Video: 3 Blacks Beat 80 Year Old Veteran With A Brick In His Own Driveway

Police are shocked at how much violence a trio of thugs used against an 80-year-old man, who suffered a fractured cheek and cuts above his eye in an attempted carjacking, WXIA-TV reports.

Creston Portis had returned to his home in East Point, Ga. — about 15 minutes south of Atlanta — after visiting friends and backed into his driveway when two males and one female blocked him in and approached him, according to police.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is what animals do they belong back in the jungle from where they came from.How tough were they in beating up an 80 year old man.Throw them in jail and don't feed them or let them out oftheir cells.But some liberal judge will say the old man deserved the beating.

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