Video: Administration Fights Our Free Press

New details coming out about DOJ seizure or press phone and email records

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  1. wayne mann says:

    But The Lying Muslim was all for then as long as they kissed his arse. Hypocritical phony deceitful lying manipulative Muslim piece of crap.!!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Wayne are you trying to say that Obobo the chimp knew what was going on but let it slide because he is deceiful.You should have been watching his speeches this igger knew nothing about anything till the reporters told him or he seen it on Foxnews.

      • wayne mann says:

        I know I saw that on TV and I’m amazed with how many people are just dumbed down. Can’t believe anybody believe that crap. This liar in chief has been lying since day one and if his lips move he is lying. It doesn’t matter if he throws his own department under the bus because they won’t be prosecuted for anything either…. holder will dismiss it… amnesty it…. or pardon it.!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Boy blunder is now trying to say he wants an investigation only if it does lead up to him.Obutthole is a lyingsack of shit because if he really didn't know he'd be firing a lot of people.However he can't because they will turn on him.

    • wayne mann says:

      Obama will just make sure it leads to someone else or elsewhere. holder will do the same. Those two pansy boyfriends make a hell of a tag team. there really is no other way to get him out than to have a revolution… and that gets him exactly what he wants. Otherwise it will just continue the same route with the slow deterioration of our rights and our society And our economy.

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