Video: A Message For Barack Hussein Obama

I am fed up, and I tell Obama how it is…

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  1. Linda From NYC says:

    I love this video, this gentleman speaks the truth and express how many Americans truly feel. I look forward to Nov 6 and I pray to God that all goes well, and we will have a new President.
    God Bless America


    • Fred Borrelli Jr. says:

      I am a man of 88 yrs old. My god, how mamy stupid people are in my country? Don't any of them see the light. I watch the crowds that listen to him and it is so hard for me to understand. This man is not American, he does not know who we are. I truly would welcome any black man whose heritage from a family of slavery would come foward and become a president of this blessed country. Where is he? How can you support a man like HUESSIN? He is there talking to you as children and you adore him. ARE YOU NUTS OR ARE YOU NOT AWARE HE IS LEADING YOU ON IN NEW STYLE OF SLAVERY!

      • Hi Fred: Good post. I'm 67 years old,and I can't believe how stupid many Americans are. They don't want to know whats going on in this country.

        • Ron, the reason why they do not know what is going on in this country is because they are the entitlement group receiving $$ from the Feds and want the money to just roll in without any consideration to the working class. In fact, they want more….more food stamps, more benefits, etc. It is time to cut the purse strings to this group of lazy SOBs. Let's get them out of the entitlement arena and put them back to work, even if it means cleaning the streets or picking up garbage along the highway. I do not want to see this country wind up like Greece or Spain….this election will lead us down one of two paths ….. one to socialism and eventually to Communism or the other path of capitalism and prosperity with preservation of the freedoms that were given to us by God and written by our forefathers to honor us with liberty and justice for all.

      • Stealth Sapphire says:

        Fred: I hear you! It is scary that these morons get out and drive on the same roads that I do every day…I swear, sometimes I wish there were competency tests required in order to vote. Congratulations on your 88 years, and I trust and hope the years have been kind to you…at least until Obama took office, anyway. God bless you!

      • Fred, I am sorry to say that the majority of the people that will blindly vote for this evil man are not American citizens. They can neither read nor write and do not speak the English language.
        Why do you think all this controversy about registration?
        You would think one would be proud to show registration at the polls.
        Not if you are illegal.
        Thanks for your input.

      • This resident of our White House is more muslim than he is black.

  2. di from Oregon says:

    Yep, it's going to end, no more million dollar vacations for Michelle and the kids, no more acting like the Queen of Sheba, you can say "let them eat cake," like Marie Antoinette while you live high on the hog and a whole bunch of Americans don't have enough to eat, and the middle class is no longer middle class, just "buried," as dim wit Biden says. You have generated enough ill will across America that there is no way they will vote for you, they will vote for anyone else but you because of you Dictatorship and hatred of us Americans who love our freedoms and the way of life that our forefathers shed their precious blood for! You do not have that kind of righteousness and favor of God to overcome us who love God and His Ways! Get thee behind us!

    • Not fooled in Nevada says:

      I can't stand that b*&tch Michelle — I wouldn't doubt that this whole scam was her idea and Valerie Jarretts. personally, swinging from the gallows is an appropriate punishment — I wouldn't want my tax dollars to pay for their internment on US soil..The wrath of God has yet to be seen and heard..

      • Washedaway says:

        All I can say is don't move next door to obozo and bitchelle in Hawaii… and hopefully God will wipe them away.

  3. Stealth Sapphire says:

    Right on, man…you said it all in this video. Obama is being exposed for the fraud he is, and although the leftist media coddles him and protects him, Americans are too smart to fall for this, and I have to believe that. That is what keeps me going. Let's save America!

  4. Puddentain says:

    This guy said what a lot of people think but don't rule out the criminal tactics of the left. Remember, Soros owns a big piece of the Spanish company that will be counting the votes!!!……It could very well be that Romney technically wins but the left skews the count somehow!!!….We can't afford to think we've already won because of a good debate.

    • Heard that Spain will NOT be counting votes, after all.

    • Puddentain…Please explain the "Spanish Vote Counting"…What is that all about?…I haven't heard about this until now…

      • Puddentain says:

        Ken,,,I would strongly recommend clicking on the link in my initial post. THAT explains everything. As you can see a subsequent poster claims that they have heard different but I haven't . Basically SCYTL is a spanish online voting company that purchased the largest vote processing company in the United States. They bought it last spring. Before the votes are tallied they are routed to the individual servers of SCYTL which means people get to look at them (manipulate???) before the results are tallied. I believe George Soros has interest in this company or maybe even owns the whole thing (although this particular article does not mention him)…….Check out the link in my initial post. If that doesn't raise the hair on the back of your neck I don't know what will.

  5. Charles E. Horn says:

    I gather from the set of this man's jaw that he will not be voting for Obama this coming November. He speaks for many and none of us could have stated it better. As they say down under " Good on ya bro".

  6. He is a 1000% correct ! !

  7. Blinddemocrat says:

    I'm so sorry, I hope I didn't spit my coffee all over you from laughing so hard !!! And after the laugh the tears dripping like a river for the stupidity of anyone that would vote for a man that has definitely brought change to this country for the worse and the deepest "hopelessness" and not hope !!!

  8. PSUTOPGUN says:

    Please vote November 6th and kick this turd back to Chicago. Then when his records are exposed he can be put on trial for treason.

  9. I still can't get why so many people support this guy. I have friends who are educated and appear intelligent are in favor of this man Barack. If he gets 40% of the vote, the future of this country is at risk.

  10. This guy is superb. I sure hope that Barry Sotoro watches this video and his skin will begin to boil for he cannot take any form of critism at all. In fact, he rejects critism and that is why without listening to others, he is a failure.
    I agree with this guy in that Paul Ryan will mop the floor with Joe Blow. Ryan has all the facts in his head and does not need a teleprompter to promote the Republican party to victory. As for other factors that were mentioned, Barry's selective service card is a fraud as well as his birth certificate and S.S. number from CT. The only reason I can fathom as to why Congress has not impeached the imposter is that they were all threatened with their lives or the lives of their families. Otherwise, if that is not the case, then all of Congress should be disbarred from holding office for failure to abide to the Constitution of the USA.

  11. disgusted says:

    My message to this ape in office would be short and to the point, “GET THE HELL OUT, AND GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!”

  12. We need a "RESET BUTTON" for this country. Get BACK to our U.S. Constitution. Get RID of Unions. Repeal Obamacare. Stop ALL foreign aid to Muslim countries. And build our Military back up to what it SHOULD be, not continue to DECIMATE the Military Budget. Reduce taxes and cut out restrictive government regulations on small businesses. And finally, get RID of all agencies that produce NOTHING for this country.

  13. Nice video, Sir. You are right on! But, still politicians are slippery and we have a whole lot of minority racists in the USA that loves their Yobama. Sad, but politicians have mastered the art of conning the ignorant and getting the support of the networks that pander to the same group watching the boob tube round the clock. I'm predicting a Romney/Ryan landside that may just be historical.

  14. A-MEN!!

  15. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOT VOTE TILL BARACK/BARRY SORTEORA/ OBAMA IS LEGALLY VETTED. WE AMERICANS ARE SCREWED!!!! The results of the so called 'PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION' are predetermined. No Matter Which Way You All Vote , the powers that be have already pre-installed the next so called 'president'. Just as they installed this illegal alien OBAMA, that is currently occupying the Oval Office. The VOTING MACHINES HAVE AN IMBEDDED HACK PATCH, and to add insult to injury, ALL YOUR VOTES ARE BEING COUNTED BY A FOREIGN COUNTRY.
    Read My Lips, quote from George Bush Senior, You are SCREWED. TO ALL THE PRECINCT CAPTAINS, listen up, you can SAVE THE DAY BECAUSE ALL 3500 COUNTIES IN ALL THE 50 STATES SHOULD BOYCOTT THE ELECTION TILL THIS ILLEGAL ALIEN THAT IS OCCUPYING THE WHITE HOUSE IS VETTED.!!!! If you voters DON'T, you are responsible for installing this COMMUNIST AND HIS HOARD'S INTO WASHINGTON DC..! And If you and Your Children, wind up in a FEMA camp not too soon it is all your FAULT….

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