Video: Applebees CEO: Employees On Chopping Block Because Of ObamaCare

Applebees CEO will have to cut employees and employee hours because of the massive cost of ObamaCare.

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  1. Deepizzaguy says:

    I thought the layoffs at Applebee's will happen because the customer base got smart and decided to eat somewhere else.

    • were you even listening? CEO is letting people because of Obamacare. It sounds like you know nothing about running a business. and it is not just Applebee this is effecting all business.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      There is nothing wrong with Applebees it employs people more then a deep pizza.

    • You thought wrong. The layoffs at Applebee’s and millions of small businesses will be due to Obamacare. That Applebee’s et al waited until AFTER the election to announce their layoffs is tantamount to election fraud.

      The layoffs at Lockheed-Martin and hundreds/thousands of other defense contractors will be due to Obama’s cuts in defense spending. That they waited until AFTER the election to announce their layoffs is, in fact, criminal.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Applebees is only the start,wait when the shit really hits the fan then we'll see what thetarbaby has done to our country.The Darden corp.has said they will layoff or cut hours for employees.I'm waiting for Obutthole to cut some of his welfare programs and quit being the latinos best friend.

    • yomama will do this and throw all his 'bama fone lovers' under the buses. he is done with them now and they are of no use now. "he gib me bama fone, he gib me bama fone', i love that man. I watched this on TV.
      Wait til the bama fone lines go dead. That is only the first 'shoe' falling.

      • To Kittyhane
        what are you trying to say, speak english, will you? first you say that bama will throw the fone lovers under the bus, (that is true, he will do it) but then you said "I love that man" which man obama? and then you said " wait til the bama fone lines go dead and that is only the first show falling"

        I don't get it what you are saying

  3. Obamacare can be ended easily on a state by state basis. see

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