Video: 50 Senators Send Obama Bipartisan Letter Of Opposition To The UN Arms Trade Treaty

The fifty senators officially notified Hussein Obama of their intent to not vote to ratify the treaty. The reasons are outlined in the letter and are founded on the basic tenets of United States sovereignty and our Bill of Rights (specifically the Second Amendment.)

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  1. No way to the UN arms treaty. We are the United States and are governed by our Constitution — NOT by O and NOT by the UN!! God Bless America

  2. CIVIL DISOBEDIANCE !!!!! F__K OBAMA< WE NEED TO DO WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS DID AND FORCE HIM OUT OF OFFICE< A MILITARY COUP WOULD BE A GOOD PLACE TO START !!!! STOP OBEYING LAWS THAT ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL– also the white kid that was sucker punched by the coon on the bus, remember that !!! they are good at sucker punching and when there a mob , get them one on one and they arent shit !!!!

  3. Linda From NY says:

    I hope our Military will tells Obama to go F himself, and take a stand and up hold the Constitution. Why is this Maniac not remove and sent to prison for treason, he is a narcissist and bipolar too. He got the same characteristic, which is self-importance, grandiose and selfish attitude.

    He lives in his own world and in his mind to hell with every body else. He is a loser and this man will lead the Country to another war which it will cost more of the lives of our young men because of this idiot obama

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda I couldn't agree with you more but watch out for the drone flying in your neighborhood.If there was away to get rid of Schumer,Reid ,Poopalosi,Rangel and his other liberal allies then you'd see him change a litte bit.Right now he gets his way because our so called journalist kis the black cheek of his ass and they don't mind the smell.

      • Linda From NY says:

        Hi Edward, speaking of flying drones, I notice too many planes of all kinds flying over my house, I look out the window to see if chunky Schumer is on one of them, LOL, I have to laugh for my own sanity because if not I would be crying all the time watching my Country being taken over and destroy by this illegal Kenyan, this is my Obama hate face, just kidding, LOL

        Lately I have been praying to God to take this man out of our white house since Congress is not doing it, this is the most despicable and hated president in US history.

        This man truly believes that he is king and does not have to go by the laws of the Constitution. He himself has said that it is his decision to go to war with Syria and does not need approval from Congress, who does hell does he think he is? The Country needs to get back to prayer and back to God for things to change for the good of the Country. God Bless America

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          If I didn't live close to the Myrtle Beach airport I'd wonder about all those planes.I just received a letter that someone sent to Ojaboney, I wish I could email it to you you'd like it .I sent it to Seeks and another lady that is also on Floyd.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Note to Obhitler and Lurch: What a cowardess way to kill our 2nd Amendment, Sand monkeys will never give up their guns!

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