ELSE is new?

  45. Preston Jemmott says:

    If all these claims are true about Obama why are the lawmakers of this country nor pursuing it. I am a firm believer that he is hiding something but not sure what. We all have a right to know either way. I have written to the Speaker and questioned him about why no one is investigating these issues but have received no answer. Our lawmakers need to clear this up once and for all

    • babygraycat says:

      And you won't get an answer!!! Don't you understand, these people who are suposed to represent us don't give a damn about us once they are elected. My Senator, Schumer, won't even take our E-mails anymore. What do you do when no one runs against these creeps, or the one running against them is worse yet? Honest people don't have the money and don't want their lives delved into. My Congressman is illimformed and an Illegal Alien lover as are my 2 Senators.

      The young don't want to hear about it and we Seniors are trying to fight back, but there is just so much we can do. It's always been the younger generation that revolted against corupt governments, but ours seems very complacent. When will they wake up?????

  46. David McConnell says:

    A stunning discussion!

  47. Orly Taitz needs a copy of the BC right away. I believe the one Steve Pidgeon is talking about may be the one she needs. You and her need to get together on what you know anyway.

  48. This is from Orly Taitz Web site: She wants this information out. She what she has and see if you can help her. She is working to get (and has got a case) in court on this phony play prez. in Indiana Court Oct 22, 2012. She can give you the particulars.

    I found a case, where Dem party demanded voter IDs to prevent fraud and Federal Judge, Clinton appointee granted it in MS. Can someone forward this to rush, Hannity, Romney, Ryan and so on. This way Dem party will stop saying that voter ID laws disenfranchise the voters

  49. How can you impeach someone who is not a real President of the United States. He needs to be arrested.

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