Video: Are You On Barack Obama’s Enemies List?

All presidents have an enemies list: some columnist at a newspaper, a donor to their opponent, a political cartoonist that depicts them as a buffoon.

But Richard Nixon took the “Enemies List” concept to a new level, not only identifying an enemy, but using the power of the State to punish them: using bureaucratic and law enforcement bodies to investigate, harass, audit, and even arrest them.

Barack Obama, however, has taken this enemies list concept to a new level.

Gone are the days of Richard Nixon when this enemies list is locked in a drawer in the Oval Office, consisting of a few hundred names.

Barack Obama’s enemies list contains not hundreds, but thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of names.

Conservative giant and bestselling author Floyd G. Brown in his blockbuster book,  Obama’s Enemies List: How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Election, describes an actual mammoth list of Obama’s political enemies, with bio info, opposition research, and even unsealed court records

Floyd Brown, through his penchant for investigative journalism, sheds light on a President so corrupt that it isn’t simply some mega donor that Obama vilifies and attacks—typified in Obama’s attack of Romney donor Frank VanderSloot, CEO of Idaho Falls wellness-products company Melaleuca. Obama used the power of the IRS to harass him, had private investigators combing through sealed court records, and even had them harass and stalk his family.

But now it’s the “little guy” also. The blogger who runs a small website critical of Obama. A restaurant owner whodeclines to comply with one of Obama’s photo ops. A small business owner who tells her employees she has to cut staff because of ObamaCare.

You may think that being on Obama’s enemies list is something that happens to other people. But as Obama’s power expands, his enemies list will expand also; and you may find yourself and your family feeling the brunt of his minions.

What are we to do?

When you’re in a war, the best preparation is to know your enemy.

And that is why everyone who considers themselves a conservative and everyone who is against tyranny should buy Floyd Brown’s book.



Before it’s too late.

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