Video: Al-Qaeda Linked Terror Attack Thwarted In Canada

According to Canadian authorities, an al-Qaeda linked terrorist attack was broken up on Monday. The plan was meant to disrupt a major transportation route from Toronto, Ontario Canada to New York City.

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  1. I was reported that they were turned in by an imam, if so it is just to make the rat look good, and to let you think there is some honesty, and concience however, there is no honesty among thieves or terrorists.

    • mrtle francis says:

      I have figured all along, that Obama was muslum. He is never going to admit ,he is muslum. He is also going to keep trying to destroy this country. I believe he wants to be the first black president .Also the one who took us to our knees. From where I stand he will sucsced. Everone I talk to don't believe it. If ou think about it we are told we cant pra in public,but the muslum can pray wherever they choose. Also we cant say how we feel about them and the blacks, because we will insult them, Wel too bad I still believe in free speech.I don't insult them ,I just tell the truth.

  2. Obama IS a Muslim and IS PROTECTING and SUPPORTING the Muslim TERRORISTS!!! Obama MUST be Impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED for ALL of his CRIMES, TREASON, SEDITION, MURDER, CONSPIRACY to MURDER, and many others!!!

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