Video: Anti-Union Ad During The Super Bowl

We all know that some activities should be guaranteed privacy, like voting on whether or not to join a union. Today, union lobbyists are demanding that most employees be forced to vote in public. The Employee Rights Act guarantees that your private vote will always be protected.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    If unions think that people want them then why won't they let them have a secret ballot.It's because people like that ugly looking troll Trumpka are afraid to loose.No unions should be allowed to contribute to any party keep the money for the members

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    No doubt the right to a private vote should stand. What will really speak volumes is if the people stand openly to these unions and say NO! We don't want you!
    The people ARE the unions, make it so.

  3. Oscar Dar says:

    ALL the names we call OBAMA, are the names he asked us to call him. He deserved all the names that the people called him. AMERICA, called him the first BLACK president, which millions of Americans do not believe he is a president at all, for the simple reason, HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE to be president, for the fact, his father was born in Kenya and he himself claimed he was born in Kenya. Now, AMERICA called him the first GAY president and then, the FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT, WHICH is quite appropriate considering he was born kin Kenya and raised in Indonesia by a MUSLIM STEPFATHER. Then the other day, Glenn Beck called Obama a GIRL, due to his remarks and comments about: if "HE ALLOWS SON TO PLAY FOOTBALL", which he answered he "will think it over "(something like that).. BUT AMERICA, the real name and to call OBAMA IS: 'ILLEGAL, IMPOSTOR, INELIGIBLE, MUSLIM INVADER". and WE ARE READY TO CALL FOR HIS RESIGNATION. WE MUST DEMAND his resignation or else, we MUST MAKE A CITIZENS' ARREST. We MUST march in Washington and do our jobs to get rid of OBAMA AND HIS MINIONS.

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