Video: 50 State Open Carry Demonstration Feb. 8th


On February 8th, 2013, in accordance with state law and the 2nd Amendment, there will be peaceful Open Carry demonstrations taking place on the Capitol steps of all 50 states. In Michigan, a team of volunteers is organizing the event; and this writer will be speaking in support of the Constitution, exercising my 1st Amendment right to free speech in defense of the 2nd Amendment.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, I take you through the streets of Alpena, Michigan as I go door-to-door to businesses in the downtown area, openly carrying a sidearm in accordance with Michigan law.

Rather than just surprise local law enforcement with my sudden appearance as some reporters have done, I decided to speak with the Michigan State Patrol, the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office, and the City of Alpena Police Department, letting them know of my intentions beforehand.

As a result of my conversations with local LEOs, I was not only told that it was my right to walk around town openly carrying a firearm, but I was encouraged to do so. I was even offered tips on where I could place my flyers and was informed that I needed a permit to solicit from the city. The Alpena City Police Department especially went out of their way to make my little one-man protest a success in accordance with Federal, State, and Local laws.

Please share this video everywhere you can. I can’t do this by myself.

Semper Fi,


Michigan flyers can be found here:

Generic 50 state flyers can be found on the 2nd Right Facebook page.

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  1. Wow…I do not know if I would trust an "open carry" demonstration on the state capital. It almost sounds like a way to get a bunch of law abiding citizens together to somehow "commandeer" their weapons under some (perhaps even made up) legal charge. Just sayin'

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I agree right now you can get info on who has a gun permit but showing up at the capitols is risky every media who hates gun owners will be out there taking pictures of you to be put on a list.It would be better to go to your senator or congressman and protest and let him/her know your feelings.

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