Video: 2 Black Teens Beat To Death 88-Year Old WWII Veteran

Police say two teens assaulted 88-year-old Delbert Belton outside the Eagles Lodge in North Spokane Wednesday night around 8pm. Belton was rushed to the hospital where he was placed in the intensive care unit but later died.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    There was NO evidence of any type in the Zimmerman case that would even hinted that it was racially motivated but yet the FBI, CIA and anyone else that could cause trouble was forced by the Black violent mobs to 'look into it'.
    Since when did evidence make a difference?

  2. Linda From NY says:

    My heart goes out to this hero vet who fought for our rights and then to have it taken from him from by 2 Nigs raise like animals because that is what they are. My own animals are more civilize then these 2 thugs, I hope these 2 animals get the same treatment in prison. Where is the Hell Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Obama on this evil act?

    The news media will not report that it was 2 blacks thugs and that race was not a factor, I say it is a factor and these two black animals deserve to be electric chair, we need to bring back the Chair for animals like these.

  3. Animals like this should be treated the same way we treat other animals that go mad and kill people. Now we will have to feed these animals for the rest of their lives. The death penalty would save us Billions of dollars feeding animals like this. We don't need any more prisons just get rid of the animals in the one's have. This didn't even make the news.
    If 2 white guys done this to a Black guy. Heaven forbid. Obama would be right on it.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:


  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Here is the latest poem from Irritated Genie (DHS employee), aka Tyrone Green, poem publisher on the Rockland Prison Poetry website:

    Dark and lonely on a Summer's night.
    Kill the white man. Kill the white man.

    The watchdog barking, do he bite?
    Kill the white man. Kill the white man. 

    C-I-L-L the white man.

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