Video: Allen West: I Don’t Regret Whatsoever My Comments About Progressives Being Communists

Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., is not backing down from calling members of the Democrats’ Congressional Progressive Caucus “communists” at a recent fundraiser. The congressman told Red Alert Politics on April 17, 2012 that he stands by his comments.

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  1. Lorene B says:

    Now here is a hero, brave and unafraid to speak the truth. We need to stand and salute this great patriotic American. As he stands his ground, many patriotic Americans will proudly stand with him. Our country so desperately needs leadership. Romney has experience in business and West has experience in the military. Maybe Romney should move him to the top of the list before selecting his running mate.

  2. One of the few, besides Gingrich who has the cajones to stand up to these idiots who are trying their damnedest to destroy this nations by Islamization and divide and conquer Socialist techniques…that includes Obama.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Allen West your a good man for calling a spade a spade.These progressives are definetly commies all you have to do is do a little research and you will find out that progressive is the new term for commies.FDR was a big crippled commie himself along with his lezzie wife.

  4. ms. conservative says:

    I truly hope that Romney will ask Allen West to be his running mate. He is extremely intelligent, cool headed and honest. He is a student of history and knows well that the current occupant of the White House is going to bring about the ruination of our great country. Allen West is a great leader and has not fallen prey to the political correctness that is paralyzing our country.
    I wish that he were the republican candidate and Bobby Jindal was his running mate. What a great ticket that would be.

  5. mr west you are a man after my own heart keep up the good fight.

  6. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    I like Allen West, and I am what is called a “Racist”! How about that!? If all of our “representitives” had the balls to speak the truth, instead of calling this filthy mu SLIME “a nice guy”, we might just get somewhere. I have news for Romney, NO, OBUTT HEAD IS NOT A “nice” guy, he is everything that ISN”T NICE! He is a destroyer of our nation, and a killer of all that is AMERICAN, and will be a MURDERER OF AMERICANS if he is not taken out and sent away, or taken OUT COMPLETELY! Someone has to speak the TRUTH, and Mr.Romney, you are NOT SPEAKING THE TRUTH WHEN YOU CALL THIS ABORTION THAT WASN”T, A NICE GUY! It isn’t “nice” to lie to the American people, it isn’t nice to start a race war, it isn’t nice to burden the American people with a lie that is called a “healthcare” “law”, that is so huge that not even HE has read it, and neither has anyone else. None of this, and far, far more is NOT NICE! There is NOTHING “NICE” about this MU SLIME POS IN OFFICE! If you and others would speak the TRUTH that ALLEN WEST SPEAKS, then MAYBE WE”D HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR YOU! As it is, Allen West is at this point, the ONLY CONGRESSMAN THAT ANY OF US PATRIOTIC AMERICANS CAN HAVE AN OUNCE OF RESPECT FOR! And COMMUNISTS? There are MORE OF THEM THAN THERE ARE OF AMERICAN FREEDOM LOVING PATRIOTS WHO SIT THERE IN THE HALLS OF “justice”! Justice? In this country, it seems that these liars, thieves and crooks do not know the meaning of that word! They are as UNjust as they can possibly get! If Allen West were to run for office of President, he’d have my vote, UNLESS he caved and kissed the arses of those who hate our nation and every one in it! And, for some reason, I don’t think he would! He called them the SPADES THAT THEY ARE, DIGGING ALL OUR GRAVES WITH THE POWER AND MONEY THAT THEY EXTORT FROM US ALL!!!! I hope there is a special place in HELL FOR THEM ALL!

  7. Allen West, a real genuine honest man. I have full respect for this straight forward truth speaking man. The mainstream media vultures are on the attack, like hungry sharks. Mr West Is brilliant.

  8. El' Jefe' Patrioto says:

    Allen West For VP 2012

    It’s Romney/West or Romney/Martinez as a ticket, or we are screwed .

  9. This guy is great!

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