Video: ABC’s Jake Tapper Nails Obama For Being AWOL On Gun Violence

Watch Obama weasel his way out of this one…

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  1. Translation: "I'm President, so STFU."

    • No disrespect intended but…

      Translation: “I had to wait until after I was re-elected, otherwise I wouldn’t have been re-elected.”

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Obutthole says I want to be the biggest gun runner going so this is how I'll eliminate the competion Jake.If you need a gun after we take them away you'll have to go see Holder and you'll be able to get the reporter special discount.

  2. I'm working very hard Jake, I just can't seem to get it right.

  3. Obama—Scumbag SYNONOMOUS

  4. What a bunch of crap that just flows out of Obama's mouth! He actually believes that he is all that. What a sickening specimen of a dog.

  5. Gun violence is a symtom of a larger problem, a related problem to transnational corrupt influences and FAILURE TO ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS. Transnational corrupt influences CAUSED the economic crisis, the war on terror and the war on drugs. Priorities? It’s THE SAME PROBLEM! It’s like dealing with 4 birds in the hand.

    Gun safety should deal with LEGAL possession of weapons and system laws, policies practices for legal sales. Gun control is about illegal weapoons, contraband, etc. Large scale trafficking of weaponry for national warfare is a completely different area of policy. Banning assault guns is like a ban on cocaine, it depends and reires ENFORCEMENT arm for EXISTING LAWS.

    Nobody thinks a ban on assault weapons will end foreign manufacturing, and resulting criminal gun trafficking if America starts restricting manufacture of the same weapons. If they conceive a ban on weapons for international control is plausible, we should say let’s ban terroristic intent. It’s not possible to eliminate intent, nor weapons nor even drugs unless it is based on full scale industrial shut down.

    Evil exists, co-exists and thrives based on conditions created. If Americans are confronting a problem with eating too much, logic says, “stop eating so much”. But it is reported that it’s not possible to stop over eating in
    Such diseased humans construct of motives, physiological responses. Why expect industrial behavior to be different when incentives exist to fulfill intent for threat? Weapons manufacture follow a logic of powerful nations.

    This gun safety, gun control, gun ban and gun violence discussion takes place in a nation where weapons are part of the premise of national defense. Use of emotion to deal with the policy is a sinister thing to do. Obama’s answer says he barely knows the priority of current gun safety issues, which is to ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS!

    to see these differentiated topics. It’s a problem

    There are laws against cocaine. An additional “ban” won t make any difference.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    This igger always has some crap ass excuse with a little luck a shark will help the American people. I understand they like black meat.

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