Video: 10 Dire Consequences Of Obama’s Re-election

Video based on an article by Mike Adams, editor of

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To those who voted him back in office….THANKS A LOT, @$$HOLES!!

    • Does that include all the dead people , dogs, illegals and invisible people who cast their vote on his behalf.LOL!!! I am sure there were plenty of those and rigged voting machines. All those "useful idiots" who wanted to keep their cell phones , food stamps for lobster and steak and other freebies. Way too greedy to care about America, just about themselves. God help us thru four more years. Stay well

  2. How about a special #11 spot? More coverups. Though, this time around it will be easier for Obama to hand-wave issues like Hurricane Sandy and Bengazi because, "The elections are over, guys. I won." would be his answer. Boy, it would be nice if Congress alone could impeach this guy. But, with Harry Reid in the way, a majority in the Senate, and the Obama appointed Judges to the supreme court, that's not going to happen. Apparently, Congress can get proceedings started, but the senate and the supreme court have to be in agreement too. Until that changes, this guy is going to continue doing damage and gain more power.

  3. Dave Wollenberg says:

    To you folks that voted Barack back into office: Hope you're PROUD of yourselves!

  4. Congress has ALLOWED Obama to spend all these monies, etc He is given a long leash to destroy our country. Congress is guilty for allowing this rogue to run rampant in D.C. Romney ran to lose just like McCain did in 2008. Obama and Romney both knew this well in advance of election day.

  5. We needed Romney. Not because he would have been a good president, but because he is the lesser of the two evils.

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