Video: Al Qaeda Offers Bounties For US Troops, Ambassador To Yemen

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula known as one of the most dangerous terror groups…

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  1. NO2Obama007 says:

    Has this happened to anyone else…? Yesterday, I was reading a post on Facebook, on something (don't remember which one). A lot of times I will read peoples' comments. There was one from someone with a middle eastern name and it started out, "Praise Allah……" continued on from there. I felt like it was possible propaganda so I tried to block it on my page. I've never had a problem just hiding a post I didn't care to see, but this one would not let me "x" it out, or hide it. It wouldn't do anything.I found this a little frightening because right before the elections, Facebook also would NOT post any comment I made against Obama. The takeover has begun. Just beware and tell others if you have any strange occurences such as these.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why doesn't Al-Qaeda put a bounty on Obutthole Answer he is one of them instead of soldiers doing what they're ordered to do by him.

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