Video: Arpaio Blasts Obama “Amnesty,” Vows To Enforce Immigration Laws

On CNN with Soledad O’Brien, Sheriff Joe Arpaio expressed support for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s recent executive order barring illegals from obtaining driver’s licenses. Arpaio maintained that his primary concern is to uphold the law, and challenged President Obama to pass a real law concerning immigration instead of an executive order.

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  1. Douglas J. Bender says:

    What a condescendingly smug smirker this Soledad O'Brien is. She gives the Irish a bad name.

    • She's a latino.

      • O'Brien is an Irish surname. I think that is what Doug was getting at…so somewhere in her ancestors, there had to have been an Irishman…either that or her name is fake, and it's sort of like a "Porn Name"

      • VirgoVince says:

        See…that's what happens when you cross-breed!!
        That's what gave us ovomit, an ugly white whore and an ugly ni66er commie!!!!

  2. The majority of the protestors are illegal aliens and they have NO RIGHTS!!! They will never understand what the word "illegal" means and they do not want to understand the word. Thank God for Sheriff Joe!!

  3. If the immigrants have something to give back, why would they need food stamps?

  4. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Whatever it takes to get the Imposter-Fraud airtime — CNN is dying for ratings so Ms. O'Brien, however irritatingly foolish she is, is actually doing us all a favor. Oshamo is toast and I say we fry him in the press for all the world to see and then re-think what that peace prize did for them all…stupid Europeans, and they still think socialism is a "good thing."
    Oh and say good bye to Dirty Harry Reid – -another piece of crap that needs to be fried in the press..that theif! Sharon Angle was absolutely right — all Dirty Harry can do is steal from the general fund and then tries to label it good politics. He is as much a scum-bag as O'shamo and the two-bit wife who seems to think money grows on trees in OUR backyard..

    THE USA.



  6. At a time when so many Americans are unemployed, losing their homes, and the states are going broke, why is this administration allowing these illegals to stay here and receive food stamps, welfare, medical, schooling, and other benefits at the cost to the taxpayers. Illegal is illegal, and they should be sent back to their own country until they can enter ours legally. Instead, they march, sometimes with THEIR country's flag, and have demonstrations demanding they get the above things, and our government gives in. One wonders if this isn't just another way for our country to go broke quicker!! Just let an American do something illegal and he or she would be in jail , but illegals are rewarded. If you have two sons and one of them does something wrong, do you give him ice cream and punish the innocent one? Same difference. When they are talking about cutting the budget, just think how much it would save if the illegals were not bleeding us. If you are a legal alien, you are entitled to everything, but an illegal, nothing but a bus ride home.

  7. VirgoVince says:

    IF I lived in AZ, I'd do everything I could to HELP Sherrif Joe!! Where the hell are ALL his friends and admirers, they need to step up and protect him from the long arm of ovomit!!!!
    Sherrif Joe isn't getting any younger, hang in there, ovomit IS down, soon he'll be OUT!!!!

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    God Bless Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe and Soledad O'Brien can go to hell she is just a suck up to Obutthole because she s a latino.Send them back along with momma and poppa if not to mexico then let them go get drivers licenses in NY,Mass, Vermont,Illinois and any other bleeding heart state plus they can live there.

  9. how soon we forget..anyone remember the cuban crisis??/ really

  10. Awww poor Solabeotch, trying to after Sheriff Joe using an "Opinion" article in the news…please…it's people like her that are a blight on Society. If you don't agree with her politics she tries to goad you into saying something she can attack, and Sheriff Joe NEVER gave her that chance. I'm proud of you Sheriff Joe, Keep up the good work!!

  11. Charles17121 says:

    I say good for Sheriff Joe Arpaio for standing up for the rule of law and enforcing that law . Soledad OBrien is a liberal loon who believes we should have open borders .

  12. Obama is counting on illegal aliens voting, that's illegal too!

  13. Is that lady wearing a wig? I keep looking at her hair and it doesn't look right.

  14. Here in Montgomery County Maryland the vast majority of illegal immigrant Hispanic/Latinos DO NOT assimilate into American culture at all but, rather, demand that Americans acquisece to their culture AND language!

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