Video: Allen West: Hillary Clinton Caught ‘Benghazi Flu’

Col. Allen West appeared on Fox and Friends yesterday morning to talk about the latest developments with Benghazi-gate…

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  1. clinton's suck

  2. I haven't seen any evidence of Hillary having a concussion, If that really happened it would have been all over the media including continual updates and corroboration of the incident. It is all CRAP!!!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    As always the Clintons are scaming the public and our great american press back them.It's a good thing the NFL came up with concussions as a means for bad behavior.I'm willing to bet if she does go before the committee she'll convenietly forget or even remember Benghazi

  4. Paolo Welsch says:

    Allen West is a Man of principle, honesty, and intelligence. I fully support him. I also agree more strongly that Obama Hussein The Communist Terrorist has one life goal, and that is to carry out the orders of his Master Elitists who have trained this monkey to carry out their orders to destroy the US Police Marxist State with an African that has NO US Documents. It is proven now that he is Not Here Legally, so how in the hell did he get to a position in what was the US government where today 80% of the entire gang in Washington are Guilty of TREASON!

  5. Paolo Welsch says:

    Hillary Clinton is now running, she got c aught committing TREASON, and Like Hussein Rama bama she will be hung for TREASON!! That will please Bill.

  6. Bippy Bellito says:

    Hillary is a known drunk in the inner circles of D.C. If she had passed out, it would have been from the wine.

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