Video: Allen West: Obama ‘Living In Some Type Of Fantasy World’

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) criticized Obama Thursday for “living in some type of fantasy world.”

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  1. Well, Obama -is- delusional, after all. In his world, he's a benefit to society, he can do no wrong, nothing is ever his fault, he has unquestionable power, he has the bestest job in da' whole wide world, and he can spend as much money as he wants. Let's not forget that he's operating on an agenda, as well. The idea IS to bankrupt the country. The idea is to point at capitalism and free enterprise and say, "See? These systems failed. Now it's time to implement this new plan." and then when that plan collapses, make off with tons of money and disappear amidst the chaos.

  2. Chylene Ramsey says:

    When will the government realize it's the problem, not the solution? Big Problem #1:Osama bin Obama–Put him on a budget. No more golfing. NO more vacations. Replace his inasion-sized security battalion with four twelve years armed with Tae Kwon Do and tasers. Hide all his executive order blanks. Send Michelle to Wal-Mart. Make them take commerciql flights. Sic the Marines on the Muslim Brotherhood, and confiscate the assests of every damn forehead bnger in America who ever breathed in the same room with them. Retract Obama Care. #2- Congress/Senate: Prdon me, but slip them guys some steroids so they can grow some balls. Make them all take 15% pay cuts, all across the board. Cut their damn perks to the bone. Have eternal audits on all of them, and confiscate all monies and assests illegally obtained. #3-Withdrw from the UN-It's nothing but a social club for theives and petty dictators, throwing around their welth like a nouveou riche teenager. Make THEM buy the UN building, and reject the proposals for Agend 21, and give back the land to the rural private owners.#$-Send ALL undocumented aliens back to wherever they cme from, impose stiff penalties–beheading would be nice–on ny who return, and terminate ll social benefits progrms to any who have not paid into them #%-Cut welfare and other entitlement rolls drastically by restrcting them to the elderly, disabled, and mothers of 2 children under the age of 5. I can think of lots more. A ntionl lottery, for instance. Making all those asses payback that bailout money is another. Goes without saying abolishing all the onerous regulations, taxes and general baloney that is hampering the economy-nd, yes. Make businesses overseas pay Americn taxes. That ought to get them home in a hurry!

  3. Yes, his fantasy and our worst nightmare!!

  4. Sorry Allen. I love you, but here I desagree with you. obama does not live in a fantazy world. He is living his dream now. The dream is – TOTAL TRANSFORMATION(DESTRUCTION) of America

    • It is long over doe to start to recognize and cal htings what they really are. obama is not a socialist. He is a Communist. A dictator wannabee. A pathological liar with not a shred of decency. He hates America, Israel, Capitallism,FREEDOM, American army, racist-devider. He said it himself many times. You ,people ,just don`t want to really hear what he is saying. For example, when asked, if he concider America as an exaptional country, his answer was – America is no diferent than any other country, like
      Kenia and others. What do you think he maent? Isn`t it obvious? Use your common sense.

      • This is SENSORSHIP. I didn`t say anything unapropriet. This is still America. Did you hear about the FIRST AMENDMENT? DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD SUCKING OBAMA`S D…?

  5. Yep, he sure is living HIS FANTASY! And, WE ARE PAYING FOR HIS TRIP TO “FANTASY ISLAND”!!!! Don’t that make us all feel nice and warm inside? NOT! We need to LIVE OUT OUR OWN “FANTASY” AND GET RID OF THIS SORRY GOOD FOR NOTHING LEECH THAT IS BLEEDING US DRY! Now, that’s a FANTASY I have daily, never to have to look at him or his igglettes, or the Grape Ape again on my television screen! Nice dreams!

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