Video: Americans To Obama: ‘Come And Take Our Guns If You Can!’

If Obama thinks he’s going to disarm Americans without a fight, he’s dead wrong.

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    Damned right, We're keeping em' and we're not registering em' either!!!

  2. I have obliged to all laws, I have my firearms license, my guns stay locked until me wife go to the range,,
    It is part of america,, I will not turn my firearms over nor will I pay a tax on them that I have already paid
    A sale tax on,,,if you want a 3rd world country with dictatorship, and rigged elections, then go elswere, mr.prez,
    Don’t change a good thing going to what u think is better for us,,, we the people have a constitution that is
    In place to keep people like you out,,,

  3. If it comes to this, they will never get my guns. I will fight for my grandkids futures!

  4. dot davis says:

    great commercial…Obama is trying to disarm the good people so he can control us. He has only one agenda his own…Not the American peoples safety that is for sure. Tax the rich he said but last week a tax increase of another 5% across the board for the low income people. What about the entitlements right now the IRS is trying to eliminate EIC for the lower income to $500.00 next year? I know I do taxes. It is time we got the government cut back to reality…Get them off our back…

  5. If someone is dumb enough to come up here open the gate and make it to my door. I would have to give him one. Because he's going to need one to get back out of here???

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    President Obutthole wouldn't think twice about killing Americans to get his way.This illegal president sulks if he doesn't get his way just listen about how he talks about Fox News and Talk radio because they don'y kiss his black ass.

  7. Chicago has draconian gun laws yet has the highest per capita crime rate involving guns, which means only the bad guys have guns. Additionally, it leads the nation in the FEWEST prosecutions involving crimes with guns. So not only do the criminals have the guns, but they don't prosecute them either! But the Government wants law abiding citizens to register guns so they can confiscate them in the end! All the Liberal arguments for gun control are BS! They are all guilty of treason and insurrection against the American People. Obama has violated his oath of office and needs to be removed! Live free or die!

  8. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Illinois is the personification of these laws they are trying to pass.
    In Illinois, you can not buy a firearm, ammunition, possess a firearm OR ammunition or even use a range UNLESS you first have an FOID card. (Firearm Owner Identification Card).
    You must pay to have a background check, fingerprinted, and checked to make sure you can have this card. Now this card does not give you any rights EXCEPT the RIGHT to PURCHASE ammunition, a firearm or use a range. If you purchase a firearm you must STILL fill out the 4473 form and go through the background check all over again.
    Don't forget there are NO carry rights in Illinois.
    You MUST have a FOID card if you have even ONE bullet on your property.
    So if you live in Illinois and own a firearm, you are ALREADY on this national list.
    These laws don't work. Chicago proves this.

  9. Im just waiting for the second american revolution im hoping they do make that mistake!!!

  10. Louis Kershner says:

    Mr. President you can't do what you and your people want to do. It's personal, mainly because you are a lier and a cheat. You had a chance in your first term to be a great president, to be a great president and bring this country out of some dark times. You had a chance to unite the people of every race in this land to dig in and work hard to make the USA great again but instead you chose to do what you thought was best for you and your party, driving a wedge between the people in this country. You have failed and you did it with the help of the media who have become so complacent in their lies and manipulation that everyone now can see you for what you really are, a tyrant, a socialist and a scoundrel. You and people like you are the reason our founding fathers penned the second amendment and I think I speak for about 75% of the people in this country when I say you will not end my freedom to bear arms without a fight. It is not just a right of mine to collect weapons and ammo of any type but an obligation as it is written in the Declairation Of Independance. As it stands, you will be lucky if you are simply impeached rather than be tried for treason and sent to prison. You will be labeled the absolute worst President this country has ever seen. Mr. President there are at least 300 Million guns here in this country, I dare you to try and take them.

    • Eddy Fudd says:

      Great, Louis! There is one thing, however, that you must STOP DOING NOW: Calling the "illegal alien" President. Everyone must do that to defy a corrupt/illegal alien in the White House!

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