Video: America’s Red Dawn

Infiltration, disinformation campaigns, central planning. We’re talking about the former Soviet Union, right? No, America has it’s own “Red Dawn” in the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

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  1. Michael Bartholmew says:

    Did you ever have a nightmare, that an illegal alien born in Kenya, still being an( unchanged) Indonesian citizen, became President of the U.S.A. for two (or more) terms. Also, that the person was a narcissistic black racist communist muslim homosexual street hustler & long time drug user, whose actual history has been erased and/or covered up to hide the outrageous incredible stench of a mediocre perverted fraud & unprecedented liar. That the same person has no meaningful (original) past documentation available, other than forged or stolen identifications. That no federal government police or military authorities, judges or personages sworn to constitutionally protect the nation, are completely silent & comfortably complacent with no action(s) or interest whatsoever (for fear of jeopardizing their lucrative tax payer financed retirement packages). That no MSM investigative journalistic induced front headlines, have informed any of these egregious constitutional violations (to the majority of American people). That this scenario is in fact all real & not a nightmare. That we indeed are living a "Red Dawn". An illegal subverted presidency, running an illegally appointed treasonous government, functioning for its own personal benefit & interest. All based upon feeding the tax paying citizenry, as their slaves . Ask yourself, was it worse under King George in 1776? Pretty close, huh?

  2. Peaver Bogart says:

    I made a career of the military and took the oath several times. I will fight forever to protect the oath I have taken.

  3. Michael Bartholmew says:

    All based upon "feeding" off the tax paying citizenry (like an animal or a parasite feeds off their prey/host). Frankly, the white people of this country (who pay the majority share of taxes), have now become slaves to the black illegal president (and the overwhelming majority of blacks, that feel "entitled" & feed at the public trough). The "cry word" of our 1776 revolution from King George's form of colonial slavery, was "taxation without representation" . At that time the people were persecuted by thieving outsiders. We are now besieged & persecuted by our own laws (all of which created & passed in congress by our so called representatives, without the vote of the people or by illegal executive order)). There are no longer any valid checks & balances. Anything goes now. You cannot question any form of illegality, without it become a racial or politically incorrect matter. This subversion of America, has placed liars, crooks, thieves & outright murders in charge. The politicians mantra is now, my way or the highway (people sheeple). We now have an illegal alien usurper president. Born a british subject (with his last legal nationalization being an indonesian citizen). Talk about the return of British Sovereign rule. Again, this has been allowed by our own corrupted authorities, all of which sworn to "serve & protect" the people, under old, guidelines.. We now know, that our political system has reached the point of no return. Politicians are corrupt beyond salvation. From the presidency on down, everything enacted, appointed, created or funded, has been illegal. If Obama was jailed today for this, how could he even repay (millions or billions) of dollars, spent (stolen) from the public treasury (& used just for his personal (& families) lifestyle. Our founding constitutional document, is now, irrelevant (& might as well be used for a circus sideshow attraction or scrap paper). Any patriotic American, disagreeing or questioning this complete foreign subversion of our government, is called a variety of (recently created) words (ie., racists, wackos, terrorists, etc.) There are now empty FEMA camps/prisons with ready pre-dug gravesite( for tens of thousands). You can read many recent stories of government agencies, buying millions of rounds of expensive, hollow point gun ammunition. Even the geneva convention treaty, forbids the usage of this type lethal ammo in warfare. But it is O.K. to have it stockpiled & ready for use on the American people, by our own government (remember, by & for the people) Those that support the bottomless pit of corruption & treason that now pervades our entire political & governmental system (where politicians pretend they are serving the peoples best interest & not just their own), will soon receive a reckoning . The politicians that run the country, have their round the clock secret service security. Special (fully equipped & supplied with our money) evacuation bunkers/shelters for them (& their families). When the unsustainable financial condition of our country collapses (said to be very soon), we the people will be devastated & left to our own devices (while the elite politicians & their families, hide in secure & safe sanctuaries). This is our (the peoples) families, our children & all dear to us, current future expectation from the constitutions guarantees of equal justice for all. Guess our democracy, is really another form of communism. There will always be those special ones, the ones that have a career of making the rules/laws, are exempt from many laws & punishments themselves & live off the sweat of others. This scenario is now being brought to us, by our friendly, caring, illegal government. Have a good one & take care.

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