Video: A ‘Revolutionary Moment’ Against Union Thug Attacks?

Molotov Mitchell takes conservatives to task for not seizing a “revolutionary moment” against the union thug attacks against Right to Work advocates in Michigan, where Obama’s “army” slugged a Fox News reporter and pulled a tent down on a group that included the disabled and children. Of course the mainstream media dutifully ignored the story.

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  1. amen! Its time for a second American revolution im tired of all the talking its time to start showing them why we want our semi automatic guns! For war against you communist of course!!

  2. Perhaps he could have fought back. It is understandable to stand up and defend yourself if you feel your life is in danger. Believe me, your life IS in danger when a mob of people carry knives and guns to their protest against people that don't want to be forced into a union and then having money taken out of their pay check to pay the union bosses. Then there's the notion that fighting back is stooping to their level. No longer is it a matter of an aggressor attacking a helpless victim that was gathering peacefully. At that point it becomes a fight and could provide other mob members with the excuse they were waiting for to jump in and attack more people, possibly even use that gun or knife they were pocketing. I think that scenario is what the Right to work people were hoping to avoid. Though, Crowder did miss his opportunity to exercise his legal right to press charges and challenge his attacker in the court of law. Even that is tricky considering labor unions are Mafia run. Despite all of that, I think a line must be drawn somewhere. True, the labor unions are afraid of Right to work and the tea parties. They feel threatened by them. They threaten their power and the stranglehold they have on the workers that are apart of such unions as well as the businesses they occupy. But, RTW and the tea parties do not -scare- them. Nothing is getting them to think twice about their opposition. They seem to get more and more nasty every time RTW wins a small victory. There's got to be something that would make them back off without the use of violence.

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