Video: 3 Reasons Benghazi Still Matters

The House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee hearings about the September 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya have concluded…yet this is still an important story for Americans to follow.

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  1. And today,,Jay Carey is standing before the press lying in his teeth again…..wonder if whatever he got for his soul was worth it. Wonder what makes him think anyone believes anything he says about anything???

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    The big reason for me is to see that igger get that big shit eating grin off his face and to watch that wrinkled old bag Hitlary turn brown when they're found to be behind the cover up that got 4 good Americans killed.

  3. labman57 says:

    The frequent call for impeachment of Obama by conservative politicians and pundits is yet another example of a partisan Republican objective desperately in search of an evidence-based rationalization.

    • wiseman1947 says:

      Call it what you want, but if Obama is not stopped The United States will need 100 years to get back where we were when he took office. He has divided this nation along political, race, and economic lines. The National debt will never be paid, but will take the lions share of GDP to pay the interest. All of this has been done by Obama and his thugs. You seem to think the Republicans are treating him unfairly, but we are only attempting to get the truth for the family of those killed and what/who through them under the bus by ordering troops to stand down and not help. I have served in combat and fully understand the damage to the moral of the troops everywhere when Obama's thugs would not send help or stop lying about the film causing a demonstration that got out of hand, knowing from the first shot this was a terrorist attack.

      • labman57 says:

        "… to get back where we were when he took office. "

        You mean the state of affairs when Mr. Lack of Intellect Bush and Mr. Lack of Ethics Cheney left office … and left the nation in the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, the stock market in the dumpster, U.S. engagement in 2 wars — one of which was instigated under deliberately false premises, and most of the rest of the world having lost all respect and admiration for the United States.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          You really must study history. You ARE aware that the housing collapse was created by Democrats with the passing of the CRA of 1977 and oblameo himself when he represented ACORN in suit against Citibank forcing them to give sub-prime loans to marginally qualified individuals.
          Don't forget that we enjoyed unprecedented economic growth and record job creation under Bush even though he was stuck with the mess left to him by Clinton. The dot com bust, 9/11 and the financial disaster all created by the Dems.
          Just think, if Clinton had taken out Bin Laden one of the 4 chances he had, 9/11 would never had happened. I'm SURE it took longer than 9 months to plan.
          Let's talk about the wars which were SANCTIONED by Congress. Yes, even voted for by your messiah and Hillary.
          Where is the SANCTION by Congress for the TWO wars in Libya and Syria? We are at war in opposition to the war powers act of 1973.
          I guess you believe as the failure does that we only need approval from the U.N.
          It's funny you can claim Bush lacks intelligence. That's only because Bush released his college transcripts. Can you say the same of your messiah? Just what IS he hiding?
          Wish to try again?

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      As opposed to the obvious partisan objectives we've seen from the W.H. to date? I realize it must make you feel better to claim Conservatives are participating in partisan politics, but if you have followed the facts being presented here lately, you'll notice Conservatives have been vindicated on Benghazi and the obvious politically lead assault on Tea Parties and Patriots by the IRS.
      Have you realized yet even the LSM are calling you out on your talking points? People just aren't buying your bull anymore.

    • Christopher Collins says:

      That's right and I as a Veteran will continue to call for his impeachment and/or treason charges.

      • wayne mann says:

        He will never be charged with anything that is why he has Holder in place. We gave him the first four years to set everything up. As I’ve said before he needs a war to complete his take over. If we stand up and fight He imposes Marshall Law and war begins and he gets what he wants… our guns our rights and all the monies in the banks. It’s a lose-lose for America and a win win for the Muslims. We need an American sniper.

  4. Helen Tritt says:

    The Wicked Liar-in-chief is so despicably EVIL and DANGEROUS he MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY! He cannot be trusted with any amount of information without alerting the muslims and islamists on what we are doing as a country and also sending millions and billions of taxpayers' money to our enemies that hate America and why is he still getting away with it?

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