Video: Are Gays And Lesbians Born That Way?

I believe that the majority might well have been. At the same time, I also believe that many gays and lesbians were molested at a very young age by other gays and lesbians.

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  1. So with the end of genome targeting was there any of them that proves they were born this way?I thought not.

  2. Al Metcalf says:

    Whether Gays and Lesbians are born with this mindset is not relevant. They are here and therefore the issue is at hand and must be faced for what it is.
    We need to reconcile our position on Marriage of straights with the civil joining of other couples. All need to have the same legal position within the civil society. Fighting over the biblical term Marriage is not the answer to the issue. For the government to redefine a religious law to suit something that is called a mortal sin in the torah is also not the answer. Read the 1st Amendment concerning the government establishing religion — it is not allowed to establish, therefore they cannot dis-establish either by the same law. Therefore the government cannot redefine a religious word in any manner.
    The solution is to make civil law joining equal to those that Marry under religious law, this is not a real hard thing to figure out and it is the only solution to the issue.

    • I have discovered that gays and lesbians have
      disembodied spirits attached to them who are the
      opposite sex and if male entities attached say to
      a woman, they give her their sexual feelings influence towards other
      females. If attached at birth, a boy having female
      entities that attach themselves to him with a sexual
      preference towards males, the boy is influenced towards
      those same sexual feelings towards other males. These
      spirits are still earth bound due to their thoughts and feelings they
      had when they died, holding them here after they died. They can be released and
      guided back to the light (heaven) from whence they came:
      before they were born and lived on earth with a body. 85% of
      gays and lesbians have been helped through this process by an
      associate of mine who is Mormon, and so am I. So much more
      to share but enough for now.


        • wayne mann says:

          And you are uneducated and evidently have a very very low mentality.!!! Your name calling proves that you are the sicko.!!! I can see what kind of parents raised you.

          • RacerJim says:

            You doing the same things you disparage someone else for doing proves that you are a hypocrite. Is that how same-sex parents raise their children? :-(

          • wayne mann says:

            I did not have same sex parents so I cannot answer that and I do not agree with having 2 parents of the same sex. I just love it that all of these people on here who are not gay know so much about it. There is just too much judgmentalism from the people on this page. You did the name calling so you can dish it out but you just can’t take it. Sweep around your own back door first.

    • Really what country are you from?Murder is one of Gods laws and what your saying is,if it feels good do it.The constitution is based on Gods Laws and nothing you liberal midget minded people can change that.The next thing we will be hearing from you is that Bestiality is ok.Tell me mental midget is that the case?

  3. Christopher S. says:

    Having a homosexual tendency/inclination is not the same as having to be homosexual. Stealing can be an inclination, or aggression, or anxiety. Homosexuality does things with anatomy and body fluids that are contrary to the way the body is designed and leads to disease. It is ludicrous to think someone is born to be self-destructive. I would not respect the Bible if it DIDN'T condemn the behavior. Those pro-homosexual photos of happy-looking families with two parents of the same gender and happy kids don't add up: it is like making divorce seem natural. You didn't get those kids through homosexuality; there was a parent of the other gender who is not in that photo. It's like making broken families seem happy, as offensive as if you portrayed children whose parents divorced as being totally happy.

  4. Saying people are born gay is just another way of blaming God….
    Are killers, child molesters, beastality, thieves, etc all born in those conditions?????

    Is God a monsers that does not permit free choice?????
    Or has man become more retarded he longer he exists..

    I guess it really boils down to Genesis 3-22…God said mankind became like satan in evaluating what is good and what is evil…after he believed satans version of good and evil..Man is truly evolving tday with his evaluation of good and evil..He is evolving into the likeness and image of satan himself..

  5. AuntJane says:

    Well yeah. We are all born in sin. I may have an attraction to fighting, lying, anger, whatever you mention. It is still a decision about what we do with what we desire to do. No one is 100% anything! Sorry the argument that "they are born that way" won't fly!

  6. Dave Wollenberg says:

    God doesn't make mistakes. Nobody's 'born' gay!

  7. wayne mann says:

    I am gay and I was born that way.!!! I was not molested as a child so that is more BS. I knew at the age of 11 that I was different but I thought I was alone in the world. And yes we are all born in sin and homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. I do not agree with the gay agenda that is happening in this country and even though I am a gay I do not think gays should be married or have children. Not all gay people are perverts just like not all straight people are perverts. a fact and a statistic is that 99 percent of pedifiles are married straight men. I do agree however that children need a male and a female role model as parents. I am ashamed of myself a gay people and the agendas they are trying to push on America. I have not lived a gay lifestyle for 22 years and that is my choice to try to get myself into heaven. I do agree that God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I’m not just a shame of gays I am ashamed of America and what is happening to this country now.


      • wayne mann says:

        Even though I am gay and have chosen for 22 years not to live the lifestyle I do not judge anyone else for their decisions and their life. only God has the right to judge no 1 else has the right.!! I can see from the comments on this page that there are no real Christians speaking here. And God does let people be born gay …I am not blaming God for anything I was born this way and it is a sin and we all sin whether it is big or little sin. but no 1 has the right to judge me except God.!!! I guess you people who judge gay are perfect and must be the brother or sister of Jesus Christ.

      • wayne mann says:

        Thank you so much Linda I just want people to be educated and not have so much hatred in their heart. And I speak the same for blacks Catholics gays or any other thing that people might judge. I know homosexuality is a sin and this has been the biggest challenge of my life And I would not wish it on anyone.

        • Linda A. From NY says:

          your welcome Wayne

          • wayne mann says:

            Yes Linda I am a Christian. if I had not found God I would have killed myself. the last 22 years I’ve been filled with loneliness alienation hatred from a lot of people and more judgmendaliism than anyone could mentally handle. Depriving myself of Human Touch for this many years has taken a toll. My church totally supports me and if it were not for them I would have no one. I know I will get my reward when I see God. Thank you so much for your compassion and understanding…. unfortunately I do not come across very many people like yourself.

        • RacerJim says:

          The only, ONLY, reason I have hated in my heart for gays is because I have yet to meet the gay person who has not tried their utmost to coerce me into trying it then call me every demeaning name in the book when they eventually realized I wasn’t going to try it. That, along with the two fags/queers in my Army Basic Training unit who repeatedly refused to take “NO” for an answer.

          • wayne mann says:

            Wow what a low mentality you have. Sorry you had such bad experiences and are evidently insecure with your sexuality. I can’t speak for anyone else but I have never tried to talk anyone into being gay. once again your name calling shows exactly how insecure you are and what kind of mental state you have. God does not let hatred into heaven So enjoy your stay with Satan in hell.

          • wayne mann says:

            Racer Jim…. I have had thousands of women hit on me in my lifetime and I have said no but I have not judged them for it. I’m sorry you had 2 people who let their hormones ruin their judgement. All gay people are not the same just as all straight people are not the same. I do not hate anyone or judge anyone and God only lets love into heaven. I hope you find peace before God decides it is your time

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      The fact that you are honest and choose not to live a gay lifestyle and believe in God, doing your best to be kinder and gentle soul, I can see you making it into heaven, my guess is that you are a Christian, may God Bless you Wayne.

    • siteunseen says:

      One can be molested as an infant and not know it nor remember it. That is where you are wrong. This has happened, and may have happened to you. One doesn't just go up to a person of the same sex and say….I was born Gay so let's do all of these weird sexual acts….give me a break! PLEASE!

    • I admire you a lot for choosing Jesus than anything in this world. Keep up the good work. Like you I also chose Jesus more than any person in this world. By obeying the magisterial teaching I will be faithful to Jesus. I am divorce but I have to live a chaste life if I want to belong to Jesus. Holy Mother teaches that if your marriage will destroy your psyche then divorce but do not commit adultery. That means I will abide by having no sexual relationship because doing so means adultery. Jesus is my greatest treasure. I am looking forward to be with Him in Heaven too.

      • wayne mann says:

        Zita…. Thank you for your words of encouragement and it sounds like you also have your challenge in life. Thank you so much I think you are right and I do find my strength from God. I do worry about following does 10 commandments and staying away from the 7 deadly sins…. But I am not perfect and sometimes I fall short but I always strive to do better And I asked God daily for his strength and guidance. Thank you for your words of encouragement once again and I wish you well And I will say a prayer for you to thank you so much

    • Wayne I don't know if you were born gay or not. I do know Adam and Eve were born perfect. But they still sinned because of influence from the father of lies called satan. They being born perfect, "chose" sin. Let your conscience and prayer to GOD and HIS influence continue in your life. GOD has rejoiced and angels sing because you have given your life to CHRIST. GODSPEED !

    • Redjaxjm says:

      Wayne, how can you say this? The human genome project found NO gay gene!, God calls homosexuality an abomination and so therefore would NEVER allow anyone to be "born an abomination'. There has to be something in you nurtured life that caused you to have those feelings. However, I commend you for taking a stand about not living that sinful lifestyle. My brother lived and died from living that chosen lifestyle. I know that sometimes we cannot always choose HOW we feel but we CAN choose what we do about it and how we act. This world is sooo depraved and are fooling themselves by encouraging homosexuality as just another lifestyle. I too am disgusted at the homosexual agenda and what they are forcing down our throats.
      I do disagree with you that married men are more prone to be pedophiles . When you consider the numbers of adult men who molest children, homosexual men are MORE INCLINED to molest. My brother was molested and that's WHEN he chose to be gay. He said it was a choice and that he could have chosen to marry one of his many girlfriends, but he chose the other lifestyle. God CAN change your life and remove the sinful desires IF you let him, remember He will never force you! One last thing, you cannot "earn" your way into heaven, it's a free gift. Read John 3:16 for the simple answer. I will pray for you.

      • wayne mann says:

        I don’t think I said I wanted to earn my way into heaven. I said I wanted to get my soul to heaven. as I said before on this page everyone seems to have an opinion and they are entitled to it. It was not a choice that I made because I chose to try to be straight and I could not be. It is neither here nor there since I do not live the lifestyle. I don’t agree with everything you said but those are your opinions and I respect other people.. still no 1 has the right to judge anyone else for anything including homosexuality. love is the only thing in heaven and God intends everyone to forgive others.

    • So how do you account for the fact that many homosexuals become heterosexual and marry and give up the homosexual life? So it is not genetic. Researchers have shown there is a connection especially for boys for the tendency to develope when the father is absent or distant or rejecting to his son during the critical 2- 5 years of age. Unconditional non-genital love is a good therapy for homosexuals to heal from the wound of absent or cold fathers.
      Glad you see the wisdom of God's plan for the family and children. The statistic I have seen is that 40% of child molesters are homosexual.

      • wayne mann says:

        I don’t know where you got the statistic that 40 percent of molesters are gay but that is not true. I have known thousands and thousands of gays in my life and I can tell you that m.ost all of them are not Attracted to children. c People who can get married after having lived a real gay lifestyle ….if they were truly gay…. are either in denial or they are pretending. I did seek help professionally and read and educated myself well… But I am still gay I just don’t live the lifestyle. God is my leader And I do pray for others gay and straight. As for statistics you can’t believe everything you read because they are all put out with an opinion as well. But please do believe me that most gay people are not attracted to children… They like myself preferred grown adults. It has been 22 years for me so the desire is not really there any longer. I fill my time and my heart with God. I do pray daily that God gives me the time to become the human being that I really want to beat

      • wayne mann says:

        The meaning of Mister Obama’s name is in the Hebrew Bible…. Part of the scripture says….”BARAQ… A bolt of lightning….AND….”UBAMA”…. Meaning heaven. The scripture afterwards says that Jesus did see Satan thrown from heaven like a bolt of lightning.!!! I don’t think this is coincidental. I also wanted to educate myself on the Islamic religion and the Quran… But when I got to the scripture that says that anyone not of the Islamic faith should be killed… I stopped reading because that is not God’s Word. I also do not believe that there are 69 or 71 virgins waiting. I also do not believe that it is okay to have sex with a boy under 18 but over the 18 is illegal and a sin. They also often rape and beat their women before they kill them so they are not pure enough to get to Allah. So I guess Since they don’t want their women to get to heaven they will have a homo sexual heaven fall of man. I don’t understand their religion but I won’t judge them I will leave that for God.

      • wayne mann says:

        The reason I say that we are born in sin is because Adam and Eve created the first sin… and that original sin is passed down. the Bible says” the sins of the father are visited upon the children un to the fourth generation.” God does let children be born with physical deformities and that is not a mistake.!!! That is their challenge in life to deal with but they have no choice as they grow older but they can still make a choice to follow God. That’s why I say I was born gay and I have now made my choice to follow God. Unfortunately those born with physical deformities do not have a choice I cannot change it but they can still have faith believe and get to heaven.

    • Good for you, and God Bless.

      • wayne mann says:

        Thank you very much DilBert and yes I do think God has already blessed me.!!! His Son rose again on this day 2013 years ago.!!!! And God sent him to save me from my sins Along with anyone else who will accept him. I will see you in heaven sir. Thank you.

      • wayne mann says:

        I can’t believe the different avenues the Muslim Marxist World Banks and Illuminati have used to take us down. financially mentally morally orally physically and emotionally. Their tactics of divide and conquer have worked. May God have mercy on us.

  8. NO THEY ARE NOT!!!!

    • wayne mann says:

      GDC…. I am gay and yes we are born gay.!!!! Are you gay so how do you know??? People should educate themselves before they open their mouths. I did not make this choice… I have a high IQ of 142. I would never have chosen this as a lifestyle And even though I tried to be straight in my thirties I felt like a phony and it was very unnatural. Even my mom told me that I was different as a 5, 6 and 7 year old. No 1 in their right mind would choose a lifestyle of being hated discriminated against ridiculed And sometimes even killed. Yes satan is alive and well in America because I see a lot of hatred on this page As well as ignorance.

      • siteunseen says:

        I'm afraid you're not facing reality. No one is born to perform sexual sins which are deviant and unnatural in the sphere of normal sexual behavior. We're not talking about Apples and Oranges here….you've probably been molested as a child and are not revealing that part of it. You want to believe it is normal so you say you were born that way. You have CHOSEN that life style.

        • wayne mann says:

          Again I was not molested as a small baby…. my mother watch over me very carefully. You are also telling me that I chose this so you seem to know everything mister know it all…. so did you make the choice to be straight but you are really gay and hiding it??? I can’t really respond to you because most of the stuff that is coming out of your mouth sounds like you know what. like I said you must be gay you know all about it. And yes you can be born in sin because the sins of the father are visited apon the children unto the fourth generation ….read your Bible. You just can’t educate some people… so I won’t try with you because you already know everything. May God bless you anyway and I hope Your mind gets a little more broad.

  9. David1942 says:

    Fellow citizens, it has become quite apparent that we the people have fractionalized into several distinct, militant and intransigent factions who distrust, envy and hate each other. Gone are the days of trust, tolerance and common moral values. Some of the factions are downright evil, ugly and recalcitrant and love social chaos as a matter of delightful enjoyment. It doesn't look to me like all the different groups will ever live in cooperative harmony. The American experiment has failed. I hereby propose that we all segregate into like-minded alliances and the USA be legally divided into republics amenable to the various minorities.

    • wayne mann says:

      David 1942…. that is exactly what the Muslims are counting on and it is working so far… divide and conquer. They are playing Republicans against Democrats gays again straight religions against each other Blacks against whites etc. ….. if americans do not unite and put our differences aside and turn back to God this country is lost.

      • David1942 says:

        Abolutely, sir. We better all get our acts together and brace for battle against the common enemies of the Republic. Sadly, common enemies today include politicians, business/financial icons and others who have put their own greedy gluttony above the national best interest.

        • wayne mann says:

          You sir are so right and I don’t think I could have said it any better.!!!! Obama does want a war 2 start because that gives him a reason to kill all of the Americans he wants to in the name of national security.
          .. That’s why he made the laws he made.

  10. God makes it clear in both the old and new testament that homosexuality is sin. 1st Corinthians 6:9 says that people who practice it will not inherit the kingdom of God. Turn from all sin, weather it is homosexuality or lying or lust or hate or misusing God’s name and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ seeing yourself as sinful and there’s no good works you can do to earn Heaven. If you do that God will give you His Holy Spirit and you will be born again.

  11. siteunseen says:

    Homeosexuality is learned behavior. We are all born with Original Sin, so Sexual Sins can arise from not enough supervision, not enough religious training, not enough parental supervision. You're either born with female anatomy, or male anatomy. There is no such thing as someone born with female anatomy, who suddenly becomes a male or the other way around. Only mentally deficient psychologists say it is normal and they're born that way, not a Biologist.

  12. I heard it said that those who think of themselves a s gay are saddled with a small hypothalamus and I keep trying to figure out why they want to blame that birth defect on everyone else…..

  13. Charles Hanna says:

    Years ago, i had business trips to The Middle East. I learned from The Arabic residentes that it was a common practice for "normal" men to have male concubines. At that time, young men grew up without any exposure to females, other than close relatives. Therefore, young men experimented with each other for sexual release.

    Does this mean that a majority of Arabic men are naturally homosexual? I think not. It is a learned response to their enviorment as they matured. As our schools become more accepting of this gay lifestyle, we are simply promoting "learned" homosexuality.

  14. wayne mann says:

    Wow everyone on this page must be gay because they all seem to know everything about it. I feel sorry for all of you people who have such small minds. Your hatred will only grow as you’re mind gets smaller. As I said I do not agree with the gay agenda and I don’t live the lifestyle but I do not condemn them because it is not my place to judge but evidently it is your alls place to judge and you are definitely kin to Jesus because you sound like you are perfect.

    • Redjaxjm says:

      Wayne, I don't see that people are being judgemental here, I'm sorry you feel that way. I think everyone is trying to state what they believe but I only saw one person calling names, and for that I'm sorry. I don't believe that everyone "hates" gays, I think they hate the way it's being forced down our throats and are tired of being called bigoted or homophobe, etc because they disagree. I know I don't "hate" anyone, gay or straight, but I DO HATE their behavior that is sooo depraved. But please know that most of us here don't hate you or anyone gay, we might hate the behavior. I'm so glad you have chosen not to live that lifestyle, God WILL bless you in heaven! I'm glad you didn't commit suicide, we need Godly people who still speak the truth!

      • wayne mann says:

        3 different people on this page have called me names. Hypocrite liar Mentally sick Psychotic etc. …. thank you so much for your kindness I do have my church behind me and I am so thankful to God for them. All 5 of my brothers and sisters and my father disowned me at the age of 20…. I am now 56 years old and have spent 36 years alone with no holidays birthdays family gatherings.. weddings funerals family reunions…ALONE. And yes I know I will get my reward when I finally see Jesus. I think I will be so awesstuck to be in their presence that I will not be able to speak or feel worthy of being there. I can at least look forward to seeing my mother there. Unlike some of the people on this page who say that gays blame God I do not blame God for anything. I thank him everyday for all that I have… life is our most precious gift

  15. wayne mann says:

    On time…. once again you spoke before you educated yourself. I do not blame myself being born gay on anyone not even God.!! I was born this way it is my challenge in life to deal with and no 1 else has the right to judge me. as I said I have an IQ of 142 and I do not have a small hypothalmus. Small minded people often put small words out of their mouth And I’m surprised you knew the meaning of that word. your hatred is a reflection of the kind of person you are. I was not molested as a small baby and that is more conjecture. You too must be gay because you know so much.

  16. wayne mann says:

    Because no gay gene has been found yet does not mean it is not there. There are so many unknowns in life but yet people seem to know everything without knowing all the facts. And thank you Tom for your consideration and your support…. and redjax…. I have read the Bible and I do know that you cannot work your way into heaven with good deeds. I read the Bible twice and I really don’t need anyone else is interpretation I have my own Just as everyone else does. Thank you so much for your nice comments though and I too will pray for you because we are all sinners. We really need to pray for America unity And that the people turn back to God. God bless you for your advice and I wish you well.

  17. wayne mann says:

    And so everyone will know lesbians are gays too they just choose to segregate themseves from gay men and give themselves a special name. Most gay men and women do not get along. If they don’t find God they will all have to learn to get along with Satan.!!!!

  18. wayne mann says:

    I know I have been defensive on this page and as a Christian it is not proper. I do apologize to everyone but after 36 years of being persecuted and ridiculed I have to try to change that. I am so sick of being called names. No 1 perfect as walked this planet since Jesus Christ and as I said others should sweep around their own back door first

  19. wayne mann says:

    Redjaxin…. Please forgive me for being rude to you. I know it is probably not an excuse but as I said 22 years with the lack of human touch and being ostracized Buy my own family and society have taken a toll. I will not commit suicide because I know God does not want that but I am 56 and so thankful that 2 thirds of my life or maybe more Are over and I can finally put this challenge behind me. I often find many people who are Christian who say they hate things…. I don’t even hate gay peoples depraved lifestyle. I don’t condone it but I also don’t judge it. As the old saying goes dislike the sin not the sinner. Again thank you for yor kinness it is so refreshing to 5

  20. wayne mann says:

    There is 1 guy on here who even said he hates fags and queers and had 2 in his military unit. that is the same is calling me fag and queer. another guy called me hypocrite…. and 1 girl called me mentally sick delusional and psychotic…. and said I was not born that way I am a liar. This page is oozing with judgmentalism all you have to do is read it. I only see a couple of people on here that I don’t think are judging. I know I am far from perfect and I am still a work in progress and will be until I die. I do have love and forgiveness and I have faith and believe… and that’s what it takes to get into heaven. That is also something that science cannot prove the existence of God because that is faith alone. and no matter what anyone says I still think I was born this way. Everyone just thank God that it is not you…. because it easily could be.

  21. wayne mann says:

    Redjaxin…. Again please forgive me for my rudeness I am so sorry… And thank you for your kindness and your advice and don’t worry I will not stray from God. Tom….. Your message was inspirational and thank you for your advice and support as well. Very nice to find Christians. Linda A. From New York…. What a kind of wonderful Christian lady you seem to be and thank you so much and God bless you too. L O V E

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