Video: Allen West: An Armed Man Is A Citizen; A Disarmed Man Is A Subject

Congressman Allen West speaks to an NRA group and makes a few good points.

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  1. I love this guy ! The Constitution is the law of this land.
    The 2nd amendment is the 2nd amendment,because it is that IMPORTANT.

    Mr West ,tell All your pal's this UN arms treaty is toilet paper.
    The good guy's don't wait 14 months for a pistol permit,they don't buy a side arm,go through a
    back ground check,then go downtown,register with the pistol permit office & then pick up the side arm & waste a whole day.
    Yes,I live in NY.
    I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY 2nd Amendment right ! EVER !!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Alan West is a true American hero along with all those who gave their lives in WW1,WW2 Viet Nam,Korea Iraq,Afghanistan,Revolutionary and even the Civil War.People like Audie Murphy and other movie stars of the golden days of Hollywood not like todays pansies who look for others to protect their dead asses.West should have been considered a VP candidate because he is a true negroe not a fake one like Obutthole.

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