Video: An Update From Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse

Mark Gillar talks to Mike Zullo, lead investigator of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse.

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  1. Where there is smoke there is fire and there is a lot of smoke out there when it comes to Obamas' birth certificate and his eligibility to sit in the White House. We have a bunch of spineless representatives in Washington that are afraid to search for the thruth.

    • Prestor John says:

      They are afraid Obama will call it racism; the blacks will believe him, riot, and burn down the cities, and murder a lot of innocent whites. Marshall law will be needed to restore order. This thing needs to be sorted out soon or america will be lost. I pray against it but I fear there is a fight coming soon. It will determine the future of america. God help this wounded nation.

  2. Do you think that they should get a better video camera? Graphics are sharp, but the newsreader is not.

  3. Lisa in Nevada says:

    Can't wait to see the results of this massive investigation — the reason for the media rub, including those on Fox is to propel you to keep going. Even O'Reilly knows there is more to this massive cover-up! Time we have a hangin' at the Capitol for all to bear witness..Literally, no, but figuratively, absolutely!

  4. 32eagle says:

    Mike Zullo- this man is saying lots of potentially revealing results have been found and that he doesn't care about the news folks -I like this guy-seems to be a man of integrity-hope this stuff shatters the Obama coverup-so yellowbelly coward will be exposed as a CROOK and TRAITOR

  5. charles1712 says:

    Nancy Pelosi has a lot to answer for, up to and including treason . She is the one that was suppose to vet this fraud obama and knew he was not US Constitutionally eligible to hold office . As for the lame stream media they bought into this fraud obama's BS and now they are stuck with that dumb move . They ( the lame stream media) are between a rock and a hard place . It they acknowledge that the fraud obama is not US Constitutionally qualified to hold office then they look complicit in the fraud perpetrated on the American people by this criminal obama . So they have to keep the lie going no matter how dumb they will appear .

    • AmericansRon2U says:

      The GOP is also complicit in the fraud. Everyone in DC, including Willard Romney and the other GOP candidates, KNOW that Obama is a poser. All of them, along with the media, are accessories to this crime of high treason. That's why none of them wants to talk about it or acknowledge the evidence. When all is said and done and the truth is revealed, the American people must hold everyone in the cover-up accountable!

  6. I honestly don't know where Obama was born…and I honestly can't figure out why he wasn't vetted properly…I know how he got elected…people were too busy to read up on him….blacks were enamoured by him…McCain was a turnoff to many…if you think education is expensive…try ignorance. God help us…

    • Prestor John says:

      Your analysis is correct. I researched him and was very disturbed. I didn't like Mcain but voted for him anyway. I knew what Obama would bring down upon us. If he steals another election we are doomed.
      I tried to talk young people out of voting for him in 2008. They refused to listen and would just chant Obama slogans. They got caught up in the hype, and didn't care to hear facts. Blacks only saw skin color, and voted based on that. I can undesandt their reasons. They just backed the wrong black man. Obama used them. God help this divided nation–lost in an ocean of reality television and pop culture. We need to educate our people to the dangers of socialism.

  7. Thank you Mike Zullo! We the Conservatives really appreciate all that you are doing to dig up the truth on Obama. We have got to get rid of this President!! Thanks again!!!

  8. Thank you and keep up the great work!
    May God Bless the USA!

  9. Mike Zullo and the Posse are doing a hell of a bang-up job.
    I hope that, when they are finished with this case, they investigate Eric Holder.

  10. Reva Newby says:

    I'm with Joe all the way ! The best thing for America is that Most of Washington's Dem. and afew of the Rep. should be put on a boat and taken to the deepest part of the ocean and let it sink.

  11. PPanther says:

    BO's birth certificate is just as important as the fact that his father was a British subject, therefore, BO cannot qualify under the terms of the Constitution for the office of President of the United States, since both parents have to be US Citizens for him to have citizenship. Besides the ever emerging proof that he went to school the entire time in America as a foreign exchange student. The only answer is to form our own grand jury in each state and investigate the entire crew he has put in place to take over our country and our resources and our lives. He is looting our country, sending our treasure to our enemies and making ungodly agreements with them that could destroy us if left in place. This is why he must be removed immediately and not allowed to go any further, before there is nothing left, which is pretty close as we speak. Please go to to the Alan Stang article on the subject. Mr. Donofrio has made it clear and easy for us to follow this formula and to get good results.

  12. PPanther says:

    If anyone can find footage of Nancy Pelozi (Nazi I call her) bringing a 'document' she seems to try to convince everyone is "proof" of BO eligibility, during and around the time of the election, you will find she is a co conspirator in all of this. They believe that they are going to 'rule the world' as soon as they rid it of about 90% of the world population! The latest with BO is that he has an assassination list , coupled with the other information on the drones that have night vision as well as day, I am sure they will be sending a lot more of them around like they did with Andrew Breitbart, to make sure they are rid of all dissenters and those who can expose their evil lies and corruption. I am sure the doctor that probably found the poison dart they sent AB, was removed so as not to be a witness to the fact is was an assassination because of what he knew, besides his fearlessness. The dr's assistant is also missing. Another safeguard to ensure there is no one to verify evidence of said assassination?

  13. PPanther says:

    Come on, the entire liberal party is pushing hard to destroy the very thing they have taken advantage of to propel them to the position they are in. Talk about insanity! The Bible does say in Psalms 9:17, "The wicked shall be turned into Hell and all nations that forget God.." As long as we allow ungodly leaders and wicked people in office, we will reap the judgment. Unless we repent and turn from our wicked ways and elect those who acknowledge and honor God, our nation will be changed into Hell, worse than it already is. I believe this is a warning from God that our ways do not please Him. He is holy and all those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. If we do not repent of our idolatry and allowing those into this nation who do not worship the One, True God, whose name is Jehovah, not allah, we will watch as the walls of protection continue to fall and our enemies overrun us and destroy us.

  14. PPanther says:

    Here is the name of the article posted on by Alan Stang: POWER OF THE GRAND JURY.
    Please look up this article and forward it to as many people as you can and especially those with any kind of power to make things happen, including Joe Arpaio, bless him, Lord.

  15. PPanther says:

    Here is the name of the article posted on by Alan Stang: POWER OF THE GRAND JURY.
    Please look up this article and forward it to as many people as you can and especially those with any kind of power to make things happen, including Joe Arpaio, bless him, Lord.

  16. Ed Frye says:

    Gett'em Sheriff Joe. Thank you for doing a fantastic job.

  17. Suzanne C. Short says:

    May God's blessings continue to flow upon Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo's Crew to uncover and proceed with the procedures to remove Obama. We can do our part by sending the following letter to our congressman and our Senators……Just input your signature where It reads "Sign" Thank you so much. God be with you.

    Immediate Public Demand of the 112th Congress

    We the people of these United States present the following information which constitutes reasonable doubt as to identification and therefore the subsequent eligibility of one Barack Hussein Obama to act as president of the United States of America.

    Link to Sheriff investigation::

    Link to Publicists notice::
    Link to BC::
    Tentative Conclusion: Probable cause exists that crimes have been committed. Forgery, Fraud, Usurpation, Misrepresentation with intent to secure public office, Suspicion of Treason

    1. The 112th Congress initiate an immediate Congressional Investigation to determine:
    The true identity of one Barack Hussein Obama and
    To provide conclusive evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to lawfully occupy the office of president of the United States of America.
    2. Due to the extreme emergency this situation place’s the National Security of these United States. It is our demand that one Barrack Hussein Obama, be removed from the office of the presidency, until the conclusion and determinations of eligibility are confirmed.
    3. In addition we demand that a Special Prosecutor be installed by the House Judiciary Committee. To do a separate independent investigation without interference from the Congress or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    4. We also call for a complete, and open to the citizenry, investigation be implemented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and run concurrent with the Congressional Investigation.
    The American people, with the Constitutional authority make these demands as the final arbiters of the Constitution and the only rightful authority by which this government has been commissioned. We further demand to have our concerns addressed openly and with complete and total transparency.
    We the People of these United States So Demand this action to be taken immediately for cause.


    A Citizen of Our United States of America.
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  18. I like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, however with all of the evidence, why is he wasting time in Hawaii?? Obamas mother was not even registered at either hospital, during the time Obama was born. Further more when Obamas' grandmother, his wife, a Kenyan Official, & Obama himself, have said he was born in Kenya, that is where they should be looking for the proof of Obama being either a legal or ILLEGAL in the Presidents office. Sadly our reps in congress, our courts, our media, our FBI, & other groups are not doing their job. I am afraid for this country & afraid for my family. This Anti America Illegal in the Presidents office, along with his Czars, the media, the democrats, & the liberals along with the stupid Hollywood bunch, are distroying this country. if Obama gets re-elected, it's done for.

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