Video: Anti George Zimmerman Rioters Will Be Thugs, Not Activists

I discuss why Trayvon Martin supporters should oppose thugs who’ll use a Zimmerman acquittal as an excuse to further plunder and prey on the Black (or any) community!

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    NO SCHIITT!! ALL rioters are thugs, the race baiters (activists) stay well protected and hidden from the viiolence!!
    WHY don't the blacks police their own and not leave it to 'whitey' to end their miserable useless worthless lives?? They have the nerve to call us, 'racists?'

    • I do not mind the blacks rioting or anything else, What I am interested in is to see if whites have the balls to protect their families and property. They have not in the past, but maybe this time they will. People wonder why other nations no longer respect the US, and many americans no longer feel patriotism, I do not wonder. at all.

  2. Exactly what O wants to happen is riots if Geo is acquitted. RIOTS caused by O and his filth racists

  3. ALL RIOTERS should be SHOT and KILLED!!! They give UP the privilege to live when they ATTACK others!!!

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