Video: Allen West Takes Down CNBC Host On Job Numbers

The media is falling all over itself to claim that the economy has recovered. Millions dropped off the rolls? No problem. All part time jobs? No problem. The objective is to re-elect liberals, not report facts.

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  1. If that media Jockey yelled like that at 0bama or Jesse Jackson he would be kicked off the air for being a racist, so why does he get to rail his racism and rant against a Republican black man, and it is OK?????????????
    Is it OK to be a racist against West because he is intelligent and not against dumb blacks like: Sharpton, Jackson, and 0bama???

    • Freedom Lover says:

      You are oh, so very right on, Captain America. The character of both of these people was clearly demonstrated by their behavior. I love how Alan West never loses his cool and always calmly addresses whoever he is talking to. I must work on this technique, because I want to be like that when I grow up.

    • Retired Marine says:

      Spot on, CA

  2. Retired Marine says:

    Being the good lap dog he is, the CNBC host attacked, weakly, but attacked. He and the other obama media show their bias consistantly. Col. West had his facts, the idiot just didn't want to hear them.
    I love that west nailed his idiotic butt on the Libia event. He best watch his manners, the Col. has him in all aspects from wit to facts. What was funnier still, he attempted to intimidate the Col. That is not the most brilliant thing to do. LOL

  3. The fact of the matter is that so many full-time jobs have been lost, and so many unemployed people have given up looking for full-time jobs and/or have been unemployed so long that they can’t file for unemployment-benefits every month anymore, that the total number of people in the full-time employment pool has fallen to the point where adding only 114,000 full-time jobs lowered the unemployment-rate. Obama and his minions can hail that as a sign that the economy is recovering all they want but that’s a lie…and Romney needs to call them out on it.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Just look at this so called this so called CNBC host he look s like a madman Howard Dean style.Any conserative has to be nuts to go on any CNBC program however I believe Col.West let him have it.Doesn't Tokyo Rose Andrea Mitchell work for CNBC( communist national broadcasting company).

  5. jalina stutte says:

    West is right on! He needs to be elected in 2016 as president. The Liberals hate him because he is intelligent and will not back down to thier lies. The numbers don't add up and Obama and his cronies cooked the books plain and simple.

  6. Nothing but lies from this administration.

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