Video: Another SEAL Team Six Member Dies

Here, I talk about an interesting article I found on Newsmax…

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  1. Is there anyone else but me who is extremely suspicious about "how" the seal team six members are dying??? What lengths will people go to hide the W.H.'s "irregularities" about the Bin Laden raid, etc? I'm suspicious!!

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Absolutely…Obama is making sure to reek revenge on the Seals because of OBL's death, which he, Obama, was FORCED into giving the authorization to do so.

  2. We are losing our Brave Seals young men, who lost their lives because of this stupid radical administration and Leon Panetta is a traitor to our brave military and Country. We have lost way too many good people because of this muslim in the white house.

    This gentleman is correct in regards to our military trying to bring democracy to muslims countries, they will never accepted democracy, it is a waste of life and time. We are losing our democracy and we need our military here at home to be safe and to help us defend our democracy.

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