Video: 2nd Guilty Plea In Obama Petition-Forging Scandal

Massive voter fraud has been uncovered in Indiana. But is the punishment severe enough? Find out here!!

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  1. wayne mann says:

    Good now get that loud the diaper headed Negro out of our White House.!!! What a lying ass phony piece of crap. A story has leaked out that Obama is responsible for the bombing because reloading powder was used in the bombs…. he will now try to ban reloading powder which is what is in all bullets. This is a dirty mozlum terrorist piece of shite.!!! So they found someone on a visa and are accusing an innocent person. He is doing what he always does create a crisis himself and then never let a crisis go to waste. W.hat a lowlife Nigro…. like 90 percent of the blacks in America halo live liar…. and a major racist like the 90 percent of blacks.

    • Geez, while I am glad that Obama is being exposed, I am unhappy with the way you are ranting. I am a white senior citizen (and a college student). Let me tell you – liars, cheat and thieves cannot be singled out to one race of humans. There are all races capable of doing so – and have no trouble being that way. How about narrowing it down to just "those" that assisted Obama in getting to where he is squatting today. By empty promises, and false charms and extended tax-payer-funded benefits – those that squandered and cheated the United States out of a decent human being for a president… Sounds better -and covers a larger area!

      • Kennible Lecter says:

        You are absolutely correct, Patty. It has noting to do with race… unless your a leftists. Then race becomes EVERYTHING.

        • wayne mann says:

          If racism has nothing to do with it then why for the last 25 years have they done nothing but scream racism and play the race card??? 94 percent of these ignorant people voted for Obama…. and yet we are blamed because jails are 90 percent full of blacks and Hispanics. wake up people they are using race against the whites because we are afraid to scream racism. Well I am NOT they are racist.!!! I tried very hard in the beginning but they have consistently shown their ignorance and the propensity to ward violence and drugs And that they do not want to work. you may find a small percentage in America who have educated themselves but even some of those are still racist. if you allow it white people they will racist you to death. WAKE UP.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            I believe you didn't understand what Kennible said. I suggest you reread his comment.

          • wayne mann says:

            I just reread it and it still says that leftists use race…. That would make them racist. Blacks don’t have to be left this to be racist. Racism was in this country long before I leftists. My comment was directed at Patty not Kennible…. Sorry if I responded to the wrong person. Spend 40 years working in the public with these flax and you will over here at a great deal and see a great deal and then try to tell me that 90 percent of them are not racist. My own personal block friend tells me that his people are like this. He sees they don’t want to better themselves with education but would rather better themselves to drugs violence music and sports…. Instead of working hard for what you get like most white people do. Obama saw what was happening in this country with the box and that’s why he knew it was his time to step in and do his agenda. I just saw on the internet that I will send it has shut down Obama’s gun control

          • Linda A. From NY says:

            Hi Wayne,
            I sorry to hear that you were attacked by bad people, I am glad to see that you are OK now. Want to know a little secret, I thought you were black, I don't know where I got this idea from, but it doesn't matter what color you are, you are a decent human being, you are a good man Wayne.

          • wayne mann says:

            Linda do you think that God wants us to just sit back and let them take us over and kill us.??? In biblical times God Often went to war with his people And was there to help them win. I don’t really want to stoop to the level of these dirty people but often you have to fight fire with a bigger fire. I will never let anyone just walk into my mother’s home and kill this elderly lady Out of hatred for white people. Many of the white people here in Virginia are afraid and often say nothing to black people because of their fear. So they continue to get by with everything and it only continues to escalate. I do not go anywhere after dark And I don’t live in a bad neighborhood. If a black says something to you and you say something back they either beat you up where you stand or follow you home To do a drive by or case the home you live in to break in… where they often commit even more violence. This lousy diaper head has empowered the violence and his own race of people.

        • Linda A. From NY says:

          Not necessarily true, you don’t have to be a leftists to be a prick, after all Bush was a prick himself with his lies that got over 10,000 of our boys killed, and Bush is responsible for leaving us in a mess that open the door for this con man a community organizer from Chicago with his radical ideas that is destroying our country. Between these two, our country is being dismantle before our very eyes, and you too don’t be so judgemental on others, Wayne speaks the truth.

          • wayne mann says:

            I’m sorry Linda about being so judgemental as a Christian but I am so angry with what they are doing to our country. Obama is using the blacks and they are so ignorant they are letting him. I’m not saying All Blacks are ignorant or racist but the majority are and I have watched listened and learned in My 40 years in that general business area. They screamed that all we whites are racist and we are not…we have gone out of our way for this minority and they have used it against us.!!! They will continue to do so until the white people finally stand up. I do believe in equality but now we will pay because of our stupidity.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Did Bush get 10,000 military personnel (not just boys, I was there) killed? The surge worked and we were pulling out when oblameo took over. We lost more personnel under the first years of oblameo than we did under 8 of Bush.
            Did Bush leave a mess or was it actually the fault of the Democrats and oblameo himself?
            The housing fiasco was the direct result of the Democratic passed CRA of 1977 and oblameo himself played a role as an activist lawyer in Chicago, representing ACORN in the 1994 case Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Federal Savings Bank. In the case, ACORN pressed Citibank to make more loans to marginally qualified African-American applicants “in a race neutral way.”
            President Bush's first budget warned that "financial trouble of a large GSE could cause strong repercussions in financial markets." In 2003, the Administration began calling for a new GSE regulator. Despite resistance from Congress, President Bush continued to call for GSE reform until Congress finally acted in 2008 to provide the additional oversight the President requested five years earlier. Unfortunately, the reform came too late to prevent systemic consequences.
            Don't forget in 2001, America was experiencing the unprecedented triple shock of a recession following the dot-com bust, economic disruption due to the terrorist attacks of September 11, and corporate accounting scandals.
            Read the FACTS:
            Bush wasn't perfect. Far from it. But time to distinguish the lies from facts.
            And don't forget WMD's WERE found.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Seeks I love this reply and Linda who is normally a sound thinker is wrong.Bush may have not been the best president but he is a lot better then the turd we got.This Oblameo would blame his kids if he had too.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            I agree. Linda and I agree on most items. It's just this time she's misinformed.
            We can't buy into any of the brain dead liberal lies and the truth must finally find light.
            I'm only bringing facts. What someone does with it after that I have no control.

          • Linda A. From NY says:

            I went to your link, looking for WMD that were found, I found no such record. If you know where it is then please link it again or cut and paste the artical.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            The WMD reports were seperate. Here are just some of the links.

            You'll notice I included both Conservative and Liberal sites as well as the one from the Defense Department.
            If these don't answer questions, just do a search on "WMD were found"

          • Linda A. From NY says:

            To Seek,
            I went to two of your links, the link of Defense saids yes there were found chemicals that are dangerous and the other link Wikileaks saids that there were gases that were found but were not dangerous and over rated by the Bush administration. I have no doubt that they found something was it but I do not believe that is was Weapons of Mass destruction,

            This one of the last paragraph from Wikileaks and I quote

            “The WMD diehards will likely find some comfort in these newly-WikiLeaked documents. Skeptics will note that these relatively small WMD stockpiles were hardly the kind of grave danger that the Bush administration presented in the run-up to the war”

            You are in title to your opinion and I respect that, and I am in title to mine, lets just leave it that way.

            Thank you for the links and I do appreciated it.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            To Linda,
            I was sure you would find that one sentence in the liberal site (not Wikileaks). I'm just curious why you would choose to ignore this sentence from the Department of Defense in their reporting of the information:
            "WASHINGTON, June 29, 2006 – The 500 munitions discovered throughout Iraq since 2003 and discussed in a National Ground Intelligence Center report meet the criteria of weapons of mass destruction, the center's commander said here today."
            Also, not dangerous? Did you also miss this comment? ""Regardless of (how much material in the weapon is actually chemical agent), any remaining agent is toxic," he said. "Anything above zero (percent agent) would prove to be toxic, and if you were exposed to it long enough, lethal."
            Though about 500 chemical weapons – the exact number has not been released publicly – have been found, Maples said he doesn't believe Iraq is a "WMD-free zone."

            It's good to know that you believe even one WMD is not an issue. If you were there, as I was and had to deal with the many stockpiles, I'm sure you'd think differently. Either way, WMDs were found.
            Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the facts. Let's leave it at that.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Bush went to war with the approval of a democratic senate he is nothing like that jig we have in there now.How come when our boys get killed in Afghanistan we don't hear it as an Obuma body count by the press like you did when Bush was president.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            We are in TWO CIVIL wars right now WITHOUT Congressional approval. Why is this point convienently forgotten?
            We must remember it's the UN that give us our war powers and not Congress as oblameo believes.

      • wayne mann says:

        I have spent 40 years working as a manager in the restaurant business and 11 years as a business owner myself… over the past 40 years corporate office has had to fire 75 percent of the blacks hired by my company… because they refuse to follow company rules they steal that commit vandalism they drug deal and bring their violence and bad morals and values into our business. I’m glad everything seems to be okay with you maybe you should get your head out of the sand… and look at how reality is. I guess it is the white peoples fault that blacks have had the opportunity for education yet are still ignorant…. and Obama likes them that way.. I guess it is white peoples fault that our jails are 90 percent full of black and Hispanic. People like you are the reason why America still has their head in the sand and don’t see what’s really happening. It will be too late by the time all of you wake up. And yes I can single them out as the problem in America. they are the downfall of this country and the biggest mistake Abraham Lincoln made was not sending every black ass back to Africa. They are so ignorant they do not even realize they are being used.

      • Linda A. From NY says:

        In fairness to Wayne, a lot of blacks did voted for obama, no other reason then just being black, and some of them are so called Christians, I know becasue I went to several different blogs before the election trying to point out that obama was not good and most of the response were from blacks and with insults, who refuse to see obama for what he is. Don't be so judgmental on anyone.

        • wayne mann says:

          I tried really hard in the beginning Linda but if you read what I said about being in business for 40 years and having to put up with their lies violence drug dealing and more…. maybe you would understand. When you do find a good black person to work for you they bring in their friends and family who are usually not so good black people. I was not a racist for the first 10 or 15 years but after being physically beaten up… stolen from… my car was stolen my apartment broken into twice…. and then nearly killed in a parking lot because I refused to give a guy a dollar…. I have lost all respect for blacks. Like I said our prisons are 90 percent full of black and Hispanic but it is the white peoples fault that they are there. We whites are blamed for everything… and I’m not taking anymore. The black on white violence is bad here in Virginia…. and they usually get away with it.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        If race shouldn't be an issue, why did you first stress that you are a White senior citizen? Is this an attempt to show you're not a racist?
        You're right that all races are capable of being liars, cheats and thieves, the problem is the majority of those incarcerated for these crimes are black.
        It was a Black racist, hate group committing voter intimidation at the polls that went unpunished. Why were they not punished? Because of their skin color?
        If you "narrow it down to just "those" that assisted Obama", you would have to include 98% of the Black race. They have reported they only voted for Obama because of skin color. These same people also reported they voted multiple times for obama.
        When the majority of a race acts a certain way, it's hard to single out the few that don't.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      I Wayne, well said
      I agree with you that many blacks did supported this con man, I know becasue before the elections I check out different blogs and many of the blacks were all for obama and the sad truth is that obama just used them. obama does not care for no one, once obama does not need the peron he will throw them under the bus. I read somewhere that is what he did to oprah after the first election, he used her and when he won and no longer needed her,then he ignor her and treated her like an outsider.

      • wayne mann says:

        You are right Linda I heard some of those very same things. And I also believe the psychiatrist to said he thinks he is a narcissistic megalomaniac. In other words is in love with himself and a mass madman…… who is very capable of mass murder. I have a close black friend who says the very same thing about his own people. He feel so sad for them but he will not support them and their ignorance. He did not vote for Obama either…. so there are a few smart ones out there but only six percent of the black population did not vote for him. I just read on the internet that the Senate has shot down Obama’s gun control.!!!!! YES YES YES. He knew it would not pass that is why he did the bombings at the marathon…. And wait and see if he does not try to ban reloading powder so that America has no bullets for their guns. What a sneaky piece of shite

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        You can tell Obutthhole is a user just look at what he is doing to the Newtown people to try to get gun control in his achievements.When speaking on guns he makes the police officers stand behind him.As for as Oprah I don't feel sorry for that spook because she pushed him because he was half black.You just knew the coloreds and lowlifers were going to vote for a black Santa.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right Wayne it's time to this muslim diaper head out of the white house.

  2. Duh, now do something about it! He should never have been on a ballot. People in the south know he did not win votes here. He is an Indonesian muslim with alias, his own grandmother talks of his birth in Kenya, bogus social security numbers and it just keeps going., Why can't anyone get to his school records to show he applied as foreign student? Do the muslim brotherhood have all of Washington cowed down? He is taking our country apart piece by piece, financial, social, economic, moral and trying to get us under UN thus world rule with him as dictator. It is way past time to get him out of our House. He spits at our laws and constitution and is the biggest embarrassment in our history bar none. Get all muslim enemies out of our government. They hate us.

    • Iamacitizen2 says:

      This whole situation is as obvious as the noses on our faces. O is a puppet in office and he was bought and paid for by a commie machine of massive corruption. He is the first prez to ever in my opinion carry the label the "unknown". Clear back to his birth, his childhood, his college years, his years after college and now almost five years as m.i.a. vacationer prez. I am sure that he thought he could come into WH and take over because everyone is asleep at the wheel. Through following the marxist plan and Hitlers takeover that he has absorbed deep into his being ever since he was a young lad, well he is now attempting to do it to the greatest country that ever was, and to (350) MILLION citizens.

      The laundry list of deaths, murders, people missing, untruths or fabricated story's or his past and current regime, getting covertly involved in other country's wars, passing laws that most of them are illegal, our people are starving and our nation is slowly but surely becoming a 3rd world country. Our national debt has quadrupled in four years, our credit rating has been downgraded, no balanced budget according to the law has been submitted in four years….the list goes on and on and on.

      Look people these "leaks" of tanks and hollow point bullets, a private O police force nationwide are to instill FEAR in the masses. The taking of our guns, our Bill of Rights in the NDAA is dead and the commie machine just keeps going full steam ahead. Just a couple of weeks ago I read where he passed and E.O. giving himself the right to our water, our cars, our food, our homes anything. Now he's going after 401K's, retirement funds is there NO end in sight???

      When will the people that can help right the rights of the innocent citizens out here that will lose it all and be placed in one of 800 fema camps????

      Our military is being gutted, our Sheriff's are being threatened, our children are now owned by the state's / fed's in all that is holy when is this insanity of progressive marxist communism going to END???

      God help us one and all and God bless what's left of America.

  3. Everything about this radical Muslim is a afraud, so why do the taxpayers put up with him? The Tea Party stayed home rather than VOTE against Obama, Why? Now, rhere are so many on the Federal payroll, welfare, and medicaid that ther is liile chance of voting the soialistas out of office. The incoming amnesty voters will only make it worse.

  4. Sideshow says:

    So, now that we've found out there was FELONY petition-tampering in 2008, it is doubtless the tip of the iceberg…
    And, this was in but ONE county in Indiana !!! I'd be willing to bet that there was a concerted effort all across the state to pull this crap…
    Even though OBomination didn't win Indiana, it goes to show how low the libtards will stoop to get their way…
    There is EVERY probability that he didn't get enough signatures LEGALLY to even be on the ballot in '08…
    …which is just another feather on the camel's back…
    I'm just waiting to hear the camel's back break, and proceedings begin to remove that Kenyan towelhead usurper from OUR White House…
    I have NEVER believed that he was eligible to run in the first place…

    • wayne mann says:

      Let’s see who has the guts to do something about this. And I agree that massive voter fraud happened across America. We need about 10 million Joe Aripao’s.!!! I am right with you sideshow and agree totally. This diaper head has to go…. But when the white people finally stand up he will release the terrorist cells the drug cartels and all the rest that will be armed with the ammo and guns he has waiting. I hope and pray God is with us when this happens. The Senate just shot down Obama’s gun control.!!!! He knew it would not pass that is why he created the Boston Marathon bombing…. because reloading powder was used in the bombs. He will now try to get reloading powder banned in America which will strip us of ammunition. A gun is no good without bullets so he will still achieve his goal. Dirty diaper head

    • RacerJim says:

      I recall a legal case being filed somewhere about a month before the 2008 election challenging Obutthole’s eligibility and the Judge dismissed it due to lack of standing, saying that since Obutthole had not yet been elected no one has been harmed. After the election the same person either appealed that decision or filed another suit and the same Judge dismissed that too, saying the legal time to file the appeal/new suit was before the election. THAT’s typical of the LIBERAL INJUSTICE re Obama’s lack of eligibilty.

  5. FRY these pieces of crap!

  6. Recall him. Use voter registration card (you get it when you register), and a current drivers license or State ID card. Perhaps some of the dead democraps will be unable to vote. Bet he can't get more than 100% of an area's registered voters then. He BARELY won by cheating and lying something he has been practicing since high school.

  7. Nanette Olson says:

    Yes, but we are still stuck with the imposter Obama as president.

  8. jalina stutte says:

    Also in 2002 the company that programs the voting machines had a program developed that will flipflop the vote casted. Which is what the democrats used in both 2008 and 2012 elections. Of course the company is funded by the democratic communists so it flips any vote for Republican to Democrat once you cast your ballot. The programmer who developed this testified the day after pres. election Nov 7 to a Ohio State Senate Committee and yet nothing has been done! Don't use the machines only paper ballots.

    • Daniel Spickard says:

      I say we go take them down, one by one. I bet they squeal just like the pigs they are! Then let's see Obama lie his way out of that!

  9. wayne mann says:

    You are so right I had not thought of that but we don’t ever hear about the body count do we.?? Seeks the truth…i am looking for the WMD’s as well. I’m not sure if I remember hearing he found them or if They had been moved but they have had known where they were. Either way now we have our own weapon of mass destruction in our White House…. and this one walks and talks while spewing his lies. Linda…. I think you have cum a lot further than I have mentally and in my heart….. God bless you lady.

  10. This will be taken care of just like fast and furious, and Benghazi, swept under the rug. There is no protest about giving tanks, f16 fighter jets, and millions of tax payers money to the Islam brotherhood. The 2014 elections will go the the democrats the same way the last election went. Machine voting, like the slots in Vegas, can be manipulated, and I feel the days of a fair and honest election are over. We all must go vote anyway, just in case the voting in not fraudulent.

    • totally agree…our freedoms are going, going, and then finally totally GONE. Welcome to the ussa.

      • wayne mann says:

        Please do what you can anyway do not give up sign all of the petitions you can and do not stop sending emails and making phone calls To your senators and congressmen in your state. If our senators and congressmen do not hear from we the American people they do as they please because they think we agree with everything. My 2tate senators are not very fond of me but my state congressman and I get along very well he is on my facebook2 age And we email each other a couple of times a week. Don’t give up stand up and get angry and start bengiverbal….. And don’t stop until it is a no win situation. The Senate stopped Obama’s gun control measure dead in its tracks today!!!! So for now our 2nd Amendment right is safe. Don’t stop I have signed hundreds of petitions and sent hundreds of emails and made phone calls to my congressman and senators. Stand up get angry and start fighting back any way you can. SAVE AMERICA.!!

        • Thank you. I will take your advice.

          • wayne mann says:

            No…. thank you very much. I took this advice from a military gentlemen online here on this site a week ago…… And from my state congressman Randy Forbes. They both said that if we the American people do not speak up and start hounding our congressman and senators that we would be sorry later. Thank you for making your voice be heard…. We need American patriots. Please pass on the message this military gentlemen left he knows what he’s talking about When he said we would be sorry.

          • wayne mann says:

            Let your congressman and senators know that you want to reject the current immigration bill going to our Senate and Congress. Every 30 days 100000 illegal immigrants come across our borders. Tell them to please…CLOSE OUR BORDERS.!!! REJECT THE CURRENT IMMIGRATION BILL. Thank you so much And please sign any petition you can find on immigration…. If we don’t stop this immigration they will outnumber us.

    • wayne mann says:

      They have found many voter fraud machines….. I do not trust our voting system. I think the voting fraud has been going on for a long time. From what I have read that is how the second Bush got into office as well. I would like to go back to the paper system but be given a copy of my vote when I leave. Then if anyone commit fraud an actual count can be done with the citizens in control. Every citizen would be able to produce their vote On request. It’s not perfect but we have to start somewhere and start over.

  11. Daniel Spickard says:

    This is coming out for a reason. I'm still waiting for the eleventh hour. Obama is going to leave office one way or another. He's either going to cut and run, which will bring in the FBI. Or he's going to try and fight it out, and someone is going to put a bullet in him. They've already tried to poison him with ricin, which has no anadote. He's pissed enough people off. I'm hoping that the case in Alabama will put some light on this problem. All I've got to say is Obama's got a lot to hide, and it's all going to come out. Now if he destroys our reserve currency , not only will we be after his head, every country in the world will have a bounty on his head. If we find that he is/was/ and never will be able to hold office, he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and then we will go after those who either knew, or refused to vet him, and they to will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I'm just watching and waiting for Obama's world to come crumbling down, and take all of those who knowingly did nothing with him. He's going to take the whole democratic party with him.

    • wayne mann says:

      I hope and pray to God that every one of those words come to it. I don’t think there is a more evil person who deserves it more. If you run he will just go to Egypt or another Middle Eastern country that will protect him. I hope the tables have finally turned and we are on an upswing when it comes to justice for America. Anyway I like everything you had to say.

    • Iamacitizen2 says:

      There is a saying: you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Also, at one point in time during the cleansing of the water at a sewage treatment facility all fecal matter floats to the top. Well, let the floating begin in D C and sooner than later.

  12. Hey Mr Executive Order it looks like your seedy Chicago past and your I can get away with anything attitude are biting you on your a&&! The programmer has indeed testified to the illegality and guaranteed 51% vote count
    And where is this guy — is he staying with the witnesses of the Obscumbo Benghazi affair? This isnt about what we should do iin the future it is about gross corruption and high crimes committed by a circus of self entitled commies who must be severely and quickly dealt with — NOW! Round em up

  13. upaces88 says:

    Massive Fraud the first time he was running for President; and again this time!
    Yet! He still sits there!

    • wayne mann says:

      The wheels of justice turn slowly. Especially since we are involved with terrorist groups corrupt governments and other world powers and greedy World Bank’s. But I hope we have enough suppreme Court judges that are honest and enough American citizens willing to stand up. Thank God for people like Sheriff Joe Aripao.!!! I hope they clean house

  14. wayne mann says:

    Now if everyone will please start raising hell about the open bord.ers and the immigration policy It is going through Senate and Congress now so start screaming people. CLOSE OUR BORDERS AND ALL ILLEGAL INVADERS MUST ANSWER TO THE LAW. Every 30 days our borders are open 100,000 illegal Invaders come into this country

  15. Amber Lynn Parsons says:

    We need to save our country, constitution and our ,freedom.We, need small government. Obama needs to go,impeached, don’t pass go, do not collect 200.00 and kicked out of our country.What are our children going to be left with, what are we leaving future generations?

  16. Amber Lynn Parsons says:

    This is all bad.

  17. All this racist stuff annoys me. People have the wrong idea of racism. You are racist if you just hate another ethnicity for no particular reason. You are NOT racist if you despise certain cultures for their unwillingness to be educated and earn a living. I’m racist towards my mom because she is part of the welfare culture…she’s white but I feel the same towards all other ethnicity that belong in her group. What makes the white man have to feel like he’s always walking on eggshells is the fact that the groups majority is African American. Did anyone ever take the time to realize that when they claim racism or “because I’m black” only makes them look like and ignorant uninformed individual. Think long and hard about this and its gonna dumbfounded alot of you but what do you think 3/4 of blacks would be doing or where they would be right now if it weren’t for slavery? You sure wouldn’t be wearing your pant crazy low and most of you wouldn’t know how to speak English. If not for slavery u wouldn’t have what you have today. Whites were slaves too but in a different manner. Just remember most blacks would still be in Africa and should be grateful and give back and stop using excuses for your laziness

  18. Gloria Diaz says:

    An Obama's foreign student exists with the name of Barry Soatelo, this card is authentic, but the main stream media is helping with the cover-up, I don't understand why this Obama sombies do that, when this country becomes a third world country every one life style will change. The Hollywood left is paying about 100 dollars in taxes for their mansions and moves profits, while donate millions to keep Obama desatroying this Once Upon a Time wonderful, awesome country. Get the facts about Obamacare: the mandate of the Implant of the Microship ( Revelations/Apocalipsis The Mark of the Beast, supposed to start implanting it on March 1st 2013, but stop because the reject of the Obamacare for now…

  19. Gloria Diaz says:

    WSBT 2 files form 2008, the probes that Obama never qualifields to be in the ballot for the primary presidential elections in 2009. Worth to see and read this files and to make sure many other people get this information. Please read: Bloody Money by Charles Goyette. The Four Horseman of the Apocalipsis, (are here now) FEMA will confiscate your guns and food, is the reason about "Gun Control" if Americans get disarm Obama mission can be complete easily. April 18 2013 Obama and his administration passing a Secret Law to CONFISCATE YOUR RETIREMENT . Also is of vital importance to read Obama's War in Israel by Caroline Glick from the Jerusalem Post.

  20. Gloria Diaz says:

    I proposed to boycott Hollywood movies, just no one that rejects what the starts are doing against the freedom and prosperity of this country, yes they helping Obama to destroy this country…they don't care because they live in their unique world, in a bubble away from reality, they earn millions while the middle class Americans and foreigners becomes poor and hungry. We need to make sure that Hollywood liberals/leftists feel some of our pain. No Hollywood movies or music from the America's haters .

    • wayne mann says:

      I have been boycotting anything to do with… Hollywood since October of last year. These people became famous because of us but toss u s a side…. Which makes them just like the fake president. Movie stars and sports athletes should not make millions of dollars like they do. I will not watch anything to do with Sylvester Stallone Jim Carrey and many others Like Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock. What lowlife pieces of communist Marxist socialist crap they are. BOYCOTT…BOYCOTT…BOYCOTT….
      Thank you so much for your input and for your voice

  21. Gloria Diaz says:

    Obama is leading from behind: George Soros, Saul Alinsky the evil genius), and all the Muslim world, how Obama support monetarily and with weapons to changed the leaders of countries in the middle East from free countries to Muslims states, example: Libya, Egypt, Iran is in total control of the "rebels" fighters against the Syria and many more. Obama is a puppet. He was registered by a prince of Sud Arabia and he not qualified to be accepted in Columbia University, everything was done through connections from Kenya, proves irrefutable exists.

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